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13 nov. 2013 (il y a 8 années et 15 jours)

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Intelligent Networked Robotic
Systems with Reconfigurable
Exogenous System Sensing


Prof. Il Hong Suh, Hanyang University

Rolf Johanson, Anders Robertsson, Dept.
Automatic Control

Klas Nilsson, Dept. Computer Science,
Lund University

Research Issues

level descriptions

and automatic generation of system configurations (including
configurations of specific devices), both on a modular mechatronic level and on a higher level of
system design. Information processing today is typically expressed in an imperative way using
ordinary programming languages. Such entities of processing, however, do not compose easily.
For DAE systems there has been a development of declarative description that do compose, such
as Modelica. For computations that are locally sequential even mathematically, corresponding
declarative, ways of describing systems/components are needed. So called aspect
programming offers one approach.

Reactive modeling:

Models of systems today are typically created during some kind of
engineering stage, prior to operation. Future flexible and increasingly autonomous robots will
need to have extensive models of the environment, which more automatic will need to be
updated as a result of external stimuli.

Anticipatory systems:

Intelligent behavior can benefit from systems being able to simulate
other involved activities or even their own operation. A complication today is that software
systems are based on global properties and functions, such as functionality for time and
concurrency, with threads of execution being based on the hardware clock, which in turn cannot
be represented in a self simulating system without explicit considering the issue during system
design. A better approach would be to have software platforms that automatically support
anticipatory systems.

aware systems:

Actual and predictable robot operation will need to take resources
and resource limitations into account. That, in turn, requires extensive engineering. One idea is
then to have resource management built into the software components, and have a system
platform that supports automatic configuration by means of optimization of quality of service.

Research Issues

Reconfigurable sensor network systems
offer new functionality for implementation
of feedback control

To guarantee, control mechanisms need to
be implemented in network server systems