Upholstery in Dubai

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31 janv. 2019 (il y a 6 mois et 18 jours)

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https://leedsfurnishing.com | Leeds Furniture is the number one supplier of blinds and curtains in Dubai. You can select between luxurious flowing curtains or venetian blinds for your office and we will deliver and install them an

Upholstery in Dubai
Who doesn’t want things that are exclusively
designed for them? We are well known for our
customized sofas designed exclusively for our
customers. We are the leading furnishing
company that does sofa
upholstery in Dubai
Leeds Furniture understands that people are
very passionate about upholstery in Dubai and
we offer our services all over UAE.
We are renowned for our professional sofa manufacturing and
services in Dubai
. We carry an expertise in crafting exclusive sofa designs
according to your specifications. All you have to do is to let us know what design
you need and you can be assured that we will make it exactly same as your
instructions. We also make them according to your choice of materials,
trimmings, and finish. We make your idea our vision.
Apart from providing new sofas
according to your specifications, we
also have an expertise in giving new life
to your old furniture. We specialize in
renewing antique and classic furniture.
So do you wish to add new life to your
old sofas? Or are you looking for
upholstering cleaning in Dubai? Contact
us now and get immediate assistance.
+971 44534564