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Why CRM for Higher Education
Most institutions have invested significant money in data
systems and have many databases. They often find, though, that
…accessing, analyzing, and delivering the data—and turning it
into usable information—can become prohibitively expensive
and time-consuming.

Beckett and McComb’s observation reflects the unanimous
experience of higher education administrators—particularly
those of us involved in recruiting and admissions. While student
information systems have significantly helped improve the
administration of institutions, unfortunately it can fall short of
managing the unique day-to-day intricate tasks of recruitment.
Today more than ever before, with a tough economic climate
coupled with our culture’s demands for individual expression
and social interaction, recruiters need to do considerably more
with a lot less. They need a better way, an easier way, to access
and use data to find the right students for their institution.
Constituent Recruitment Management (CRM) provides the
winning solution to this dilemma, as Gary B. Grant and Greg
Anderson explained in an EDUCAUSE and NACUBO publication.
 CRM goes several steps further than ERP by helping institutions
maximize their customer-centric resources… The use of CRM
applications can lead to improved customer responsiveness and a
more comprehensive view of the entire ‘cradle-to-grave’ customer
life cycle. CRM solutions that tie directly into ERP systems are
particularly powerful because institutions can take customers
through a closed-looped set of well-defined steps and processes
to satisfy their needs.

1 Beckett & McComb—White Paper—“ Increase Enrollment, Retention, and
Student Success. Best Practices for Information Delivery and Strategic Alignment”

2 Copyright 2002 Jossey-Bass Inc. Published by Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Company


Built on the world’s leading CRM platform,, Jenzabar Recruitment Manager (JRM)
improves efficiencies throughout the recruitment process―managing lists, developing and sending
personal communications, monitoring progress, capturing and updating information, creating and
managing events –giving recruiters the time they need to find the right students.
We’ve combined Salesforce’s award-winning functionality, proven integration, point-and-click
customization, and 97 percent customer satisfaction rating with our own strong track record as a
leading higher education software and services provider. Creating a winning combination― JRM.
Introducing Jenzabar Recruitment Manager

Added Advantages

In addition to the world’s best CRM platform,
Salesforce offers other benefits—including
multi-tenant architecture and a unique
“AppExchange” that provides a thousand
add-on applications you can install in
minutes to enhance the capabilities
of your JRM— everything from live
videoconferencing to computer-telephony
integration to tracking social media activity.


Most of us already live in the cloud and have no idea. We bank
online, store photos on Flickr, have Amazon accounts, and
regularly check our webmail. Businesses have long understood
the power of automation, and cloud computing enables increased
efficiency and more individualized interaction with customers―
or in our case prospects, students, parents, faculty, and alumni.
The cloud allows you to perform your computing tasks online
anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to rely on software, hard
drives, servers, and other components that are costly, unwieldy,
and inefficient. You don’t even need to bother your IT
department. Cloud computing has altered the way companies
do business and consumers live their lives. Most prospective
students already live in the cloud. It’s time we join them, don’t
you think?
Imagine having all the data you need on the students you’re
recruiting―at your fingertips and at a moment’s notice. You can
access a student’s application from the road on your laptop and
tell her how much you like her essay. Or update a prospect’s
profile on your cellphone while chatting with him at a college fair
table. That’s the magic of CRM combined with cloud computing.
That’s JRM.
Bringing Recruitment to the Cloud

Nothing but the Best
JRM works on the world’s leading cloud platform―that of Winner of CRM Markets Award 2009 for
Enterprise, Mid-Market and Small Business Suites and CODiE
Award Winner for Best Business Software Solution, Salesforce
is credited with revolutionizing the way organizations
communicate and collaborate with their customers and
prospects ―all through the cloud.


Jenzabar wants to help you make the most of JRM by providing tight, seamless integration with your Jenzabar
enterprise resource planning solution, other ERPs or SIS systems.
It’s hard to generalize about admissions officers, but one thing we all seem to agree on is the difficulty of working
with multiple vendors. Dartmouth College’s Joshua Kim recently blogged (4/10/11) that higher education buyers
like their platforms to be integrated, and prefer to deal with as few vendors as possible. He’s absolutely right.
Jenzabar understands the challenge you face if you’re using a variety of tools from different companies. That’s
why we’re not just concerned with seamless integration with your SIS; we’ve also pulled together leading
solutions in such areas as data integration and document generation.
We chose Informatica to ensure the highest data-integrity and Conga to merge information from your database
into letters, labels or envelopes. Our partners provide critical add-ons to make the JRM more powerful and
effective. And the best part is, we all work together so you can partner with just one vendor.

The Importance of Integration


This is the JRM homepage―your
starting point for real-time, on-
demand information on prospects,
applicants, schools, touch-points,
tasks and more, and the gateway to
some of the industry’s most
powerful communication tools


Prospects can enter their
information into a branded,
customized inquiry form, and
their records are immediately
available to you in JRM.
Here are two examples of high-
level reports ―quick snapshots
that can be expanded upon
through the Reports tab. The
first view represents a school’s
enrollment history; the second
highlights a prospective student’s
email and event histories.


JRM features one of the most
powerful email communication
tools in higher education. This
campaign builder allows you to
create cascading email tracks
that depend on prospects’
information and response to
earlier messages.
One of the biggest benefits
of the JRM is the events
interface where students
can search and register for
interviews, campus tours,
open houses and other
events, you’re hosting.


The customizable online
application is easy for students
to use. Among the features
they like are a checklist of
admissions requirements and
the ability to track their
With the report builder, you
can create and customize
reports based on virtually
any field in the system.
And you can do so in
just minutes.

The A-to-Z of JRM 50 Reasons to love Jenzabar Recruitment Manager

EXPANDABLE With over 1,000 add-on applications, you can add capabilities as
your needs grow:
7 AppExchange: Instead of dedicating time and
resources to build an application in-house, you can easily
install one from the site, customize it for your
needs and be up and running in a matter of minutes.
From two-way exchange with your student information system
to complete integration with our relationship-building tools, the
days of moving data from one vendor to another are over:
1 Communication Tools: Salesforce’s industry leading email
broadcasting, event management and online chat tools are
seamlessly integrated into JRM.
2 Conga Merge: Use this application to merge information
from your database into letters, labels or envelopes.
3 Informatica: This option provides automated two way data
loads. Easily import SAT/ACT/ GRE, Common App, etc.
4 Fields: Create fields in specific formats, including Date,
Currency, Email, Formula, Picklists and free-form Text areas.
5 Workflows: Automate processes to increase efficiency and
accuracy within your office.
6 Interface: Customize what you see in the application,
including different dashboards, page layouts, and views for
each user profile.


MOBILE Because JRM is built on the platform, it’s available
anytime, anywhere:
8 Web Based: Access your JRM account from any computer
with an Internet connection.
9 Mobile Device: Login, access, modify, and update JRM
using your iPhone, Blackberry or similar device.
10 Offline Edition: Windows users can access their data
without an Internet connection and later sync to
their JRM.

CRM COMPONENTS 11 Report: Use any of the over 150 included reports or create
your own custom reports with an easy-to-follow “drag and
drop” interface.
12 Dashboards: Create graphical views of any report and
display them on your JRM homepage.
13 Hover Details: View details of a record throughout the
application by hovering your mouse pointer over the item.
The information in the hover box can be customized and will
help cut down the number of clicks needed to navigate JRM.
14 Tasks: Create tasks for users that can be manually entered or
triggered from customized workflows
15 Calendar: JRM keeps your admissions team’s calendars
synchronized making meeting and appointment
management easy.
16 Documents: Store personal and public documents in
folders that can be shared with other users.
The JRM Sidebar will follow you
from page to page always giving
you access to the following:
17 Search: The powerful JRM
search function will return any
students, schools, tasks, reports,
email broadcast or notes that
match your search.
18 Quick Create: Allows you to
jump right into the process for
creating Students, Schools,
Reports, Events, etc.
19 Recent Items: Shows you the 10
most recent items you have
viewed and allows you to return
to those items with a click

Students can view their
progress through the
application process in their
personal online application,
including the status of
recommendations, transcripts,
test scores, and even their
decision status.


Contains all of a school’s information in a convenient,
customizable view:
31 School Detail: All information about a school is available on
one page.
32 Students: Lists any students from the school who are
currently in your database.
33 Activities: Any visits to the school or contact with students
from the school can be viewed and created here.
34 Staff: Create records for the school’s staff members that can
be viewed here.
35 Notes: Any notes attached to the records of students at this
school can be viewed here.
36 NCES Demographics: Displays the school’s data as provided
by the Nation Center for Education Statistics.
Contains all of a students’ information in a convenient,
customizable view:
20 Student Detail: All information is available on one page.
21 Student History: Shows any changes made to the
student’s record.
22 Activities: Any contact with the student can be tracked as
an activity to maximize your communication plan.
23 Email Activity Report: Shows email campaigns that the
student has received. It also shows if the email was viewed,
interacted with, forwarded or if the student opted out of
future emails.
24 Notes: Make notations on a student’s record or attach files.
25 Tests: Shows the student’s standardized test scores.
26 Enrollment History: View the student’s past enrollment
27 Extracurricular Activities: Lists the extracurricular activities
that students participate in.
28 Essays: Attach any essays submitted by students to
their record.
29 Family Relationships: Provides simple view of the student’s
family relationships.
30 Financial Aid: A quick view of the student’s financial
aid information.

dashboards generate
graphical views of any
report and display
them on your JRM


ONLINE APPLICATION As part of the integrated student interface available with the JRM,
we’ve designed a customizable online application system that’s
also easy for your applicants to complete:
45 My Profile: Students can create and maintain a profile that
contains any information you would like to capture.
46 My Applications: Students can work on their online
application and save their progress. Once their application is
complete, they may submit it with the click of a button.
47 Full Tracking: Students can view their progress through the
application process, including the status or
recommendations, transcripts, test scores, and even their
decision status.

EVENTS MANAGER Our “Events Plus” tool allows prospective students to customize
their campus visit online, schedule interviews and tours, and sign
up for open houses and receptions:
48 Featured Events: Any events you would like to feature will
be displayed prominently at the top of the page.
49 Event Scheduler: An interactive calendar allows students to
search for events within a specific date range.
50 Online Event Registration: Students may register for any
events easily and quickly right from this page.

Create effective email campaign using JRM’s industry leading
email broadcasting tool:
37 Email Content: Upload images, create letterheads, design
email templates and save them for use in future email
38 Email Templates: Choose from different template layouts to
make creating your email message easy.
39 Merge Fields: Merge any custom or standard fields from
your database into your emails to give them a personal touch.
40 Email Campaign: Use the Email Campaign Wizard to
schedule email campaigns or modify existing campaigns.
41 Query Students: Select which students receive your
messages by querying your database on any combination of
fields or even their past campaign history.
42 Automate Campaigns: Set campaigns to go out immediately,
daily, weekly, monthly, or save them for future use.
43 Campaign Intelligence: View information related to your
email campaigns through our Campaign Intelligence Report.
44 Email Broadcast: Selecting a recent broadcast will show you
broadcast statistics and an Intelligence Report for that specific


Jenzabar Recruitment Manager
Here’s a summary of what you get when you choose the Jenzabar
Recruitment Manager:
 The mobility that comes from a cloud-based system, allowing you to access
everything you need anytime, anywhere via your laptop, cellphone or iPad.
 Enormous improvements in efficiency―not only in terms of time and resources, but
also the efficiencies gained from going with a single-source vendor for so many
different recruitment activities.
 An integrated online chat and event tool.
 Unlimited email broadcasting.
 The ability to customize in minutes―such as adding your own fields or building
your own reports.
 The ability to easily expand features as your needs grow.
 An online inquiry form that sends student-provided data right into JRM.
 Greater data security.
 Real-time reporting and dashboards.
 JRM Events feature which also allows prospective students to manage their events.
 Jenzabar’s unique and in-depth experience in the world of higher education.
In addition, you can add other services and capabilities, including:
 JRM Online Application―a fully-integrated online student application
 The famous AppExchange from Salesforce that offers more than 1,000 add-on
applications that you can install in minutes to enhance your JRM.
For more information contact Jenzabar at 1.617.492.9022 or visit



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