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case study
Commercial Payments
International (CPI)
Salesforce CRM
“Over 1,000 subscribers
registered within first three
months. Targets achieved
despite the worst trading
conditions ever experienced
in the financial services
market this product serves”.

Edward Peck,
co-founder of CPI
Your partner for online success

The Challenge

Commercial Payments International (CPI) is the
single source for analysis, research intelligence
and news affecting the commercial cards and
commercial payments industry around the world.
CPI runs a subscription service on their website
which offers users a paid for access to premium
content, such as exclusive news, white papers,
and research about the commercial cards and
payments industry. CPI needed a way to manage
users and search engines access to their premium
information that would also reduce the laborious
administration work of the subscription service.
The Solution

The solution was to build a new website that
would integrate with their existing CRM system
(Salesforce) to create an automated on-line
subscription process, so when an account is
upgraded to a paid subscription account, the user
would immediately sees content automatically
when payment is received.

Sitekit CMS was chosen for the project because
it has good built in data capturing features and
could easily integrate with Salesforce, to create
the automated subscription process very quickly
and simply and no site administration would be
needed to change a user’s rights or process any
subscriber details, this could all be handled by
the Sitekit CMS and Salesforce.

The Process

To produce the new website and the automated
on-line registration process, CPI used Sitekit CMS
and the Sitekit Developer Kit module (SDK) with
relevant application programming interfaces
(API’s) to integrate the new website with
Salesforce.com a “SaaS” CRM service. Sitekit CMS
also integrated with the Barclays EPDQ lite system
to enable the processing of online payments in
both dollars and sterling, and to deliver rolling
monthly payments.
CPI found Sitekit CMS straightforward to use
and were able to test out different subscription
options without much programming help.
“Because Sitekit’s solution is straightforward,
Sitekit were able to give us the controls so we
could test out subscription offerings cheaply
and easily.” Edward Peck, co-founder of CPI.

The Results

The website was launched on time and now
visitors have a range of access levels starting
with free access, then selected access for
registered visitors, and ultimately comprehensive
access for paying subscribers. The whole process
from initial registration right through to payment
for subscription and managing access rights
is now completely automated, and managed
through a combination of Sitekit’s easy to use
data capture features, and Salesforce.com, a
leading CRM system. All relevant user information
captured on the new website’s on-line registration
form feeds through automatically into Salesforce,
and changes to a user’s account such as if the
subscriber upgraded to a premium account are
also recorded in the CRM.

CPI can now easily manage and measure
their marketing process by customer, from
initial visit right through to subscription
renewal enabling them to improve processes
and meet customer needs better.
CPI Sitekit CMS and Salesforce
CRM Integration Case Study
www.sitekit.net Tel: 0845 299 0900 Email: sales@sitekit.net
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