Lesson 2.1 – Biotechical Engineering History and Industry


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Lesson 2.1


History and Industry

Steve Harris


Biotechnical Engineering

1. What
is biotechnical engineering?

Biotechnical engineering involves the
application of biological and engineering
concepts in order to design materials and
processes that directly measure, repair,
improve, and extend living systems.


How did important events build on
previous knowledge?

, the use of engineering concepts
has aided scientists to further their knowledge
of biological information and engineers by
using scientific principles to enhance their
design solutions.

3. Which
events, people, or ideas related to
biotechnical engineering are most important to
remember? Why?

Significant discoveries relating to cells, DNA,
genetics and biochemistry are most important,
such as:
and Hooke’s discovery of
microorganisms and development of simple
microscopes, Jenner’s discovery of vaccination,
Koch’s postulates of disease cause and behavior,
Pasteur’s pasteurization methods, Mendel’s
discovery of the principles of genetics, Watson
and Crick model of DNA, Genetic engineering
concepts of DNA by Cohen and Boyer, and the
international effort to map human genome.


What industries work with or mainly

engineered products?

Biotechnology has applications in such areas
as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food and
beverages, medicine, energy, the
environment, and genetic engineering.


Explain how biotechnical
engineered products
impact the development and production of products
and services that may improve or extend life.

Biotech engineering is crucial to developing
new and unknown treatments and biological
tools for human benefit such as: provides
insulin for diabetics, grows tissues for human
use and implantation, develops vaccines and
antibiotics, makes surgery more efficient and

6. Explain
how world events impact
biotechnological advances.

Biotechnological discoveries in the world
impact the economic, political, and cultural
issues by the development and use of


What areas of biotechnical engineering have a
direct impact on your personal life and how does that
affect you?

Answers will vary