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Have you ever eaten genetically
engineered foods?

Does it taste good?

What is the difference?

Scientists want to transfer desirable qualities from
one organism to another, for example, to make a
crop resistant to an herbicide or to enhance food

the process where blueprints in a gene are modified
artificially combining the metabolic capacities of two
organisms into one

Common in food like corn, soy, wheat, canola, tomatoes,
potatoes, rice, etc.

Purpose for this:

To enhance the productivity to sell more and increase
the yield of soy

What are the benefits for genetic engineering

Large savings in food production leading to

financial gain and help fight poverty

Naturally pest
resistant and reduces the

additional chemicals, pesticides and other

dangerous additives

“world” hunger





What are the
disadvantages ?

genetic engineering is a new

technology that may have an effect

on the human body

many alternations include the

addition of chemical properties to

crops, many people fear the effect of

theses chemicals may bring to their


poor countries do not have easy

access to genetically engineered

foods unless given to them, giving

control to the richest nations in the

market as a result the poor nations will become

Dependent leading them to a broken economy



human and environmental impacts

Access and Intellectual Property







tampering & objections




General about Genetic engineering

Genetic engineering reduces cost of production meaning that

that the poor people can afford more food

Cheaper and safer source of human medicine

Higher productivity

Genetic engineering is unnatural

GE crosses species barriers
which can not occur in nature

a high danger is the “gene flow”
transfer of genes from crops to
weedy relatives by cross pollination

Create toxins noxious
vegetation, harm to wild life and may create
new molds and fungi.

Facts about GE

The result is called genetically modified organism(GMO)

The Major aim is to produce much food at low cost to reduce the
world hunger

Can potentially be used in humans to change their appearance,
intelligence, character and adaptability

Conglomerates are buying up biotech start
up companies, seed
companies, agribusiness and agrochemical concerns,
pharmaceutical, medical and health businesses, and food and drink
companies creating life sciences complexes to fashion bio

Top 10 agricultural companies control 81% of the $29billion per
year global agrochemical market

My opinion

Consumers are most supportive of those uses of biotechnology in
foods feel they will directly help them and their families. The
reasons consumers use biotechnology were to produce more
affordable pharmaceutical drugs by using plants and to produce
less expensive food to reduce hunger around the world. Those
same uses were viewed as having the most positive impact on
consumers and their families. A similar relationship existed for most
of the items tested. There will always be a positive and a negative
impact on health and the environment. People do not really look at
the labels on the food they buy they usually are exposed more to
the news t


What can
you do

Inform yourself about the food you eat

Communicate with your neighbors

Join campaigns to label genetically modified foods

Encourage your local neighbors to ban genetic

engineering technology until it can be controlled

Educate yourself

“You are what you eat”