By Lauren DeStefano Published in 2011


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By Lauren DeStefano

Published in 2011

Carlin Sewer



The world has transformed
into a surreal, illusory
society, surrendered to the
advancement of genetic

Manhattan, New York is
no longer the prospering,
successful city it once was.
Gatherers now wander the
unsafe streets, capturing
young women to sell to
wealthy suitors, with

year old Rhine
Ellery unfortunately one of
the kidnapped victims.

Rhine must discover an
getaway route from within
the towering walls of the
new place she must call
home, while evading the
watchful eyes of those who
inhabit it so that she can
search for her twin brother

Main Characters

Rhine Ellery:

A defying sixteen
old girl whose life is
turned upside down
when she is kidnapped
by Gatherers.ped


A collected nineteen
year old girl who
befriends and assists
Rhine as sister wives.


A stubborn thirteen
year old girl who is
the youngest of the
three sisters wives.


One of Linden’s wives
which he loves greatly.
She is similar to Rhine
in some ways.

Linden Ashby:

The son of
Housemaster Vaughn
and husband of the
three sister wives.


A servant who resides
and works in the


A First Generation
who is the father of


The characters involved in the main conflict are the
characters who reside in the mansion throughout the novel. A
virus is affecting all women at the start of age 20, and age 25
for men, which often results in death.

A cure for the virus is
unreachable, but Rhine believes she can find a way with the
limited amount of time she has left to figure out how to

Minor Characters


One of Linden’s
beloved wives. She
relates to Rhine and
tells her about her
time as a wife.


Rhine’s stylist who she
often turns to in times
of emotional stress.


Rhine’s twin brother
who separate with
each other after
Rhine is kidnapped.

Critic’s Review

Publisher’s Weekly
gave Wither a starred
review, describing the novel as “harrowing,
intriguing, and promising.”

states that “many [readers] will
appreciate the intense character drama."

My Opinion

I found this novel as one of the most attention grabbing
books I’ve read recently. The dynamic and role they give to
each character gives the plot a lot of twists, and really
resembles the overall theme of the story. However, I was a
little disappointed by the sense of cliché I felt whenever a
romantic scene came up. The relationship between a few of
the characters felt a tiny bit obvious and predictable, to the
point where I almost correctly guessed how everything
would play out between them.

With that aside, I would recommend this novel to
admirers of the Hunger Games series and Divergent
readers because both the feeling of an apocalyptic future,
and the action of fighting for your survival are all thrown
into this single story.