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Modern Control Theory
Z. Bubnicki
, Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw,
Th is compact and uniform textbook presents the
contemporary state of the art of control theory and
its applications. It introduces traditional problems
useful in the automatic control of technical
processes, as well as current issues, such as decision
taking in conditions of uncertainty, use of artifi cial
intelligence methods, or control of complex
operations. Th e methods covered are introduced
in a practice-oriented way that allows the reader to
easily apply them for the determination of decision
algorithms in computer control and management
systems. Th is concise textbook is aimed at students
of automatics, robotics, control engineering, and
computer sciences.
2005. X, 423 p., 104 illus. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-23951-0

€ 49,95 | £38.50
Computational Intelligence
Principles, Techniques and Applications
A. Konar
, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India
Computational Intelligence: Principles, Techniques
and Applications presents both theories and
applications of computational intelligence in a
clear, precise and highly comprehensive style. Th e
textbook addresses the fundamental aspects of
fuzzy sets and logic, neural networks, evolutionary
computing and belief networks. Th e application
areas include fuzzy databases, fuzzy control, image
understanding, expert systems, object recognition,
criminal investigation, telecommunication networks,
and intelligent robots. Th e book contains many
numerical examples and homework problems
with suffi cient hints so that the students can solve
them on their own. A CD-ROM containing the
simulations is supplied with the book, to enable
interested readers to develop their own application
programs with the supplied C/ C++ toolbox.
2005. XXIV, 708 p. With CD-ROM. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-20898-4

€ 79,95 | £61.50
A selection of Latest Research
Fuzzy-Neuro Approach to Agent Applications
From the AI Perspective to Modern Ontology
R. S. Lee
, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong,
Th e book provides a full explanation of the concepts
and theories of intelligent agents and agent-based
systems. Providing a comprehensive theoretical
background, the author covers modern artifi cial
intelligence topics such as ontologies, neural
networks, chaos theory, fuzzy logics and genetic
algorithms. Finally, the author details how the iJADK
toolkit (intelligent Java agent development kit for
intelligent e-business applications) can be used
in the design and implementation phases of real
2006. XVII, 374 p. 126 illus. (Springer Series on Agent
Technology) Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-21203-5

€ 49,95 | £38.50
Diff erential Evolution
A Practical Approach to Global Optimization
K. V. Price
, Vacaville, CA, USA;
R. M. Storn
, Rohde &
Schwarz GmbH & Co.KG, MŸnchen, Germany;
J. A. Lamp-
, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lappeen-
ranta, Finland
Th is book is a practical approach to global numerical
optimization which is easy to understand, simple
to implement, reliable, and fast. Packed with
illustrations, computer code, new insights, and
practical advice, this volume explores DE in both
principle and practice. It is a valuable resource for
professionals needing a proven optimizer and for
students wanting an evolutionary perspective on
global numerical optimization.
A companion CD includes DE-based optimization
soft ware in several programming languages.
2005. XIX, 538 p. 292 illus. (Natural Computing Series)
ISBN 3-540-20950-6

€ 64,95 | £50.00
Adaptive Business Intelligence
Z. Michalewicz
, Adelaide, Australia;
M. Schmidt
Adelaide, Australia;
M. Michalewicz
C. Chiriac
, Adelaide,
Adaptive business intelligence systems combine
prediction and optimization tools to assist decision
makers in complex, rapidly changing environments.
Such systems address the fundamental questions:
What will happen next? What should I do about that?
Th is book will be suitable for nonspecialists such as
managers who use tools based on soft computing in
complex industrial and service environments and for
researchers from other domains who need a quick
introduction to this fi eld.
2006. Approx. 230 p. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-32928-5

approx. € 39,95 | £30.50
Representations for Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms
F. Rothlauf
, University of Mannheim, Germany
Th is book breaks with this tradition and provides
a comprehensive overview on the infl uence of
problem representations on GEA performance. Th e
book summarizes existing knowledge regarding
problem representations and describes how basic
properties of representations, such as redundancy,
scaling, or locality, infl uence the performance of
GEAs and other heuristic optimization methods.
Using the developed theory, representations can be
analyzed and designed in a theory-guided matter.
Th e theoretical concepts are used for solving integer
optimization problems and network design problems
more effi ciently. Th is second edition extends the
analysis of the basic properties of representations
and introduces a new chapter on the analysis of
direct representations.
2nd ed. 2006. XVII, 325 p. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-25059-X

€ 99,95 | £77.00

Spatially Structured Evolutionary Algorithms
Artifi cial Evolution in Space and Time
M. Tomassini
, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) is now a mature
problem-solving family of heuristics that has found
its way into many important real-life problems
and into leading-edge scientifi c research. Spatially
structured EAs have diff erent properties than
standard, mixing EAs. By virtue of the structured
disposition of the population members they bring
about new dynamical features that can be harnessed
to solve diffi cult problems faster and more effi ciently.
Th is book describes the state of the art in spatially
structured EAs by using graph concepts as a
unifying theme. Th e models, their analysis, and their
empirical behavior are presented in detail. Moreover,
there is new material on non-standard networked
population structures such as small-world networks.
2005. XIII, 193 p. (Natural Computing Series) Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-24193-0

€ 44,95 | £34.50
Data Mining with Computational Intelligence
L. Wang
, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore;
X. Fu
, Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore
Finding information hidden in data is as theoretically
diffi cult as it is practically important. With the
objective of discovering unknown patterns from
data, the methodologies of data mining were derived
from statistics, machine learning, and artifi cial
intelligence, and are being used successfully in
application areas such as bioinformatics, banking,
retail, and many others.
Th e book is targeted at researchers in both academia
and industry, while graduate students and developers
of data mining systems will also profi t from the
detailed algorithmic descriptions.
2005. XII, 276 p. 72 illus. (Advanced Information and
Knowledge Processing) Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-24522-7

€ 79,95 | £61.50

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Complete course on
Intelligent Agent with
focus on contemporary and
latest AI technologies
Includes new material on
non-standard networked
population structures
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Computational Intelligence
Experimental Research in Evolutionary Computation
The New Experimentalism
T. Bartz-Beielstein
Th is book introduces the new experimentalism
in evolutionary computation, providing tools to
understand algorithms and programs and their
interaction with optimization problems. Th e
book develops and applies statistical techniques
to analyze and compare modern search heuristics
such as evolutionary algorithms and particle
swarm optimization. Treating optimization runs
as experiments, the author off ers methods for
solving complex real-world problems that involve
optimization via simulation, and he describes
successful applications in engineering and industrial
control projects.
Th e book bridges the gap between theory
and experiment by providing a self-contained
experimental methodology and many examples, so
it is suitable for practitioners and researchers and
also for lecturers and students. It will be supported
online with downloads and exercises.
2006. XIV, 214 p. 66 illus. (Natural Computing Series)
ISBN 3-540-32026-1

€ 49,95 | £38.50
Studies in Computational Intelligence
Series Editor:
J. Kacprzyk
ISSN 1860-949X
Gene Expression Programming
Mathematical Modeling by an Artifi cial
C. Ferreira
, Gepsoft Ltd., Bristol, UK
2006. Approx. 470 p. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-32796-7

€ 129,95 | £100.00
Artifi cial Mind System
Kernel Memory Approach
T. Hoya
, RIKEN Brain Science Lab., Saitama, Japan
2005. XXI, 270 p., Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-26072-2

€ 89,95 | £69.00
Kernel Based Algorithms for
Mining Huge Data Sets
Supervised, Semi-supervised, and Unsupervised
T. Huang
V. Kecman
, The University of Auckland, New
I. Kopriva
, The George Washington University,
Washington, DC, USA
2006. XVI, 260 p. 96 illus. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-31681-7

€ 89,95 | £69.00
Parallel Evolutionary
N. Nedjah
, State University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil;
E. Alba
, University of Malaga, Spain;
L. d. Macedo
, State University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Eds.)
2006. XXIII, 201 p. 98 illus. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-32837-8

€ 89,95 | £69.00
Advances in Verifi cation of Time
Petri Nets and Timed Automata
A Temporal Logic Approach
W. Penczek
, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland;
A. Polrola
, University of Lodz, Poland
2006. Approx. 280 p. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-32869-6

€ 89,95 | £69.00
Advances in Evolutionary
Advances in Evolutionary Algorithms
Theory, Design and Practice
C. W. Ahn, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
(SAIT), Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
2006. XV 171 p. 56 illus., Hardcover

€ 89,95 | £69.00
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for further information on
this book series.
Biologically Inspired Algorithms for Financial Modelling
A. Brabazon
M. O’Neill
, University College Dublin,
In a detailed introduction, the authors explain
computer trading on fi nancial markets and the
diffi culties faced in fi nancial market modelling.
Th en Part I provides a thorough guide to the various
bioinspired methodologies – neural networks,
evolutionary computing (particularly genetic
algorithms and grammatical evolution), particle swarm
and ant colony optimization, and immune systems. Part
II brings the reader through the development of market
trading systems. Finally, Part III examines real-world
case studies where BIA methodologies are employed
to construct trading systems in equity and foreign
exchange markets, and for the prediction of corporate
bond ratings and corporate failures.
2006. XV, 269 p., 92 illus. (Natural Computing Series)
ISBN 3-540-26252-0

€ 64,95 | £50.00
Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing
Series Editor:
J. Kacprzyk
Fuzzy Probability and Statistics
J. J. Buckley
, University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL,
2006. XIII, 270 p., Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-30841-5

€ 89,95 | £69.00
Soft Computing in Web
Information Retrieval
Models and Applications
E. Herrera-Viedma
, University of Granada, Spain;
G. Pasi
Universitˆ degli Studie di Milano Bicocca, Milano, Italy;
F. Crestani
, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK (Eds.)
2006. XIV, 316 p. 58 illus. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-31588-8

€ 129,95 | £100.00
Fuzzy Chaotic Systems
Modeling, Control, and Applications
Z. Li
, Fern Universität, Hagen, Germany
2006. Approx. 300 p. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-33220-0

€ 89,95 | £69.00
Fuzzy Database Modeling
of Imprecise and Uncertain
Engineering Information
Z. Ma
, Northeasetern University, Liaoning, China
2006. XV, 210 p. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-30675-7

€ 89,95 | £69.00
Fuzzy Control
Fundamentals, Stability and Design of Fuzzy
K. Michels
, Fichtner Consulting, Germany;
F. Klawonn
University of Applied Sciences Braunschweig/Wolfen-
büttel, Germany;
R. Kruse
A. Nürnberger
, University of
Magdeburg, Germany
2006. X, 411 p. 179 illus. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-31765-1

€ 129,95 | £100.00
Fundamentals of Statistics with
Fuzzy Data
H. T. Nguyen
, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces,
B. Wu
, National Chengchi University, Taipei,
2006. IX, 195 p. 3 illus., Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-31695-7

€ 89,95 | £69.00
Life as a Complex System
A Constructive and Dynamical System Approach
to the Biological Sciences
K. Kaneko
, University of Tokyo, Japan
Th is book examines life not from the reductionist
point of view, but rather asks the question: what are
the universal properties of living systems and how
can one construct from there a phenomenological
theory of life that leads naturally to complex
processes such as reproductive cellular systems,
evolution and diff erentiation?

1 Introduction

Problems in Molecular

2 Constructive Biology

3 Basic
Concepts in Dynamical Systems and Statistical
Physics for Biology

4 The Origin of Hededity and

5 Origin of a Cell with Recursive
Production and Evolvability

6 Universal Statistical
Properties of a Cell with Recursive Production

7 Cell Diff erentiation and Development I

8 Cell
Diff erentiation and Development II: Stem Cells

9 Pattern Formation and the Origin of Positional

10 The Evolution of Diversity

11 Remarks on Other Biological Problems from
the Perspective of Complex Systems Biology

12 Summary.
2006. Approx. 300 p. (Understanding Complex Systems)
ISBN 3-540-32666-9

€ 79,95 | £61.50
Applications of Soft Computing
Recent Trends
A. Tiwari
, Cranfi eld University, UK;
J. Knowles
, University
of Manchester, UK;
E. Avineri
, University of the West of
England, Bristol, UK;
K. Dahal
, University of Bradford, UK;
R. Roy
, Cranfi eld University, UK (Eds.)
Th is carefully edited book provides a comprehensive
overview of the recent advances in the industrial
applications of soft computing and covers a wide
range of application areas, including optimisation,
data analysis and data mining, computer graphics and
vision, prediction and diagnosis, design, intelligent
control, and traffi c and transportation systems.

Part I. Computer Graphics, Imaging
and Vision.- Part II. Control and Robotics.- Part
III. Design.- Part IV. Pattern Recognition.- Part
V. Classifi cation.- Part VI. Identifi cation and
Forecasting.- Part VII. Optimisation Problems:
Assignment, Partitioning and Ordering.- Part VIII.
Optimisation Methods: Developments and Analyses.
2006. Approx. 450 p. Also available online. (Advances in
Soft Computing) Softcover
ISBN 3-540-29123-7

€ 169,95 | £130.50
Discrete, Continuous, and Hybrid Petri Nets
R. David
H. Alla
, Laboratoire d’Automatique de Grenoble,
St Martin D’Heres, France
Th is monograph presents a well written and clearly
organized introduction in the standard methods of
discrete, continuous and hybrid Petri Nets. Starting
from the basics of Petri Nets the book imparts an
accurate understanding of continuous and hybrid Petri
Nets. Preserving the consistency of basic concepts
throughout the text it introduces a unifi ed framework
for all the models presented. It demonstrates that Petri
nets are a deep, practical and alive fi eld important
for researchers, engineers and graduate students in
engineering and computer science.
2005. XXII, 524 p. 402 illus. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-22480-7

€ 99,95 | £77.00
Applied Fuzzy Arithmetic
An Introduction with Engineering Applications
M. Hanss
, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Applied Fuzzy Arithmetic provides a well-structured
compendium that off ers both a deeper knowledge
about the theory of fuzzy arithmetic and an extensive
view on its applications in the engineering sciences.

Part 1 Introduction to Fuzzy Arithmetic:
The Theory of Fuzzy Sets

Elementary Fuzzy

Standard Fuzzy Arithmetic

Fuzzy Arithmetic

The Transformation Method

Additions to Fuzzy Arithmetic

Part 2 Applications
in the Engineering Sciences: Mechanical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering


Control Engineering.
2005. XIII, 256 p. Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-24201-5

€ 59,95 | £46.00
Including various exercises
and solutions in one book
also available