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Modern Programming

Web Container & Web Applications

Web applications are server side applications

The most essential requirement for server side
application development are:

A programming model and an API

Server Side runtime support

Deployment Support

Web Container & Web Applications

To meet these requirements when building and
running web applications, the j2ee specification
provides the following

Java servlets and Java Server Pages

In J2EE java servlets and java server pages are called web

Web Applications

It could be a collection of java servlets, jsp pages, helper classes,
class libraries, static resources, documents and images

Web container

A web container is essentially a java runtime that provides an
implementation of java servlet API and facilities for JSP pages

A packaging structure and deployment descriptor

The J2EE specification defines a packaging structure for web
applications. The specification also defines a deployment
descriptor for each web application

The deployment descriptor is an XML file that allows the
customization of web applications at deployment time

Java Servlets

Java servlets are small, platform independent server
side programs that programmatically extend the
functionality of the web server

The java servlet API provides a simple framework for
building application on such web servers