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The Twenty First Century

This lesson introduces the programming
languages of the 21

century: Internet (Web)
based programming

Java technology is both a programming language
and a platform for Internet ages.

With most programming languages, you either
compile or interpret a program so that you can run
it on your computer.

The 2000's: Java for the
Internet...World Wide Web

The Java programming language is unusual in that
a program is both compiled and interpreted.

Compilation happens just once; interpretation
occurs each time the program is executed.

There three types of programs written in the Java
programming language: applets, applications,

An applet is a program that adheres to certain
conventions that allow it to run within a Java
enabled browser.

Java and Web

An application is a standalone program that runs
directly on the Java platform.

Java Servlets are a popular choice for building
interactive web applications on the server side.

Java platform has three editions: Java Micro Edition
(J2METM technology), Java Standard Edition
(J2SETM technology), and the Java Enterprise
Edition (J2EETM technology).

The J2SE platform is a fast and secure foundation
for building and deploying client
side applications.

Java Platforms

J2EE simplifies enterprise applications by basing
them on standardized, modular and re
components Enterprise JavaBeans.

J2ME specifically addresses the vast consumer
space, which covers the range of extremely tiny
commodities such as phones or a pager.

It is the first component oriented programming

C# and C++

It is a strong language for network and internet

C# has the functionality of Java, Delphi and Visual
Basic and it is a very strong language.

C# is more similar to C++ as a programming

In addition structures, unions, arrays, strings and
pointers are most important and similar
functionality for both languages.

C# and C/C++

C and C++ shares several syntax, library and

C# is directly related to C and C++.

C# inherits most of its operators, keywords, and
statements directly from C++.

Most of the C# basic types have the same names
as C++ basic types but they are not really same.

C# and C/C++ (2)

C# supports multiple inheritance of interfaces, but
not of classes.

There are a few difference between C# and C++,
including the changes to new, structs,
constructors, and destructors.

Web services are small, discrete, building
applications that connect to each other

as well as
to other, larger applications

via the Internet.

.NET for C#

Microsoft® .NET is a set of Microsoft software
technologies which enable an unprecedented level
of software integration through the use of XML
Web services.

.NET connected software uses a distributed
computing model and builds on open standards
like XML to connect PCs and other smart devices.