Trade Show Photo Booth San Diego

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8 mai 2015 (il y a 6 années et 6 mois)

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At Braintone Art, being artistically challenged or having special needs is not seen as a limitation—in fact, it is welcome, and is one of the groups Braintone Art hopes to impact. In addition to enabling those who believed they couldn't create art simply because they were artistically or physically incapable, it also offers a path to insight and personal discovery for even the most experienced artists. There is also the potential for interaction with others who view your work and react on an emotional, subliminal level. You are not playing a video game; you are leveraging a new technology and process to bring a part of you forward into the world. You become and you achieve something brand new in a real and measurable way. And the best part is, you get to hang it on your wall for all to admire.

Trade Show Photo Booth San Diego

Braintone Art Events is a revolutionary new concept that lets guests create artwork at
Using Only Their Brainwaves
and walk away with a one
kind keepsake. We like
to call it brain painting! An EEG headset is placed on top of the head and it measures the
signals inside. The colors and shapes of the art shift as the focus and attention change
throughout the session.

Snapshots of the paintings can been seen once the session is over,
and a favorite piece of artwork is printed out to take home. By scanning the QR code at the
bottom of the photo, the session can be seen online or can take the guest to a pre
determined si
te for marketing purposes. Perfect for corporate events, tradeshows, Bar and
Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, non
profit events and any party that needs a creative addition to
the entertainment!

Painting with the mind intrigues guests of all ages and
artistic abi
lity. Trade show booths love to have Braintone
Art set up inside to attract attention to their displays and
keep guests around longer. Many people love to act silly
for 7 seconds in the PicFlips flipbook booth, but not
everyone likes to dance around in a f
eather boa. So, this a
great alternative for those who want a sophisticated yet
fun interactive element at their event. We have found that
business professionals andpharmaceutical sales teams
really enjoy analyzing their artwork at the end of the
This promotional giveaway allows companies to
further tie
in the marketing message.

But it’s not only for tradeshow takeaways

it’s the newest interactive photo booth for the
Dallas Bar/Bat Mitzvah market, especially when parents are looking for a creat
ive and
unique party rental that many guests have not seen yet. Braintone Art Events has also been
a hit at non
profit events, including galas held at museums and art studios. Thisunique
corporate party idea can be used for holiday parties, client happy ho
urs or award

The Braintone Art interactive photo booth is based out of the Dallas
Fort Worth area, and
we regularly do events in Plano, Grapevine, Colleyville, Arlington, Irving, McKinney,
Richardson, Hurst, Euless, Flower Mound and Denton. Ho
wever, we also travel to Houston,
Austin, New York, LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Detroit,
Washington DC, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Phoenix or any city in between, so just call or email
us to see if we are available for your date and


The Art

Mood Bloom™

This style generates a continuous flow of modern shapes which
bloom in color and form based on the your immediate emotional
fluctuations. The new shapes burst off the canvas in the location of
your concentration while older

shapes slowly fade into the
background to make room for new art.

Ink Thoughts™

Drawing from the discipline of psychology, this style is a modern
take on the visually striking Rorschach inkblot test. Working across
a vertical plane, Ink Thought's
dynamic style displays two mirrored
images developing simultaneously. The ink drops where you focus,
bleeds, blends, and dries. It then fades slowly so you can create new
mysterious forms.

Gear Up

We use a state
art EEG headset. It collects your
brainwave information and analyzes what your brain is doing.
Specifically, we collect how you're feeling. When you begin
Brain Painting, this information streams wirelessly in real
through the Braintone Art Imagery Generation Engine to
project your em
otions as abstract artwork on the digital canvas.

For this to work well, we need unobstructed access to the
forehead and left earlobe.


It's time to create. Direct where your brain will paint by simply facing where you want the
art to appear. Your
brain does the rest.

Let your mind take over and begin creating artwork based
on your art style and color palette, coupled with your
conscious and unconscious cognitive thoughts and
emotions. Don't worry, that questionable image you're
envisioning in your

head won't show on the canvas. We
measure very high level thought only.

The beauty of painting using your brain is that there's no
mess, no artistic ability required, and it can be created
quickly. A typical session takes minutes. When you're done paintin
g, we simply remove the
headset from your head.


This is an evolving work of art, transforming with every shift of
your brain activity. Every ten seconds the current visual state
was recorded. When you've completed your painting, you can
review and
choose your favorite moment as the final artwork.

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