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Should the government prohibit
research in the field of human
genetic engineering?

by Maggie Fleming

Research in the field

of human genetic

engineering should

not be prohibited due

to potential medical

benefits; but it needs

to be regulated because

of possible negative

effects on society and

ethical issues that have


Opposing Viewpoints

Genetic engineering in
humans is going to
happen; it’s unstoppable
and will be beneficial
Government regulation
pointlessly postpones the
inevitable progress. As
research in this field
continues, brand new
markets will open to boost
our economy and horrific
genetic diseases like
Huntington’s will be cured.
Genetic engineering in
humans will lead us into a
better future.

Opposing Viewpoints

Genetic engineering is both
dangerous and ethically wrong
It could
have devastating effects on our environment
by limiting diversity. It will eventually lead to
immoral practices such as human
enhancement and eugenics (parents aborting
children because they do not want certain
characteristics in offspring). Furthermore, it is
“playing God” which is

unacceptable. Messing

with nature is something
we should not pursue.

Opposing Viewpoints

Genetic engineering in humans could be hugely
beneficial, but risks and possible inappropriate
uses of this technology (designer babies, genetic
enhancement) make government regulation

Why This Topic is Timely

The new Obama administration
will develop new policies
regarding the role of
government in scientific

The world economy is suffering,
so businesses are looking for
new ideas and new markets
offered by genetic engineering.

Technology has made
tremendous advances such as
genetic engineering and cloning
of animals, so applying this
knowledge to humans is an
unavoidable political debate for
our generation.


To “join the

To inform my
audience of
both the
positive and
negative aspects
of genetic
engineering in
order to show
the need for

Important Questions

How will knowledge
affect our healthcare

What are the possible
negative effects of this
technology on our

What role does
religion/spirituality play
in the opposition to
genetic engineering?

Are the risks worth the


High School Students

Ages 14


Middle Class

Religious bias

God is the
creator and people should not
“play God”

Personal stake

future health
of their children, a world free
of genetic disorders, will be a
political issue in their lifetime

Likely to know little about the
topic except a brief overview
learned in
biology…misinformation from
TV/movies that makes it seem
like science
fiction (creating


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