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Biotechnology Ethics

Lori Peck

Oklahoma State University

Animal Science Junior

Who am I?

10 year 4
H’er of Washita


Animal Science Junior

at OSU

Volunteer 4
H Leader

Love working with kids

The Basics

Should genetic engineering be pursued?

Does it enhance or endanger the safety of the
food supply?

Will it contribute to meeting future needs for
food & nutritional improvements in diets?

Could it affect species or habitats?

Is it moral
the right thing to do?

Food Safety

Genetic engineering has people thinking twice.

Should foods be labeled?

FDA, USDA, EPA & state agencies monitor
development & testing.

FDA only requires labels for foods containing
allergenic proteins or if a new major ingredient
is present.

Food Safety continued . . .

Do Consumers favor labeling?

Yes, they do!

They want to make informed buying decisions.

Does labeling cost more?


It takes more man hours to get everything in line to
label effectively.

Environmental Impact

What impact does genetic engineering have on
the environment?

Does it help?

Does it hurt?

Hurt or Help


Insects may overcome
resistance to pesticides.

Increasing yields on
established farms still will
not help poor people.


Higher yields = less
disturbance of land.

Insect resistance = less
water pollution.

More food produced more
efficiently = lower long
term cost.

Religious & Ethical Issues

People believe that humans should not alter
forms of life.

Forbidden food in some cultures

Do vegetarians remain vegetarians if an animal
gene is used in fruits?

Who Benefits?

Researchers & Businesses?

To an extent but NO!

Consumers Benefit

Variety, availability, healthfulness, taste of food.

Producers Benefit

Higher yields, reduce total cost, pest resisting plants
provide reliable harvest in developing countries.

The End!

What are

your views?