DNA Technology and Genetic Disorders


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DNA Technology and
Genetic Disorders

By Simon Lai

What is Deoxyribonucleic acid?

Biologically, Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a
stranded, helical nucleic acid
molecule capable of replicating and
determining the inherited structure of a
cell’s proteins. Is it hard to understand?
In a much simple way to explain what is
Deoxyribonucleic acid is: Deoxyribonucleic
acid is the long form of DNA.

The importance of DNA has not only resolve the secret
of human heredity

DNA technology also helps the scientists to
determine some of the diseases and virus

SARS virus in Asia. From the daily news of one
of the Hong Kong newspaper, the medication
school of University Hong Kong found out the
DNA of SARS infected patient DNA technology
had launched a revolution in biotechnology’s are
different from normal people.

DNA technology had launched a
revolution in biotechnology.

In broad terms, biotechnology is the
manipulation of organisms or their
components make useful products.

Natural genetic processes, such as
mutation and genetic recombination, have
always been involved.

DNA is packed in a chromosome.

We have no idea and power to make any
change of our genetics organization.

All of those syndromes are some kinds of
the genetics disorders; they are from the
errors in the chromosomal inheritance.

In these cases, one gamete receives two
of the same type of chromosome and
another gamete receives no copy.

For another type of genetics disorder

Most of these conditions appear to upset
genetic balance less than aneuploidy
conditions involving autosomes.

Rather than the normal male chromosome
pattern, 46XY, there is an extra X
chromosome. The result is the XXY

Turner Syndrome is one of the rare
diseases that affect only women.

Turner syndrome symptoms may be
apparent at birth, the condition often isn't
diagnosed until puberty.

In women suffering from Turner Syndrome,
some of the genetic material on one of
these chromosomes is missing, or an
entire X chromosome may be missing.

For another type of genetic disorder

This kind of sexual genetic disorder only
happens on a single sex.

Klinefelter syndrome only affects on male
because the sexual genetic order is XXY.

Klinefelter syndrome is estimated to occur
in one out of 500 males, making it the
most common sex chromosome variation.

Turner syndrome is one the rare diseases
that affect only women.

It is caused by abnormal the sex

Females who has turner syndrome have
only one X chromosome is order of
normally two X chromosome in the 23rd
pair of chromosome; they are missing one
sexual chromosome in their cells.

DNA technology is not only used onto the
medication studies, and also on the agriculture

We heard about GM food is one of the
product under the genetic engineering

Some people against the GM food or Dolly,
copy sheep, this is still the great discovery
under the hard work of the scientist and
the result of genetic engineering.

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