Emailvision saves hundreds of hours annually by automating document generation with RunMyProcess

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Case Study

Marketing & Sales

saves hundreds of hours annually

automating document generation with RunMyProcess


Emailvision is a global leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) for email
marketing. It has 1

offices around the wo
rld, in


, Brazil
, China,
and throughout Europe. Over
00 marketers use its Campaign
Commander™ service worldwide.
In 2010, Emailvision delivered
almost 40

billion messages on behalf of its customers and achieved a record
delivery rate.

Emailvision uses for Customer Relationship Management

(CRM). The sales team manages customers in, but
generated new contracts and
purchase orders

manually using Word and
Excel. This manual process was time consuming and prone to errors, as
information had to be entered by hand. The sales team
wanted to
automate document generation, but Emailvision did not have the
necessary in
house technical resources.


After being introduced to RunMyProcess at a user club
meeting, Emailvision tasked RunMyProcess with helping it develop

automated business process to replace the existing manual one.
Emailvision used the RunMyProcess platform to design a workflow and
integrate it with and Microsoft applications using the
platform’s pre
configured connectors.

The new proce
ss automatically creates a contract in Word and a


in Excel whenever a new customer or new business is added to The documents are then emailed by the RunMyProcess
platform to the sales person in charge of the account for valida
tion. The
process is used in 1

countries by

sales reps and account managers;
it is localized in 10 languages.


Development of the process only took a couple weeks and was deployed
gradually to all the sales teams worldwide in a matter of weeks
. As
expected, the process has virtually eliminated data entry errors and has
freed up valuable time for the sales team.

Emailvision estimates it has saved on average 15 minutes for each of the
300 proposals done monthly. ”In addition to the considerable
savings, the new application has contributed to a clear increase in the
quality of the data entered into SalesForce by the sales team,” says
Nathalie Chaboche,
Chief Marketing Officer
. “As the data entered is used
for forma
ting and creating contracts

sent to clients, extra care is taken to
include correct and updated data. This has in turn provided us with more
exploitable data for driving our business.”

Based on this success, Emailvision has begun a second, more ambitious
project to connect informati
on flows between, Sage ERP
software and Campaign Commander, Emailvision’s SaaS email platform.
“The ability to create a bridge between different systems that don’t
communicate is magic. It will be a real added value,” says Pascal Charrier,

Global Services, Emailvision.


Increased sales team productivity

Fewer data entry errors integration

Automatic contract and invoice generation

Localized in 10 languages

Worldwide deployment in weeks