Georgia Import Process for FITNESSGRAM 9 Frequently Asked Questions

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Georgia Import Process



Frequently Asked Questions

For complete information on the FITNESSGRAM® project in Georgia, please visit

or contact Therese McGuire of

the GA Dept of Education

Training documents available for the Fitnessgram 9 import process:


Georgia custom import manual

Custom import file layout

Webinar recording

URL for Georgia’s Fitnessgram 9 application:

FG 9 is a web
based program and is hosted by The Cooper Institute for the GA DOE.

Please use
the training powerpoint or this
FAQ document to see if your question is answered
before contacting Human Kinetics or the GA DOE.


IT st
aff with questions on the FG 9 import process should contact Human Kinetics
technical support:

4457, option 3


For questions on the GA Fitnessgram project or login information, please contact
Therese McGuire at the GA DOE:


What is required for GA physical education teachers to use the FG 9 program?

Before PE teachers can enter fitness scores into the FG 9 program, the data relationships of
teachers/classes/students must be imported into FG 9.

Who will be r
esponsible for importing the teachers/classes/students data relationships into
Fitnessgram 9?

Ideally the expectation is for district IT staff to import these data relationships for all schools in
the district into FG 9. No one other than IT staff should
do the importing.

What is the file format for the import into Fitnessgram 9?

The import file MUST be a true .csv file with no extraneous markings or characters. These will
prevent the import from being successful. Make sure you save your file as a true
.csv file

Can I import one school at a time for my district?

The expectation is that district IT staff should import all data relationships for all schools in one
import file. This will be a time
saver for IT staff.

Thus, use only one file to i
mport all
teachers/classes/students into your schools.

I will be importing teachers/classes/students for my district. What are the browser

The web browser requirements

Internet Explorer 7 or higher

Firefox 3

FG 9 does not support Saf

or Google Chrome

Can I import these files from home?

The FG 9 is a public web site so you can access it from school or from home

anywhere you
have an Internet connection. We recommend a secure, stable, and fast connection.

When do I import the file?

Please import your file during the day. Note that the actual import process is run during the
evening. Please check your file the following morning to see if your import results are

How do I create the import file for FG 9?

GA state vendors:

We have been working with the GA state ve
ndors for the past few months to
have each create an extract file you can use for import into FG 9. This extract file will already
be formatted correctly and will have all elements or fields needed for FG 9. All

you need to do
is to request the file. For all state vendors it has been named: Fitnessgram 9 Extract.


We have also been working with a number of independent districts and schools
(such as commission or charter schools not served by a ve
ndor or district) to have their import
file formatted correctly. If we have not talked to your IT staff yet concerning your import file,
please contact Vette Wolf, FG Technical Support Manager at Human Kinetics, as soon as


do I download my import file from my state vendor?

Instructions for contacting your state vendor and downloading your Fitnessgram 9 Extract file
have already been established by the vendor. Please contact your vendor for information.

How do I get access

to FG 9 to import my file?

All users need a
user name and password

to access

FG 9.

The GA DOE has been
collecting user names and passwords for FG 9, specifically for the security level of District
Admin within the program. This security level i
s needed for the import of the data
relationships of teacher/class/student. These logins have been imported into FG 9. To obtain
your login (user name and password), please contact your district PE supervisor or Therese
McGuire at the GA DOE
If your district has NOT sent in user names
and passwords for the District Admin security level, then you will need to contact Therese
McGuire so that this information can be entered into FG 9 and you can do your import.

I have my logi
n for

FG 9, how do I access the program

The URL for the Georgia FG 9 program:

At the login page, please select the following:


Select your state


Select your district


Select your sch


Enter your user name and password


Click the Login Now button

On the main screen of FG 9, you should see your name at the top left along with your assigned
school and your security level. Most or all district IT staff will see the security level of Di
Admin which is appropriate.

What are my next steps when I access the program?


To import your file, click the Utilities icon at the lower left of the page.


Within Utilities, there are four buttons referencing the import and export capabilities of
G 9. Click on the Custom Import button. This is the only button you can use to import
your file.

I am ready to import using the Custom Import feature. What is the process?

The custom import process is divided into f

easy steps. And remember that you
r FG 9
extract file from your state vendor has been formatted for use with the custom import feature.

Step 1: Select the type of import file. All district IT staff need to select ‘Student, Teacher, and
Class data as the import file type. Do not select a
ny other option in this step.

Step 2: Select the Match option. All district IT need to select the option ‘ID Number’. Do not
select any other option in this step.

Step 3: Order the fields in the import file.


Districts associated with a state vendor: You

do not have to do anything in this step for
your file. The file is already formatted for you.

DO NOT change the order of the fields in
the file nor onscreen.


Districts or schools who are independent: If you have been working with Human
Kinetics to assist

you with your import file, then your file is already formatted correctly.
If we have not been working with you to make sure your file is ready for the custom
import process, then please contact HK tech support to assistance:

or 800
457, option 3.

Step 4: Locate your import file.


Browse to where your Fitnessgram 9 extract file is located.


Check the box to allow
or duplicate student IDs. If you are unsure about duplicate IDs,
please contact Human Kinetics technical support.

Step 5:

Allow for duplicate IDs for the following conditions:


Check the box if you have students that will imported into more than one class.


If students are only in one class, then leave this box unchecked.

Click the Upload button to begin the import process.

Are import logs available?

Yes. A review of the import

either successful or with errors

will be displayed onscreen. A
link to the Import Logs will also be displayed. Within the import log you will be able to view the
status of the upload as well as any

Remember the following:

Import during the day, the import process is generated in the
evening, check back the following day to see if the import was successful.

I have imported my file. Should I spot
check to see if the data information is disp
correctly within the program?

Yes. Once your import is complete, we recommend that you spot
check the program to make
sure teachers/classes/students are displayed as expected in FG 9.

Click on the My Classes icon

Select a teacher

View the classes lis
ted for that teacher

View the student rosters for that class

What if my teachers/classes/st
udents are not displayed as expected?

If the displays of teachers/classes/students are not what they should be, then you will need to
review your import file. If y
ou need assistance, please contact HK technical support

Note: Please contact HK technical support to let us know if your import w
as successful or not
successful and indicate the district name:

Updating teacher/
class/student information

To update these data relationships, you can import multiple times. Make sure to use the same
as outlined in this FAQ or accompanying powerpoint and recording. Be sure to match on
student ID in the import process

this ID is

unique to each student.

If I update multiple times, what happens to the student’s fitness scores?

Fitnessgram scores for each student stay with the student regardless if they go to a new
district/school/teacher or class. The student is considered an hi
storical archive and retains all
scores. The import process has no bearing on the student scores and will not
add/change/delete those scores.

What are the timelines to import the file?

2/29/2012 of import webinar: Most districts by now have imported. If
your district has not
done so, please import as soon as possible so teachers can enter fitness scores for students.
Teachers have the following timelines:


Enter student scores by end of April 2012


Send home the Fitnessgram parent reports from FG 9 by the e
nd of May 2012.

Is there an app that teachers can use to enter scores?

Yes, there is a Fitnessgram

9 app

for the
. The cost is

that the
teacher must pay for the app. The teacher will not be reimbursed by the DOE nor the funding
ource. Note that the app is only for
entering scores

into FG 9 and it is NOT
the FG 9 program
Teachers/classes/students must first be imported into FG 9 and the teachers must also create a
test event selecting the test items for the scores. Once these
steps are followed, then the app
can be used to enter student scores.

URL to be entered for app: