GIS Program Leaders Meeting Minutes

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GIS Program Leaders Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2001
Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI)
Portland, Oregon

Attendees: Cy Smith, DAS/IRMD/SP&R; Emmor Nile, ODF; Gillien Duvall,
DAS/OGDC; Ed Arabas, DAS/OGDC; Milt Hill, ODFW; Dennis Oakes, OWRD; Paul
Staub, ODG; Doug Terra, DEQ; Randy Dana, DLCD.
Recorder: Debbie Kirk, DAS/IRMD/SP&R
Meeting began at 1:30 PM.
1.) Approval of 2/13/01 minutes
There were three changes:

Instead of abbreviating GPL, spell out GIS Program Leaders

Change CDFW, after Milt Hill, to ODFW

Debbie Kirk added as recorder
Otherwise, they are accepted as amended.
2.) Cy Smith - DAS Update
A.) The budget is moving along well. Optimistic that it will make it through the legislature
just fine. A question raised, by legislative chair that he hopes this is not another
assessment that an agency did not asked for and they get no direct benefit from. The
Military Department knew nothing about this so they could not answer the question. The
question was passed to Cy, whereas he developed an answer and brought it to Mike
Greenfield's attention. It was his judgment to not worry about it.
OUS made a written excuse to be considered exempt from the assessment to Mike
Greenfield. They say they provide more back to the state. No other agencies have
asked to be exempt. It went to the Governor's office and it was rejected. Cy will meet
with Theresa McHugh on the 15th of April, something from the Governor's office will be
going out to all the Departments.
B.) Framework Implementation Team (FIT) is the new name for FOG. This will comply
with the federal program.
At the last meeting, one of the topics was defining framework. There are seven that
have been defined nationally. The committee ended up with 14 or 15 framework items
for Oregon. Cy and Ed will take the list and categorize for the next meeting in May.
3.) Emmor Nile, Ed Arabas - DOQ Processing

By mid February they had over 2000 downloads

Bob finished two more areas since the last meeting

Building rectangular quads. The challenge is to find the image area. Ed Arabas
used the In-Focus to explain how this is being worked on. For every quad that's
been quartered, the stripes and triangles need to be disposed of; they waste too
much space.
Issue: Want to create a DOQ product, is the correct technology being used?
Alternatives: To get a full set of maps out for the state the way they are, just so there will
be something available for everyone. Then go back and the triangles and stripes later.
In a few years we will have satellite anyway.
Once the quads are done, they are sent to Emmor Nile and he converts them into
TIFFS, they then become a SID image, and are put on the website. At some point,
guidelines for usage will need to be published.
Ed and Emmor will get together the day after this meeting to work on the quad situation.
If the problem cannot be fixed, they will go on with the way they have been doing it.
They will evaluate smaller, effective image size and proceed if it takes care of the no-
data problem. Emmor will post the rest of the metadata on the website.
Milt took a CD with a copy of a quad with a triangle on it. He will try to remove the extra
4.) Bob Harmon - Hydro Update

Now have a page on the OGDC website

Next meeting is 3/14/01, at BLM
5.) Doug Terra - IRICC Update

Working on watershed guidelines; passed around a draft

Strategy for completing the 5th and 6th level watersheds considered highest

Cadastral based editing tool using ARC 8 Technology

USGS is going through a major reorganization, are keeping their Director. Our
Regional office will be Spokane or Seattle.

Restoration tracking - will compile in April

GDT to vie with ESRI for the opportunity to compile all transportation data for a

May 15, special topic - Fire season
6.) Department Updates
DAS - Update was at the beginning of the meeting.
Geology - Working with BLM to get maps scanned, should be done by this summer.
Forestry - Emmor Nile stated that the Spencer B. Gross data is now in the public
domain. He also mentioned that the PNW Wildfire Group is looking at Fire Framework.
ODFW - Milt Hill stated that StreamNet has released version 5 (100K) on their website.
Download this version if you are planning any analysis.
DEQ - Doug Terra mentioned that DEQ is hiring a new temp system analyst to work on
ArcIMS development.
7.) Next Meeting:
April 10, 2001, from 1:30 - 3:30 PM.
Location: Forestry
Next meeting will be held at the new Forestry building, #10, 1st floor conference room.