Over many years scientists have found ways to change the genetic ...


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Over many years scientists have found ways to change the genetic codes of organisms to
better them in ways no one ever thought would be possible. This is called genetic engineering,
and although it may seem so cut and dry, there are many controversies
surrounding this specific
field of science. Many people are against it because of religious views and the defects that can
come out of genetic engineering. Other people, however, feel that genetic engineering is a
breakthrough in curing genetically passed
diseases and can bring a lot of great things to society. I
am not one of those people who look upon genetic engineering as a positive contrib
ution to

I personally believe that genetic engineering is wrong and has too many disadvantages
that ultim
ately outweigh the advantages. I, myself, am very religious and do believe that this type
of science is practically playing god.

The bible gives arguments about exactly this. One great
example is Genesis 1:27 which reads “So God created man in his own ima
ge, in the image of
God created he him; male and female created he them.”

This simply means that God creates each
and every one of us and by performing genetic engineering, scientists are somewhat altering
God’s image of us.

On a non
religious basis, gene
tic engineering is meant to eliminate all of the
imperfections of natural fertilization, but what happens when the engineering goes wrong? So
many things could happen to a fetus including so many major defects and even death in the early
stages of life. Th
ese defects shouldn’t happen just because a child has a 25% chance of dwarfism
or a 50% chance of arthritis.

If the chances of minor defects in a child are great I would still
leave it alone and naturally have children. The cost would be too high if anythi
ng went wrong.
Even if the procedures turned out to work, it would cause more of segregation in society because
the imperfect children who were created naturally wouldn’t be able to compete with the
genetically altered children. The gap would grow as the c
hildren grew into adults and the lower
end jobs would only be performed by the perfect people. In GATTACA, Vincent is put into a
janitorial position at the beginning because of his defects as a human being.


problem that would form is that there wo
uld be a new standard for people to
perform by and some of the slightly less genetically altered people would have a certain amount
of pressure being placed upon them in the real world. The real Jerome said it in the movie. He
wasn’t made for second place
and he couldn’t handle the pressure of being perfect and getting
second place so he walked into traffic. He tried to commit suicide and wound up in a wheel chair
because of it. Jerome ultimately DOES commit suicide at the end because he doesn’t want to liv
like he is anymore and that is his only escape.

Although my beliefs are against genetic engineering, I do see that there are some benefits
from these procedures. For example, one benefit is that the next generation

would have a very
luxurious lifestyle
in which they could easily exceed standards made in modern society.
In the
movie, Antoine could always just keep swimming and swimming, leaving Vincent in the dust.
Genetic engineering would also eliminate genetically passed diseases such as rheumatoid
hritis without actually finding a cure.
GATTACA showed this because Vincent was born with
heart defects and a lot of internal problems. His parents genetically altered Antoine to have the
chances of those effects being present be 0%.
If a world where no on
e was a carrier or had
certain diseases existed, there would be far less pain and suffering. The money used in funds to
find cures for some genetically passed on diseases could
be put to a better use.

I think that the restrictions of genetic engineeri
ng should definitely be tightened because
of everything that scientists have been able to get away with already. A good example is
genetically engineered tomatoes. Although this isn’t exactly as big of an issue as genetically
altered people, it’s still an
issue. Tomatoes over the years have been fused with the DNA
structure of elephants to make the tomatoes grow larger. Animal DNA does not belong in plant
DNA naturally. Scientists have gone too far by crossing DNA of different
types of organisms
alone f
rom different species.

Overall, how is that effecting the people eat those tomatoes? Do
they not get the full nutritional value they should? There is so much risk in genetically altering
that there should be laws that restrict genetic engineering to a cont
rolled environment in which it
has no chance of affecting the outside world.

Genetics is a risky science to be messing with and by altering
genetic codes of people,
we are taking a huge risk by permitting
in all of the

do today
. I understand that it has
benefits and they would make a huge impact on society. Unfortunately, most of the time, the
negative impact outweighs the beneficial effects. If genetic engineering was not outlawed, there
should definitely be stronger restri
ctions regarding what should be allowed to be genetically
altered. I, personally, would never have a child that I have chosen to be genetically altered. I
think it’s wrong and shouldn’t be done.