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Monthly Update for the Green Chemistry in Education Network

Julie Haack, University of Oregon


Dear Members of the Green Chemistry Community,

Thank you for your submissions.

I will be posting all events on the Green
Chemistry Education Network
website (

For additional green chemistry news and information, be sure to check out the
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by the ACS

Green Chemistry Institute.


Quick Summary:

For more details, see “Full Descriptions.”

Conferences and Meetings

October 13
16, 2010

Polymers and the Environment: Emerging Green Technologies and Science

October 20, 2010

Second Annual Michigan Green Chemistry Conference: A Catalyst for the

October 26, 2010

Green Chemistry in Higher


November 9, 2010

Green Chemistry
Is There a Place for it in High School Chemistry?

November 15
17 2010

First PACN Green Chemistry Congress, United Nations Economic
Commission for Africa

December 1
4, 2010

reen Chemistry Symposium at the Joint SE and SW Regional Meeting of the
American Chemical Society

December 3

4, 2010

Workshop: Teaching Chemistry in the Context of Sustainability

June 8
10, 2011

Seventh International Confe
rence on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries

June 1
3, 2011

International Conference on Sustainable Remediation

July 6
8, 2011

First International Conference on Sustainable Chemistry

Papers Invited

September 5


Green Chemistry: Current Practices and Innovation at the 14th Asian
Chemical Congress (14 ACC)

November 4
6, 2011

International Conference on Chemistry of Phytopotentials: Health, Energy
and Environmental Perspectives


Richard Wool wins ACS National Award for Affordable Green Chemistry

Terry Collins wins Heinz Award

Environmental luminaries each receive $100,000 for their
pioneering work in fields like green chemistry, journalism and ocean ecosystems.

Nominations Open for 2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

Calling for Applications: 2011 Science Communication Fellowships for Green Chemists


Green Chemistry Institute Student Travel Award

CEI Reco
gnition of Exemplary Work in the Incorporation of Sustainability into Chemistry

News and Updates

Internship Positions Needed

Asian University for Women

Public Comment Requested for new ANSI Greener Chemicals and Processe
s Information Standard

News from the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence in York, UK

New Center in Çak r , Turkey

UC Berkeley Announces a New Certificate Program in Green Chemistry

Congressional Briefing: Pharm
aceuticals in Our Water: Concerns and Responses

GreenCentre Canada Celebrates Official Launch of New Facility

Middle School and High School Green Chemistry Workshops in Wisconsin

Growing Green Chemistry in Oregon

Student Survey Available

Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network Phone Seminar
Fall Schedule

News from Past Participants of the Green Chemistry in Education Workshops

Vera M. Kolb, University of Wisconsin
Parkside (GCEW 2009)

Andrew Bolig, San Francisco State University (GCEW 2010)

Michelle C. Douskey, UC Berkeley (GCEW 2010)

Douglas Armstrong, Olivet Nazarene University (GCEW 2010)

Full Descriptions

Conferences and Meetings

October 13
16, 2010

Polymers and the Environment: Emerging Green Technologies and Science


Ontario, Canada

Website: www.beps.org



For 18 years, the BEPS Annual Meeting has been the leading
conference where top
researchers from industry, academia and government meet to discuss the latest developments in
biopolymers, biodegradable materials, sustainable resources and the impacts that plastics have on the
environment. This year’s meeting will b
ring you new presentations and numerous networking

October 20, 2010

2nd Annual Michigan Green Chemistry Conference: A Catalyst for the Economy,

Location: Michigan State University, East Lansing

Website: www.michigan.gov/greenup

> Description:

The 2nd Annual Michigan Green Chemistry
Conference continues the momentum of the green chemistry movement in Michigan. Now more than
ever, Michigan organizations are

transforming the way they do business with a focus on sustainability
and the use of less
toxic materials and processes. The goal of this powerful event, initiated by Governor
Jennifer Granholm, is to promote green chemistry and protect Michigan’s environm
ent and public
health while catalyzing the economy.

October 26, 2010

Green Chemistry in Higher Education,


University of California, Berkeley, California

Website: www.dtsc.ca.gov/PollutionPrevention/GreenChemistryInitiative/Calendar.cfm


Success stories and needs analysis in establishing green chemistry curricula and academic
majors at public and private universities and community colleges. Registration information and details
will be available soon.

November 9, 2010

en Chemistry
Is There a Place for it in High School Chemistry?

Location: ACS/NSTA Web Seminar Offering (free)


In this Web Seminar, we explain the basic principles of green chemistry and explore how they can be
applied to typical high school courses. Few teachers have room for a special unit to be added to their
curriculum. As an alternative we present
a number of alternatives to typical labs, which have a green
message embedded them.

Presenters Michael Tinnesand and Debbie Pusateri and Barbara Sitzman

November 15
17 2010

1st PACN Green Chemistry Congress, United Nations Economic Commission for Afri


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Website: www.rsc.org/ConferencesAndEvents/RSCEvents/International/Africa/GreenChem/Index.asp


This inaugural event provides a unique forum for you to present your cutting
edge research
on the development of

alternative sustainable technologies. The concept of Green Science and
Technology is still at its infancy in most African countries. Vastly abundant in natural resources and
richness Africa offers valuable opportunities to pursue novel routes to sustainab
le processes and

December 1
4, 2010

Green Chemistry Symposium at the Joint SE and SW Regional Meeting of the American Chemical

Location: New Orleans, LA

Abstract Deadline:

October 15, 2010

Website: www.swrm.org




We welcome abstracts in any area of green chemistry and green chemistry education.

December 3

4, 2010

Workshop: Teaching Chemistry in the Context of Sustainability

Location: American Chemical Society, Washington, DC

Application deadline: October 15, 2010

Website: www.acs.org/chemistryincontext <

and scroll down
for the lin
k to the workshop.


Marta Gmurczyk,


If you are using Chemistry in Context or planning a new chemistry course to introduce
sustainably concepts, we invite you to participate
in an ACS faculty development workshop at the
American Chemical Society in Washington, D.C. This two
day workshop will provide information about
how the new 7th edition of Chemistry in Context weaves sustainability through each chapter and how to
tie susta
inability concepts, questions, and problems into any chemistry course.

(No cost. Travel stipends
are available.)

June 8
10, 2011

Seventh International Conference On Renewable Resources and Biorefineries


Bruges, Belgium



The conference aims at bringing together academic researchers, industrial experts,
policymakers and venture capital providers to discuss the challenges emerging from the tra
towards a bio
based economy and to present new developments in this area. This conference is the
prime forum for renewable resources, industrial biotechnology and biorefineries in Europe.

June 1
3, 2011.

International Conference On Sustainable

Remediation 2011

Call For Abstracts

Location: Amherst, Massachusetts

Website: www.sustainableremediation.org/news/2010/7/15/international

Abstract Deadline: November 1, 2010


The Enviro
nmental Institute at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the U.S. EPA
Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation are pleased to announce the International
Conference on Sustainable Remediation 2011: State of the Practice. Abstracts a
re encouraged in all
areas of green and sustainable remediation as related to hazardous waste cleanup, from basic to applied
research, from case studies to demonstration projects. Presentations must contain a sustainable
remediation component.

July 6
8, 2011

First International Conference on Sustainable Chemistry

Papers Invited


Antwerp, Belgium.



It is the aim of this first International Conference on Sustainable Chemistry to cover both
technological and non
technological topics. Academic and industrial research on these topics are

the key
to advancing the chemical industry sector and its sustainability for years to come. The topics represents
those related to sustainability and chemistry, papers are invited on these and other suitable topics.

Papers are invited and should be submi
tted as soon as possible.

September 5
8th, 2011,

Speakers are being recruited for the following Symposium: Green Chemistry: Current Practices and
Innovation at the 14th Asian Chemical Congress (14 ACC)


Bangkok, Thailand

Questions and Abstract Submission: Margaret


This symposium will highlight current practices in green chemistry. Research of all types of
green ch
emistry will be presented including innovation in greener syntheses, product development and
chemical education. Papers are invited in all disciplines of chemistry that demonstrate green chemical

November 4
6, 2011

International Conference

on Chemistry of Phytopotentials: Health, Energy and Environmental

Location: Dayalbagh, Agra (India)

Website: www.dei.ac.in/ConferenceWeb/cphee2011/CPHEE/index.html

Description: The year 2011 is declared as the International Year of Chemistry

(IYC 2011) by the United
Nations Assembly. On this occasion, the present conference CPHEE 2011 aims to offer chemists from
diverse areas a common platform to share the knowledge and unveil the chemistry and magic potentials
of phytoproducts for the mankin


Richard Wool wins ACS national award for affordable green chemistry

Richard P. Wool is a 2011 recipient of the American Chemical Society (ACS) award for Affordable Green
Chemistry. Wool is a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineeri
ng and director of the
Affordable Composites from Renewable Research (ACRES) program at the University of Delaware.

The award, sponsored by the Dow Chemical Company and endowed by Rohm and Haas Company, is
given annually in recognition of scientific disc
overy of new eco
friendly chemistries with the potential to
enable products or manufacturing processes that are less expensive than existing alternatives.

Read more…

Terry Collins wins Heinz Award

Environmental luminaries each receive $100,000 for their pioneering
work in fields such as green chemistry, journalism and ocean ecosystems.

(edited text f
rom the The Daily Green article By Dan Shapley)

The 16th annual Heinz Awards were announced this morning, with the awarding of $100,000 each to 10

"We’re living in a time of unprecedented global change. Our planet is facing rising temperature
s and our
communities are affected by toxic chemicals that weren’t on the market a hundred years ago," said
Teresa Heinz, chairman of the Heinz Family Foundation. "We’re recognizing innovators who are tackling
some of the most vexing problems facing our pl

Terrence Collins, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, Pa.), for training the next generation of
scientists to combine the tools of chemistry with the knowledge of environmental health science to
reduce the use and generation of hazardous substa
nces. He and his research group have played a crucial
role in inventing safe, sustainable ways to mitigate toxic waste and biological agents.

Read more:

Nominations Open for 2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

Closing Date: December 31, 2010

The nomination information is now posted on EPA's Green Chemistry Program websi
te at
www.epa.gov/greenchemistry <
> . The direct link to the
nomination package


use this information to prepare nominations for the Presidential Green Ch
emistry Challenge Awards.
Also, please forward this to any of your colleagues who may be interested.

The 2011 nomination package has minor changes in the eligibility of companies, academic institutions,
and their representatives for these awards; please
see page 2 of the nomination package for details. The
package also contains several clarifications aimed at assisting submitters in preparing the strongest
possible nominations for Challenge Awards. If you have questions about any aspect of the Awards
ram, please contact us at

Calling for Applications:
2011 Science Communication Fellowships for Green Chemists

Application Deadline: October 30, 2010

Open to post
doctoral fellows and junior

faculty with active research programs related to Green
Chemistry. See Attachment

Most of the public and many reporters are unaware of green chemistry and the rapid advances green
chemistry science is making to fulfill its promise to revolutionize the wa
y molecules and products are
designed. Additionally, there is an increasing need to understand and link these advances to cutting

edge research from the Environmental Health Sciences.

To address these gaps, Advancing Green Chemistry in partnership with
Environmental Health Sciences is
offering a Science Communication Fellowship designed to improve a scientist’s communication and
outreach skills early in their professional careers while also publishing summaries of important new
research findings. Fellows

practice presenting

and then will publish

accessible summaries of
important new research results. Nominations are being accepted now for the competitive, one
fellowship that will provide participants the tools with which to communicate Green Chem
istry research
to the media, policy makers and the public.


Green Chemistry Institute Student Travel Award

Application Deadline: October 15, 2010

The America Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Institute® is offering a new travel award for excell
students in high school, undergraduate, or graduate programs.

The Ciba Travel Awards in Green Chemistry is an annual award. The award sponsors the participation of
students (high school, undergraduate, and graduate students) in an American Chemical
Society (ACS)
technical meeting, conference or training program, having a significant green chemistry or sustainability
component, to expand the students’ education in green chemistry. The awards are funded by interest
income from the Ciba Green Chemistry
Student Endowment that was established in 2009. The award
amount is based on estimated travel expenses, up to $2000.

To apply, students need to send a story related to interest in green chemistry, reducing or eliminating
toxic waste into the environment,

or a past experience and the student could win a student travel award
to attend an event hosted by the American Chemical Society.

For details about the award, how to apply, and travel locations, visit

CEI Recognition of Exemplary Work in the Incorporation of Sustainability into Chemistry

Nomination Deadline:

November 1, 2010

As part of the American Chemical Society’s goal to “be a global leader in enlisting the world’s sci
professionals to address, through chemistry, the challenges facing our world,” the Society’s Committee
on Environmental Improvement seeks to recognize those individuals or groups who have made
exemplary contributions to the incorporation of sustain
ability (see note below) into chemical education.

A goal of the recognition program is to encourage dissemination of the important work of creatively
incorporating sustainability into chemical education. Therefore, awardees will be expected to present
nvited talks on their work as part of a symposium on Chemistry Education and Sustainability at the 2011
Spring National Meeting to be held in Anaheim. It is anticipated that 4
6 different projects will be
recognized, with each award winner receiving $750 t
owards travel costs of attending the Anaheim

Please see the attachment for more information.

Questions regarding the recognition program can be directed to Dr. Matt Fisher, coordinator of the
program, at

or 724


Internship Positions Needed

Asian University for Women

The new Asian University for Women (currently in its 3rd year) is one of the first liberal arts based
institutions in Asia. Stud
ents at this institution are encouraged to participate in 2
3 summer internships
during the 4
5 years they attend school.

The University currently has students from 14 different
countries with a range of talents. This past summer interns helped with scien
tific and survey
research projects and projects in the non
profit and NGO sectors.

They are currently looking for
summer 2011 internship opportunities for majors in Biology, Environmental Science, Public Health and

If you are interest
ed in providing internship opportunities please contact Amber Wise (past participant
GCEW 2009) at

Public Comment Requested For New ANSI Greener Chemicals and Processes Information Standard

The American Chemical Society, Green Chemistry Institute and NSF International announce the ANSI
public comment period has opened for the Greener Chemicals and Processes Information Standard,
NSF/GCI 355. The intent is to have a standard information set th
at can be used by customers of chemical
manufacturers to decide who has the "greener" chemical and process and is not a green chemistry
standard per se.

You may view the draft and submit your comments via the link below:


The public comment period closes November 16, 2010.

News from the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence in York, UK:

The new joint venture initiative between the York Green Chemistry Centre and the UK Chemical
Industry Association: Manufacturing Using Sustainable Chemistry (MUSC) will be launched at the historic
Kings Manor in York in October 2010.

The Univ
ersities of Durham, Leeds, Newcastle and York are leading a new network
Northern Sustainable Chemistry
that seeks to bring together the many and complementary skills in
science and engineering in the northern England Universities to help meet the su
stainability challenges
facing industry.

New Center in Çak r , Turkey

Ass. Prof. Dr. R. Esra DEM RDÖ EN, Çak r Karatekin Üniversitesi, Turkey, Prof. Dr. Azra JAGANJAC,
University of Sarajevo, Bosnia
Herzegovina and Prof. Dr. Kenneth DOXSEE, Universi
ty of Oregon, Eugene,
USA are preparing a proposal for initiating the "Sustainable Development and Environmental Public
Awareness Development Center" at Çak r Karatekin Üniversitesi in Çak r , Turkey, where a green
chemistry curriculum will be a key compon

UC Berkeley Announces New Certificate Program in Green Chemistry

Developed in association with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, the Certificate Program in the
Essentials of Green Chemistry trains professionals in chemistry, engineering,
public policy, toxicology,
and business, so that they can work collaboratively with green chemistry colleagues in the U.S. and


ongressional Briefing:

Pharmaceuticals in Our Water: Concerns and Responses

On September 14, 2010, Richard Williams, formerly of Pfizer, Inc. participated in a Congressional briefing
(Pharmaceuticals in Our Water: Concerns and Responses ).

His talk enti
tled: Longer
Term Innovations
that Decrease Exposure and Risk by Reducing the Quantity of Drugs Entering the Environment Green
Chemistry & Drug Therapy” covered drug therapy and green chemistry initiatives that will/can reduce
exposure and risk by reducing

the quantity of pharmaceuticals that reach the environment.

Description: Pharmaceuticals are found in our waterways and drinking water, but we know little about
the relative contributions from different types of drugs, their persistence in the environmen
t, and the
best ways of drug disposal to reduce the amount getting into the environment. Evidence indicates that
some water
borne pharmaceuticals may be harming aquatic species, but how much do we know about
their impact on human health?

Briefing panelist
s will explore what is known and unknown about this
issue and examine steps that can be taken to ensure that drugs continue to provide important health
benefits while reducing unintended consequences from their presence in our water.

Additional partici
pants included: Moderator, Jane Staveley, Arcadis U.S., Inc. and Panelists Mae Wu,
Natural Resources Defense Council, Shane Snyder, University of Arizona, Sierra Fletcher, Product
Stewardship Institute and Richard Williams, formerly of Pfizer, Inc.

The s
ession was very well attended ( >100 and standing room only) and there was about 40 minutes of
stimulating Q&A following with essentially everyone staying during a beautiful weather lunch time

This program was sponsored by The American Chemical
Society Science & the Congress
Project, The Society for Risk Analysis The Society of Toxicology

And Honorary co
host The House Science and Technology Committee

GreenCentre Canada Celebrates Official Launch of New Facility

Event marks opening of 10,00
0 square
foot centre and broad participation by universities and industry


Researchers, industry and government are celebrating a giant step towards a greener
future today as GreenCentre Canada launches its 10,000
foot Green Chemist
commercialization facility.

Read more:

Middle School and High School Green Chemistry Workshops in Wisconsin

Beyond Benign will be holding 2 three
hour workshops on middle and high school curriculum at the
University of Wisconsin
Stout Technology Education Conference on Thursday October

14th, 2010. For
more information go to

Growing Green Chemistry in Oregon

October 13, 2010


Green chemistry is an emerging field that helps make products "benign by design,” preventing pollution
by reducing it at the source. Its use leads to innovations that make products safer for people and the
and wil
l increase the competitiveness of Oregon companies.

Pioneering companies in the state are already demonstrating how green chemistry can increase
profitability and reduce costs while maintaining performance. Join us to learn more about opportunities
to use
green chemistry in Oregon.

Student Survey Available

The Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network will be launching the Great Lakes

Green Chemistry STUDENT Network in January 2011, and has developed a survey for students to identify
features and tools they

would like to see associated with the Student Network.

You can check out the GLGCN Facebook page

(or just search for "Great Lakes Green Chemistry
Network") and our website at www.glgc.org <

where there is also a link to the

Great La
kes Green Chemistry Network Phone Seminar
Fall Schedule


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Executive Director

Green Science Policy Institute

November 2010


Acting Director

er for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering at Yale University

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Architect and Designer, Sustainable Health Care Leader, Perkins+Will

"Linking Public Health, Regenerative Design, and Sustainability"

News fro
m Past Participants of the Green Chemistry in Education Workshops

Vera M. Kolb (GCEW 2009)

Professor of Chemistry

University of Wisconsin

Department of Chemistry


Curriculum/Research Updates:

Five green chemistry experiments have integrated into the regular organic laboratory course.

Our research team is studying new solventless reactions.


V. M. Kolb, "On the Applicability of the Green Chemistry Principles

to Sustainability of Organic
Matter on Asteroids,”Sustainability, 2(6), 1624
1631 (2010)

Andy Bolig (GCEW 2010)

Assistant Professor

Department of
Chemistry and Biochemistry

San Francisco State University


Curriculum/Research Updates:

I am completely revising our second semester organic lab with all new experiments: 6 of 13 are
Experiments modified from the Doxsee and Hutchison text, another 3 are green
experiments we put together and the remainder are the usual suspects.

(Adapting procedures to our
glassware, lab setup, stockroom staff, etc. has been a surprisingly hug
e effort).

As soon as the dust
settles I will post my participation information and suggested modifications, etc. on GEMs.

I set up this course on a trial basis, but all of my organic colleagues agreed that it is far superior to
our current c

Our pre
health program (post
baccalaureate special focused program with extra
tuition) has asked to adopt the course as of next semester, and as of next fall, the Green Organic II lab
will completely replace the current course in our department

Dr. Michelle C. Douskey (GCEW 2010)

Chemistry Lecturer

University of California


Curriculum/Research Updates:

We are launching 6 new, greener experiments this fal
l for Chem 1A.

The class has about 1300

I am also beginning to collect data for assessing their green chemistry knowledge.

Douglas Armstrong (GCEW 2010)


Department of Chemistry

Olivet Nazarene University,




ACCA Green Chemistry Lecture Series

The Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area (ACCA) is sponsoring its annual lecture series, consisting of
lectures at 7:00
9:00 PM on ten consecutive Tuesday nights, Sept.
14 to Nov. 16, 2010, at Benedictine
University. The topic this year is “Green Chemistry,” according to the following schedule:

Sept. 14:

Robin Zavod, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Midwestern University, Chicago
College of Pharmacy, “Pha
rmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Environment: Sources,
Exposure Routes and Ramifications.”

Sept. 21:

Kristopher Kelley, Founder/CEO, Kelley Green Biofuel.

Sept. 28:

Scott Brix, Director of Marketing, Textile Enzymes and Sustainable Solu
tions, Genecor, A
Danisco Division, “Discovery, Development, Manufacturing, and Application of Enzymes for Sustainable
Industrial Processing.”

Oct. 5:

VIRTUAL SEMINAR: Kenneth Doxsee, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and Professor
of Chemistr
y, University of Oregon, “Green Chemistry:

Part I
Expanding Access to Experimental
Science/Part II
The Elusive Principle Eleven: Undergraduate
Friendly Examples of Real
Time Analysis.”

Oct. 12: 1. James Renga, Senior, Chemistry Discovery Research, Dow A
groSciences LLC, “Salt
Transformations Using Organocarbonates.”

2. Gary Crouse, Dow AgroSciences LLC, “Spinetoram:

Chemistry Made Better.”

Oct. 19:

Bob R. Peoples, Director, ACS Green Chemistry Institute, “Our Sustainable Future
The Role of

Green Chemistry and Engineering.”

Oct. 26:

Larry Koskan, Global Green Products, LLC, “The Discovery Process for Green Chemistry, from
Curiosity to Business.”

Nov. 2:

Carlos Martinez, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer Worldwide Research and Developme
“Applications of Biocatalysis in the Pharma Industry:

Designing for Energy Efficiency.”

Nov. 9:

Anne Wilson, Professor of Chemistry, Butler University, “Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks:

Green Chemistry Can Transform Undergraduate Curricula and Re

Nov. 16:

Jonathan Rienstra
Kiracofe, Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair, North Park