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http://www.gracebayresidence.com | Our goal in creating The Grace Bay Residence is to help women early in sobriety, or those still in the struggle to attain sobriety, to begin establishing a new sense of how to live and build ever-growing internal value in their lives.

About Grace Bay Sober Living Residence

Our goal in creating The Grace Bay Residence is to help
women early in sobriety, or those still in the struggle to attain
sobriety, to begin establishing a new sense of how to live and
build ever
growing internal value in their lives.

We believe the recovery process is unique when comparing
the needs of women vs. men, and as such, have dedicated
ourselves in a way that provides our residents with an
integrative, holistic, real
life experience that serves to bolster
recovery in countless ways. Whether you have the luxury of
being among the magnificence of Tampa and St. Petersburg,
FL or anywhere else for that matter, there is no question that
this sort of multi
faceted approach to sober living is a highly
effective one

As owners and managers of this one
kind sober living residence, we have experienced the
lows of addiction and the highs of recovery. We have experienced the pitfalls common to those
whom are new to sobriety and we largely focus on addressing these issues early in the process in
order to help build good habits and a strong foundation.

Grace Bay Residence is about working individually with each of our female clients while
simultaneously encouraging group support and fellowship that more often than not, results in
lifelong sober friendships.

chose the St. Petersburg region primarily because this particular area is in need of a female
recovery residence for those seeking “something more.”

you’re a women just completing a 30 or 60 day residential treatment program and in need
of integrative, higher
end transitional housing living which offers many of life’s added elements.
Maybe you’re just coming off a relapse and would prefer a more “real
life” approach that can also
serve to be an affordable alternative to a very high
priced inpatient drug rehab option. Or maybe
you’re a mother with a young child and don’t have the ability to leave your child for the purpose
of treatment. Either way, The Grace Bay Residence offers something that is truly quite special

An Exclusive
Living Residence for

St. Petersburg ~

~ The Gulf

Welcome to The Grace Bay Residence

a magnificently appointed
women’s sober living & transitional recovery residence in the heart of
St. Petersburg, Florida.

Designed and operated in a manner that incorporates integrative and
proactive addiction recovery services, Grace Bay Residence is built on a
foundation of 12
step and holistic approaches while affording our
female residents the element of upscale surroundings within a luxury
setting. This is much more than a sober living home; this is a recovery
experience designed to create a whole new paradigm in living life to
the fullest

Florida and its many localities, including Tampa, St. Petersburg and The Gulf Coast in general, has
long been considered a strong region when it comes to addiction treatment and sober living home
options. People struggling from all forms of substance abuse issues are fortunate to have such
broad options and quality services available. In that spirit, we operate the Grace Bay Residence
with multiple objectives in mind. This is not simply a luxury sober residence nor is it a one
all approach toward recovery. We believe in the wonders of life and in the magic of the recovery
process. We view each resident as a unique and special individual, and we proactively work with
them in a variety of ways that will best help them to reach new heights in life

If you are a woman over 21 years of age we invite you into a
world that entails a truly unique and upscale sober living
experience. Likewise, we also extend this opportunity to
mothers with children under the age of 2 as well as to those
seeking a pet
friendly environment in which to have their
small dog with them as they embark on this miraculous

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