New PhD Program, Genetic Engineering & Society


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New PhD Program, Genetic Engineering

& Society, North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University is pleased to announce a new doctoral program in Genetic

Engineering and Society: Exploring the Case of Transgenic Pests, funded under the National
Science foundation’s Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT)
program. Our program examines questions linked to the genetic modification of m
mice, fish, and other species that affect human health, biodiversity, and sustainable
development. These questions include: What genetic engineering techniques are under
development? What are the social, ethical, and ecological consequences of t
hese techniques?
How can all stakeholders be appropriately and effectively involved in decisions about these

We are looking for excellent students who have majored in humanities, mathematics, or a social
or natural science and want broad and rig
orous graduate training across these areas. We also
welcome students who have a master

s degree specializing in one of these areas and want
strong interdisciplinary training at the doctoral level.

Students who participate in the program will receive a PhD
in a home doctoral program and a
graduate minor in Genetic Engineering and Society. The minor will include four courses, one of
which will be taught in Latin America. In addition to full fellowships, funds are available for
international internships.

se visit our website for more details on the program, including a list of participating
faculty: In addition to contacting potential faculty mentors,
prospective students are encouraged to email questions


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