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Justin Peterson



Designed by PR professionals, for PR

Media Database

Press Release


Media Monitoring

Media Analysis

Global database of traditional and social media

Targets influencers and knows:

Who to contact

When to call

What to pitch

World’s largest database of social media contacts

Provides contacts who drive decision
makers in industry

Provides influence rating of competitors

CRM tools for PR management

Organize, share, and monitor media relations

Manage multiple campaigns simultaneously

Bacon’s Media Directory

Access to thousands of reporters and news outlets

Search Engine Optimization

Enhance keywords to increase visibility to influencers

Permanently archive Press Releases (PR’s)

Social Media Distribution

Create content in one place and publish to all social
media platforms

Gain insight from professionals to write PR’s

Custom newsrooms integrated to brand website to
increase visibility

Traditional Distribution

Web, wire, email

Wide scope of distribution channels

PR Measurement

Measure scope of PR and see who is publishing PR

See who opens emails
narrow campaign efforts

Gauge reception of PR in marketplace

Social Media

Converse with the fans
and nay

promote brand


Track viral success of stories
see comments

from blogs all over Internet

Social Media

Track volume of buzz
around keywords of

SCRM, with integration to

Basic Analytics

Snapshot of media

coverage vs. competition

Understand patterns of

coverage throughout and after the campaign

Customizable dashboards display charts of interest

ready display of data and charts

Advanced Analytics

Evaluate campaign’s impact and reach through

Estimate how memorable the campaign was

Determine how many people were influenced by key

Social Media Analysis

Monitors blogs and makes sense of it all

Determines the themes, topics and trends of

Reports frequency, mix and tone of coverage