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14 déc. 2013 (il y a 4 années et 6 mois)

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By Justin Thompson

What is SOAP?

Originally stood for Simple Object Access Protocol

Created by vendors from Microsoft, Lotus, IBM, and

Protocol for exchanging XML
based messages over
computer networks

Lets you activate applications or objects within an
application across the Internet

Forms the foundation layer web services stack

Transport Methods

Uses application layer protocols as transport protocols
such as SMTP and HTTP

XML was chosen as the standard message format
because of its widespread use by major corporations
and open source development efforts

Some applications of SOAP

Business to business integration

Distributed applications

To enable XML web services


With HTTP it allows for easier communication behind
proxies and firewalls than previous remote execution

Versatile enough to use different transport protocols.
Standard is HTTP, but others are usable, such as SMTP

SOAP can be considered to be XML and HTTP
combined to send messages over the Internet

It is not constrained by the application language or the


SOAP can be slower than competing middleware
because of XML’s verbose format

When relying on HTTP the role of the interacting
parties are fixed

Many implementations of SOAP limit the amount of
data that can be sent