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8 nov. 2013 (il y a 7 années et 10 mois)

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring successful
companies together to network and
expand their business growth in both
the National and International

Our Focus

Gaining exclusive representation of
companies and products for areas of
the world where they do not have a

Our areas of interest

Oil and geothermal land drilling

Offshore drilling

Petrochemical plants equipment

Industrial equipment

Design engineering

Fertilizers and products in the agronomy

Areas of interest continued

Construction development

Energy industry

Naval services through tankers and
other vessels

Oil trading

Shallow water seismic

Our Goal

To network with key marketing and
sales teams internationally to secure
contracts that will help expand our
company’s financial growth

Our target markets

Private industry in the U.S. and Latin

The Mexican Government

Private business sector in Mexico



Central America

Sample of current clients


Petroquima Cangrejera C.V.

ITS Integrated Trade Systems Inc.
Houston TX

DELPHIE Diesel Systems C.V.

Hotel Coral Princess Cozumel

MNG Rigs Ltd

Private banking services

Effective 2005 SynergyBarukh
established Private banking services
with IPSfn in Houston, Texas

IPSfn specializes in :

Corporate Finance Solutions

Equipment leasing

Credit Facility

Venture lines of credit

Private Banking continued

IPSfn Credit facility has in excess of $4
billion in Assets

Over $50 million in Equity placed in

Over $100 million in Debt placed in

Over 37,000 equipment leases in place

Information required to
establish credit

Corporate financials

Corporate Profit & Loss Statement

Corporate contact information

Banking references

Trade references

If public trading symbol

Number of years in business

Credit Information continued

Company website address

Description of

Company sales revenue

Credit Agency Rating Information (S&P,
Moodys, D&B)

Contact Information


Corporate Offices

17150 Butte Creek

Suite 100

Houston, Texas

(281) 866
9042 office

(281) 866
9714 fax