Extreme ERP Makeover

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8 nov. 2013 (il y a 7 années et 11 mois)

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MOIS 433

Presented by : Maha Baligh

Extreme ERP Makeover


Single instance ERP:

“Is to rip out all the multiple systems that
are now used in the company and
replace them with one data store that
serves the entire company, no matter
how diversified or geographically
spread it is”

65% of american compoanies which cost between 1$billion to
5$ billion are considerining ERP consolidation.

Getting rid of the existing ERP and replacing it with
amonolithic system from a single vendor.

All needed information will come from SAP, Oracle and
People Soft.


Why single instance ERP:

Government post Enron accounting legislation, all company
financial data will originate from one source

Eliminates consolidation errors and reduces the time taken to
close the books.

Run reports showing cross
promotion opportunities, places
they could reuse equipment or leverage purchasing power

Creates new revenue opportunities and and helps cut costs

Databases large enough to serve entire enterprises
didn’t exist

Unaffordable prices

Connecting to that single database from faraway locations was
almost impossible

Why single instance ERP
was hard to achieve?

Why single instance

Storage is much cheaper than five years ago

Connecting to the database is no longer a problem

ERP vendors offer modules; Supply chain and product lifecycle

Inconsistent information that cant be trusted anymore

Financial Reporting: the Esselte Case

Operations in 120 countries

22 ERP systems

Information wasn’t consistent , it couldn’t be trusted anymore

Takes weeks to close their books, an army of accountants

Replaced 18 of the 22 systems with single instance systems

It takes days to close their books

View Sonic Case

it h
ad 3 ERP’s
which are entirely

2001 Replaced it with
single instance of Oracle

Saved $1million on

Cut it’s annual
maintenance by150,000

Reduced Oracle support
staff from 26
full time
employees to 9

Ensco international

700 million
$ offshore drilling company with 56 offices
around the globe

Had ERP system for each function area

After the single instance ERP; inventory information is in
one place, they can visualize purchasing habits, run reports
on anything and analyze maintenance trends

Reasons for not
adopting single instance

st; they spent a a lot on their ERPs

Why change it when it’s working

They are forced to buy functions that they don’t need in order to get
the full benefit of the system

Common place business process

Extends across al the divisions

Older systems that needs replacement

Multiple ERPs from a single vendor

When do you need
single instance: