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Welcome to Equipment MAX. We sell Quality Commercial Restaurant Equipment at affordable Prices. Your best source for Commercial Kitchen Sinks, Cast Iron Table Bases, Table Tops, Chairs, Stainless Work Tables or other Commercial Restaurant Equipment.

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

As leaders in the restaurant kitchen equipment industry, Equipment Max USA features high
quality fixtures and kitchen equipment at the lowest prices. With our fast and McAfee
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through our products and equipment store.
Whether you are looking for prep sinks, metro shelving, bar stools, dish cabinets, stainless
work tables, hanging pot racks or grease interceptors, we are your number one online
source! It’s fast and easy, simply c
hoose your items, add to cart, view your cart contents
and check out.

Our unique online portal serves as the hub of our network which highlights new and
featured products from leading restaurant equipment manufacturers. Known for our
efficient and secure o
nline ordering and transaction system, we guarantee total satisfaction
to our clients. You do not have to go the extra mile looking for equipment to furnish your
foodservice business, when with just a click away your order can be drawn and shipped
within a

few business days.

Zurn Z1181
1 Solids Interceptor, 30 gpm

Zurn Z1181
1 Solids Interceptor 30 gpm (1"& 1
1/2") Inlet/Outlet

Large capacity Acid Resistant Coated interior and exterior
fabricated steel solids interceptor, in lieu of fixture 'P' trap,
for o
floor or flush with floor installation.

Furnished with a removable Acid Resistant Coated
fabricated steel bucket having removable primary (3/8 [10]
dia. holes) and secondary

(3/32 [2] dia. holes) flow diffusing/intercepting brass
screens, and complete
with a top access gasketed secured
cover. Regularly furnished with 2 [50] low inlet and hight

Undercounter Dishwasher Cup Glass

16DP Undercounter Dishwasher Cup Glass, Hi
Temp, Energy Star Jet Tech

Jet Tech is an innovative leader in the worl
d of quality
products. Jet Tech dishwashers provide ease in operation as
well as offer an attractive approach to food service machinery.

Stainless steel on the exterior of the unit is both easy to clean
and dent and scratch resistant greatly minimizing cle
time as you can simply wipe down the dishwasher with a wet
cloth. For consistent results with each wash, the Jet Tech
undercounter dishwasher has built in automatic detergent and
additive pumps. Ideal for small businesses, the
dishwasher is com
posed of a double walled panel to maintain
low heat and noise levels. Stainless steel scrap screens line the
interior of the unit, minimizing the amount of debris buildup to help ensure a long lasting
product life. To reduce overall energy costs the Jet Te
ch dishwasher lowers amperage
consumption by alternating heating elements.

Add a convenient alternative to a full sized washer to your space today!

Undercounter Cup &
Glass washer

with Drain Pump

FREE START UP (This is offered to every customer across the U.S) once the machine is sold
they contact our office and they ask to validate their warranty and then we send out a tech
to confirm that the installation is done correctly.

This will help the cu
stomer ensure that the installation is done right and the maintenance is
also done correctly. Low Amperage Draw

another huge factor for operation savings! Both
water and amperage are a cost to an end user and therefore when explained that they could

$500 in operation cost when using a JET TECH.

Cup / Glass, Under

Counter Type, high temp. w/ built

in booster, door type, 24 racks per
hr., 20" wide cabinet, insulated top & side panels, double wall, built

in rinse additive
pump, auto

drain p
ump & detergent pump, incl. (1) flat 16" x 16" rack & (1) 16" x 16" 16

compt. angled glassware rack, s/s construction.

2 Bay Sealed Well Electric Steam Table w Manifold Drain Assembly

2 Bay Sealed Well Electric Steam Table w Free Manifold Drain

Overall Dimensions: Front to Back 30.6"x 32" Long

ETL approved 20 Amp/1000 Watts

Beautiful Stainless Heavy Duty Welded Construction

NSF Standard 4

Thermostatic Control

Others Infinate

Fiberglass Insulated

18 Gauge Stainless Steel Under shelf (
Compare to others Flemsy 22 Gauge)

Free Manifold Drain Assembly with one valve control to empty all bays at once!

Saves Time and Hassle by eliminating the need to empty individual Bays seperately.

Also can accomadate a hose to a floor drain stopping the ne
ed for buckets all
together. $(149.00 Value Free)

Stainless Steel Enclosures Optional Model SSC for 2 sides and Model 2H
SBC for
Back of 2 Bay.

08 LB JR Smith 8004 Heavy Duty Grease Trap Interceptor 4 GPM

Duco Coated interior and exterior fabricated steel grease
interceptor, PDI, rated a with internal air relief by
pass, bronze
clean out plug, Used in kitchens, restaurants, institutions, and
all types of food processing areas where waste water contains
se, fats and oil. Rate of flow into interceptor is controlled
by a flow control fitting, thus enabling the interceptor to collect
over 90% of the grease which flows into it. "Uni
lock" cover
design permits fast cover removal for periodic cleaning.
tor may be set on floor, semi
recessed in floor or fully recessed with cover flush
with finished floor.

Grease Hood Packages All Stainless

The advantage of our All Stainless Restaurant Grease Hoods is that the make
up air , which
is air channeled directly

from outside the building, goes directly into the hood where it is
needed and not on top of the cook's head, which is where external make
up air plenums
typically blow. In colder climates and/or seasons, Our Exhaust Fans have 50% more
Horsepower and adjus
table speed control which gives you the ability to control the amount
of air that is sucked out which saves you plenty in lost AC & Heating. Don't be fooled by the
Cheaper Stainless where exposed hoods with cheap 50% less Horsepower Exhaust fans
and perman
ent sett
ing that the competition sells.

Fagor CO
502W under Counter High Temp Dish Washer Med Production


30 racks per hour.

Standard rack size 20” x 20”

Functions and Benefits

Fagor’s Concept range of dishwashers combines features and

that only high
end ranges are offering, becoming in a
product easy to use and efficient, with the most effective and
robust technology prepared for the strongest usage of the
market. Built in durable stainless steel with electromechanical components and s
digital controls with temperature display for a user
friendly operation.

Effi Wash: Optimized hydraulic system provides a strong mechanical action combined
with the optimum clean water in the tank. Balanced power keeps the perfect sanitation
ure during the cycle of the wash.

Soft Start: Wash
pump power control that prevents wares from damage at the
beginning of the washing cycle while assuring a low noise level.

in detergent, rinse and drain pumps.

in pressure gauge. CO
502W High t
emp dishwasher

Undercounter dishwasher

Racks for dishes, glasses and trays

Cutlery containers and grids

6” & 16” high base stands

Drain tempering valve

Welcome to Equipment MAX. We sell Quality Commercial Restaurant Equipment at
affordable Price
s. Your best source for Commercial Kitchen Sinks, Cast Iron Table Bases,
Table Tops, Chairs, Stainless Work Tables or other Commercial Restaurant Equipment.

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