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October 18, 2002. For further
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UWM School of Business Administration
UWM School of Business
Center for Technology InnovationThe Center for Technology Innovation
(CTI) has been created at the University
of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Business
Administration to improve coordination
between the Schools management
technology research and teaching
initiatives. Dr. William (Dave) Haseman,
Wisconsin Distinguished Professor in the
MIS area, is the Director of this umbrella
The immediate goal of CTI will be to
coordinate the interaction between the
School and the business community in the
areas of sponsored technology research,
eBusiness, SAP, data warehousing, web
development, and technology-focused
management training.
For more information about the UWM
School of Business Administration Center
for Technology Innovation, please contact:
Professor William D. Haseman
UWM Business School
P.O. Box 742
Milwaukee, WI 53201
(414) 229-3333
e-mail: daveh@uwm.edu
Web: www.cti.sba.uwm.edu
Nonprofit Organization
Permit No. 864
Center for Technology Innovation
Center for Technology Innovation
P.O. Box 742
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Friday, October 25, 2002
8:30 a.m.  4:30 p.m.
UWM Business School
Room N146
UWM Campus
A full day seminar featuring
John Zukowski
JZ Ventures, Inc.
A special $89 discounted rate is available for
UWM MIS Alumni
Who Should Attend?This workshop is designed for all indi-
viduals who are interested in using or
learning more about JavaServer Pages.
This seminar is appropriate for individu-
als at either end of the spectrum, but
the program tends to favor the details
of the Java specifics versus the pure
usage of JSP tags to develop dynamic
web sites. Some exposure to Java syntax
and technologies will definitely be
helpful, although isnt a requirement
for gaining value from this seminar.
JavaServer Pages (JSP) is Suns approach to
creating dynamic Web sites with a cross-
platform, server-side scripting language.
Developed primarily for the non-programmer
to take advantage of Java servlets and
JavaBean components, JSP allows web
designers and Java programmers alike to
create dynamic Web sites. After going over
the basics, much of the lecture focuses on
integrating JSP-based Web sites with other
Java technologies like Java servlets and
JavaBean components. In some cases, to
communicate with these other technologies,
custom tag libraries are used, to help minimize
the amount of Java code in the JSP pages.
Dealing with such topics as authentication,
personalization, and internationalization from
JavaServer Pages is also covered, as is integrat-
ing JSP with JavaScript.Objectives:

HTTP request-response model and the
basics of Java servlets and JSP

Develop and deploy JavaServer Pages

Understand JSP syntax: directives,
expressions, and scriptlets

Integrate JavaBean components with JSP

Communicate with Java Servlets Excep-
tion Handling and debugging

Utilize custom tag libraries
About the Speaker
Center for Technology Innovation  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Business Administration
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JavaServer Pages Development
October 25, 2002  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  UWM Business School, Room N146
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JavaServer Pages Development

featuring John Zukowski, JZ Ventures, Inc.
John Zukowski is a freelance writer
and strategic Java consultant for JZ
Ventures, Inc. He has been working
with Java technology since the early
alpha days back in 1995. After learning
Java first as a Sun Microsystems instruc-
tor, Mr. Zukowski has been working
with the technology exclusively since.
John serves as the resident guru for a
number of jGurus community-driven
FAQs (www.jguru.com). He is a Java
columnist for Suns Java Developer
Connection, IBMs developerWorks,
and JavaWorld. His latest books are
Learn Java with JBuilder 6 (Apress,
2002), and Mastering Java 2: J2SE v.
1.4 (Sybex).
Friday, October 25, 2002

8:30 a.m.  4:30 p.m.

UWM Business School

Room N146
This technology workshop is being
coordinated and co-sponsored by Dr.
Mariam Zahedi, Wisconsin Distin-
guished Professor in the Management
Information Systems area at the School
of Business Administration, University
of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
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