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Transformation Lab






Genetic Engineering
produces a new piece of
DNA that contains the desired gene.

Genetic marker is a gene DNA sequence with
a known location on a chromosome and
associated with a particular gene or trait and
genetic is to use one thing to get to another.

Gene product is a biochemical material, either
RNA or Protein, resulting form expression of a
gene but for this purpose it’s a gene.

Ampicillin is our genetic marker.

Agar detects their presence in the bacteria.
There is a resistance and that forms on a
negative reaction


In this lab we were introduced to genes,
ampicillin, and DNA. We learned about agar
and what it was and how it looked and felt
and what the purpose of using it was. We had
transformed the genes.


We labeled tubes with negative and positive
and placed some solution in both of them
then placed it in solid ice and let it sit for some

Then we took the tubes out of ice water and
added some stuff from the petri dish into the
tubes, we also jabbed the colonies into the
tubes so the tubes became foggy and put
them back into ice water.


Then we put the cells in 42 degrees heat and
some plasmids transformed .

The cells are spread on an agar plate
containing ampicillin.

The cells are grown for a day.

Only colonies of E. coli that have been
transformed by the ampR gene will grow and
glow in the dark.


We want the results to show colonies, so we
can see better. We expect to see colonies
because it will show us that we did the
experiment right. We think the dishes that
have the colonies will be the positives.

We expect to see the bacteria on the Petri
Dish clearly.


Our results looked incorrect. There was no
glow in them and it looks like we could or may
have mixed the plasmids or mixed the final
bacteria into both petri dishes.

There was a lot of colonies showing it looked
to us as over 10 colonies were showing and
the dish that didn’t have the plasmids had
more colonies than the one that should.


We could have mixed the bacteria and we had
too much plasmids on the positive ones which
caused them to get a little cloudy in one spot.

We can connect our results to protein
synthesis. We just put to much bacteria on
one plate and could have mixed the plasmids


Transformation is so powerful because it goes
through so many steps and at the end if it
survives it shows you how powerful it is.

These tools could help scientist clone people
or study diseases. We think there can be
concerns in the genetic engineering like in
may not be as accurate as we may want it.

Next time we do this experiment we will know
to make sure were using the right amount of
bacteria and not mix the substances.

Evaluation survey

Our group went good everybody worked good
and put in. We could have been more accurate
and know what to do a little clearer but other
than that we learned more about genetic
engineering and bacteria and what it could do.