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Genetic engineering

Visual learning

Materials needed

Different no. of colored strings

1x bacterial DNA

1x plasmid

Human Chromosome (depending on how many chromosome you want to
show). Remember to wrap the strings in some toilet rolls, representing the
histone wrapping

Bags or containers

Shapes and colors can vary

Size of the human cell can be bigger, compared to the bacteria


Restriction enzymes



Small beads/ BB pellets (used in air guns)

Represent bacterial cells replicating

Powerpoint slides to link the demo back to the teaching

Show cartoon representation of the whole process. This can easily be found
on the web


Explain the whole process using a specific
example, like the production of insulin.

During the process, show the students how
the transfer of genetic material is done.

Stop and ask question to test their

Highlight the limitations in the demo and link
them back to the teaching slides


Use exagerrated movements, like the tearing
up of the cell and cutting the DNA

Ask students to repeat the whole process