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Team Quiz

When you have to make a decision about
whether something is the right or wrong
thing to do it is called a


Question 1

Christians believe that the Bible has
authority because it is inspired by

Question 2

name 2 non religious arguments against
genetic engineering

Question 3

Who is the head of the Roman Catholic

Question 4

An inner feeling of the rightness or
wrongness of an action is known as

Question 5

The view that you should do the most loving
thing in any situation is known as

Question 6

What is the name of the first cloned animal

Question 7

What is genetic engineering

Question 8

Income tax and Vat is paid to the national
government by us to fund what?

Question 9

Who is the head of the national government?

Question 10

What does the local government fund?

Question 11

This man protested against the unfair
treatment of black people who is he?

Question 12

Every citizen has the right to change policies
of the government, how could they do this?

Joining a pressure group

political party

having a meeting with their MP

A,b or c or all of them?

Question 13

What does MEP stand for

Question 14

What is apolitical party

Question 15

What is ‘The Decalogue’ also known as?

Question 16

“Treat others as you would like to be
treated“ is known as

Question 17

What parable is often used to justify the
treatment of others with the following Bible
reference Mathew 25;31

Question 18

Name 4 human rights

Question 19

Where did Jesus give a famous sermon which
taught people how to treat each other?

Question 20

St Paul and St Thomas
both taught
that Christians should use their conscience
as part of the final part of moral decision

Question 21

The American who introduced the idea of
Situation Ethics was called Joseph


Question 22

These Christians tend to believe that what is
written in the Bible must be followed without
be reinterpretated at all: E

Question 23

Why do some Christians have a problem with
certain human rights?

Question 24

Why are human rights important to

Question 25

1 Moral

2 God

3 No long term effects known,
results cant be changed, to
much power to science

4 Pope

5 Conscience

6 Situation Ethics

7 Dolly

8 The study of genes to find cures
or prevent disease

9 Armed forces, NHS, education

10 Prime Minister

11 refuge, leisure, social housing,
social services

12 Martin Luther King Jr

13 all of them

14 member of european council

15 a groups which tires to be elected
into power with is policies

16 10 Commandments

17 Golden Rule

18 Sheep and Goats

19 education, civil partnerships, life,
vote free speech

20 On the Mount

21 Aquinas

22 Fletcher

23 Evangelical


25 all made in gods image

(a) What is the situation ethics?

(b) Do you think genetic engineering is ethical?
Give two reasons

(c) Explain why Christians use the Bible when
making moral decisions.

(d) ‘Christians should always treat other people
how they would like to be treated’

Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion (3)

Give reason why some people may disagree
with you (3)

(At least one opinion should be Christian with

1 (a)

What is situation ethics?

Award marks as follows:

Correct answer

The idea that Christians should base their moral decisions on
what is the most loving thing to do

2 marks

Partially correct answers could be

a Christian way to make decisions

1 mark

The truth about Christianity

1 mark

Do you think cloning should be allowed for medical
research? Give two reasons (4)

Cloning animals does not involve killing anything just using the

It offers a cure for many genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis

any one correct system

2 marks

two correct systems

4 marks


Explain why Christians use the Bible when making moral decisions.

The main reasons are:

Christians believe it is the word of God

it contains parables of Jesus with moral messages

it contains the teachings of Jesus

it contains laws such as the Ten Commandments

one reason

2 marks

two reasons or one developed reason

4 marks

Three reasons or one reason
one developed reason

one fully developed reason

6 marks

• Four reasons

• two developed reasons

• one fully developed reason and one basic reason

• one comprehensive explanation

8 marks

Christians should always treat other people
how you
would like to be treated’ (6)

3 marks for supporting this statement

Bible teaches The Golden Rule (Mathew 7;12) treat others how you would like to be

The parable of Sheep and goats (Mathew 25; 31
46), teaches that people who follow

Gods path will be sheep and go to heaven the goats will go to hell so Christians

need to be good citizen and care for others for example by making sure the

right people lead the country and do the best for everyone

3 marks for not supporting this statement

It is sometimes very hard to forgive someone who has hurt you or someone you love and

you might not want to and feel that they don’t deserve being treat with

respect, if I killed someone deliberately I would expect to be treated badly

and politics has proved to be corrupt time and time again so why should we get

involved. If God is the ultimate judge then he will deal with them as he choses.