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Bioinformatics Training Program

Raymond J. Carroll

Department of Statistics

Faculty of Nutrition

Texas A&M University


Official Name

Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and the Biological
Basis of Nutrition and Cancer

Hence the clever acronym:


Roughly in 1997, Steve Safe started
the idea of a Center for
Environmental and Rural Health

He needed a Biostatistics Research
Core, and Jim Calvin nominated me.


A major point of the CERH was to
foster interdisciplinary contacts

Steve and Jim said: well you do
nutrition, go talk to them

I met Nancy Turner at a reception to
start off


Nancy first started telling me
about her data, namely the
idea of colonic crypts

She drew these by hand: I
wished I had saved the original


I then started talking with
Nancy, Joanne Lupton and their
student, Meeyoung Hong

Very cool: hierarchical
functional data!

With location effects!


Naisyin Wang and I then gave
the problem of these data to
our student, Jeff Morris

Jeff started spending lots of
time in the lab, and became
very knowledgeable about the


I was at U
Penn for 2 years,
and just before coming back
spent a week at the Canyon
Ranch in Tucson

Very fancy food, nothing to do


I wrote the first draft of the
original Bioinformatics training
program grant at Canyon ranch

I called a person at the NCI,
and she suggested that I apply
for a R25T, rather than a T32.

The difference: faculty salary


We also met Ed Dougherty of
EE, who wrote an early paper
on cDNA arrays

Robb Chapkin was a huge help
in the proposal as well

Our Goal

Our goal is to train statistically oriented
individuals (Biostatisticians, Statisticians,
Signal Processors, etc.)

To function as independent researchers in
a multidisciplinary environment focusing
on Nutrition and cancer.

The Challenge

Even the Program Officer at the NCI
thought we would not be able to recruit

Because of the restriction to U.S. citizens
and permanent residents

They Were Wrong!

We recruited a Danh Nguyen from
statistics (2001)

Aniruddha Datta from EE

Recruits in 2002

Two statisticians:

Qi Zheng

Mahlet Tadesse

Our First Pre
doc (2002)

Christie Spinka

Recruits in 2003

Ivan Ivanov

Kimberley Drews

Wenjiang Fu

Recruits in 2004

Michael Swartz

He has a twin brother Richard, but
these are actually two of Michael (I

Resubmission in 2005

We have added a rotation through the
Genomics Facility Core

We have a systematic plan for rotations
through labs, with a final choice late in fall
of year 1

Resubmission in 2005

We received the best score in our round!!

We are now funded through July 2011

I am looking forward (not!) to 2010

Recruits in 2005

Erchin Serepedin

Lan Zhou

Recruits in 2006

Ann Chen

Sujay Datta

Other Mentors

Marina Vannucci

Guoyao Wu

Rosemary Walzem

David Dahl

Jerry Tsai

Phil Mirkes

Laurie Davidson

Bani Mallick

Future Plans

Administrative Assistant

Joyce Sutherland runs
the day
day operations
for our Program, and for
the proposed new

Center for Statistical