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16 févr. 2014 (il y a 4 années et 11 mois)

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Bosch Software Innovations

 Title of presentation:
Technology inspiring a connected life –
the internet of things and services

 Name of presenter:
Stefan Ferber

Director Partner Networks and Communities
Bosch Software Innovations GmbH

 Abstract:
Predicted by technology evangelists and market researchers as well, the Internet of Things and
Services will have large impact on us, society, and systems. In the coming years, more and more
intelligent systems will be able to use the internet to communicate automatically with each other. In
2020 the resulting Internet of Things and Services will interconnect more than 50 billion components
– from tiny sensors, smart phones, PCs, to high performance computers. At Bosch Software
Innovations, the Internet of Things & Services, Web 3.0, m2m, or cyber physical systems are much
more than just buzzwords. It is a chance and a challenge to bring the internet and physical world
closer to each other.
We understand the Internet of Things & Services along four dimensions:
Internet Technology:
The internet and its technology are vivid drivers offering an established platform for interconnecting
billion things – from tiny sensors, smart phones, PCs, to high performance computers. Open Source
communities scale and accelerate the technology development and the implementation of open
standards. Therefore, business moves to system and software platforms in the internet.
Business Innovation:
Weaving smart things, enterprises, and people leads to innovation in services and business models.
The spirit of internet business models is turning up in traditional product business (e.g. pay-per-use
for car sharing).
Market Disruptions:
Different industries meet the first time as the Internet of Things & Services crosscuts some of today’s
Bosch Software Innovations
separate markets (e.g. Electric Vehicle Roaming with Energy and Mobility companies). The players
of these markets compete and cooperate in new segments leading to business ecosystems that are
linked to social communities (e.g. Google+) and open source communities (e.g. Eclipse).
Peoples Competencies:
Software and system competencies linked to deep domain knowledge and enlightened with creativity
are the core for innovation in technology and business.
Many applications in different domains will be coming up and connected: Mobility, Energy, Building,
Industry, and Health. This all leads to a real connected life.
 Short biography of presenter:
Dr. Ferber has more than twenty years experience in software development, software processes,
software product lines and software architectures for embedded, computer vision and IT domains.
Dr. Ferber worked at the research center of DaimlerChrysler AG in Ulm in the field of 3D computer
vision, robotics, and measurement technologies. In 2000 he joined Robert Bosch GmbH working on
software architectures and software product lines as an internal consultant and researcher in
Frankfurt. Starting in 2004 he was responsible for the Corporate Systems Engineering Process
Group (C-SEPG) and the research department for software and system processes at Bosch in
Stuttgart. Since 2009 he was the Product Manager for the Bosch eMobility Solution and therefore
engaged internationally in the eMobility market, business models, standardization, and technology
topics in Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Dr. Ferber holds a Ph.D. and a diploma degree in Computer Science from the University of
Karlsruhe, Germany and a MSc. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts
Dartmouth, USA.

 Contact information of presenter:
Dr. Stefan Ferber
Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
Stuttgarter Str. 130
71332 Waiblingen
tel +49 711 811-58114