Applications of Internet of Things on Smart Grid in China

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16 févr. 2014 (il y a 4 années et 4 mois)

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Applications of Internet of Things on Smart Grid in China

Jianming Liu, Xiangzhen Li, Xi Chen, Yan Zhen, Lingkang Zeng

State Grid Information & Telecommunication Company Ltd.

NO. 1, 2nd lane, Baiguang Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing, 100761, China

liu, xzli, xichen, zhenyan,


Smart grid can apply Internet of Things (IoT)

technologies for creating various intelligent services. In

paper, the basic requirements of
the smart grid in China are

reviewed. The development of most aspects
of the smart grid

would be enhanced by the applying the technologies of IoT. The

architecture of IoT for the
smart grid in China is introduced,

which can be expressed as three layers: th
e perception layer, the

layer and the application layer. Various information

and communication techniques of IoT applied on smart
grid is

discussed. Particularly, the IoT application solutions are

provided in detail for power transmission line
toring, smart

patrol, smart home and electric vehicle management.


Power system and automation, smart grid, Internet

of Things, wireless sensor network, RFID