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Parks and Recreation

Commission Meeting

April 10, 2006

Thunderbird Conservation Park


Action Plan Update

Completed meetings with various school representatives.

City staff met with Arrowhead Lakes HOA and Arrowhead

Amenities representatives, residents and Arizona Game and

Fish representative at the sedimentation area on April 1, 2006.

Completed study of sediment in the lake.

Met on
site with ACE trail maintenance representative to

review trail system.

Approach to Conceptual Changes

Considered studies and surveys conducted prior to
September 2005.

Utilized additional public input and park information
collected from September 2005 to date.

Tonight’s discussion includes proposed conceptual
changes utilizing existing park conditions as the

Ask for Commission’s direction to proceed with changes
to the preliminary master plan.

General Proposed Improvements to
Thunderbird Conservation Park

Provide consistent maintenance and design standards to all park trails, trailheads, trail
nodes,signage, trash cans, ramadas, picnic tables, drinking fountains, equestrian hitching
posts and troughs, restrooms, parking, lighting.

Determine surfacing and marking standards for parking lots and roads (paved and

If not identified already, mark park property boundary along entire perimeter.

Provide mileage indicators for all trails.

Identify standards and procedures for park special uses and requests.

Develop community education outreach program regarding park wildlife, vegetation,
geology, and other natural areas in the park.

Proposed Conceptual Changes to the Master



and Pinnacle Peak Area

Main park entrance located at 55

and Pinnacle Peak traffic light

Provide for secondary entrance east of the parking lot to allow for loop access for emergency vehicles

Keep existing parking lot ( 68 parking spaces) and extend parking to west and east adjacent to
Pinnacle Peak Road

number of spaces to be determined

Provide for 2 linear parking spaces for buses

Upgrade and extend existing accessible trail and include interpretive signage along the trail

Add shaded seating benches along accessible/interpretive trail

Upgrade existing trailhead at west end of parking lot, add restroom and drinking fountain

Add up to 5 single
use ramadas on south side of parking lot

Provide for outdoor shaded interpretive area that accommodates 60
100 persons

2 location options

Proposed Conceptual Changes to the Master



and Pinnacle Peak Area (Continued)

Keep and upgrade 2 existing single
use ramadas located west of traffic light along H
1 trail

Restore native vegetation in areas affected by fire

Provide for 2 natural water guzzlers at the southeast wildlife habitat area


Future parking spaces and one
single use ramada

Consider option for maintenance storage area on east end of property

Consider extending a current undesignated trail that leads to viewpoint located on east side of the
park and overlooks valley east of the park

Seating benches and signage at top of H
2 Trail to identify mountains and foothill areas

Proposed Conceptual Changes to the Master


Sedimentation Basin Area

Improve existing H
1 Trail that leads from 51

Avenue to 55

and Pinnacle
Peak Avenue to meet state and federal trail standards

Provide for interpretive signage along the trail located north of the
sedimentation lake

Address vegetation restoration in the sedimentation lake area

Proposed Conceptual Changes to the Master



Avenue & Amphitheater Area

Keep the following parking lots A, B, C, D, E, H, J, Viewing Blinds

Total parking spaces: 145

Remove following parking lots: F, G

Total loss of parking spaces: (38)

Provide for 2 linear parking spaces for buses at parking lot E

Add trailhead and information kiosk to south end of Parking Lot B

Expand Parking Lot B and add parking for Ranger/Information facility

Add Ranger/Information facility that includes restroom & drinking fountain (propose 2
different location options)

Proposed Conceptual Changes to the Master



Avenue & Amphitheater Area

Remove restrooms (3) and ramadas (7) out of the wash

Add 1 large group ramada, restroom with drinking fountain and 2 single
ramadas at base of amphitheatre area

Add 1 single
use ramada near existing ramada #1

Renovate existing amphitheater for interpretive learning & other park activities

Proposed Conceptual Changes to the Master



Avenue Park Entrance Area

Identify undesignated trail located along the north border fence line as
a designated trail

Move the gate located on the west end of road located between 67

Avenue parking lot (K) and Parking Lot J to east road entrance to
Parking Lot J

Keep Parking Lot K: 20 parking spaces

Provide for equestrian corral to south of Parking Lot K: Upgrade
existing trail head at Parking Lot K: Information kiosk; add restroom
& drinking fountain

Provide a trail node at the entrance to the H
1 Trail

Proposed Conceptual Changes to the Master



Avenue Park Entrance Area

Keep Parking Lot J as paved and lined parking area: 39 parking spaces

Improve roadway to allow for 2
way traffic and install sewer line that leads to
restroom at Parking lot J

Add up to 3 single
use ramadas at Parking Lot J area; 2 currently exist at this

Provide new trailhead and information kiosk at Parking Lot J

Upgrade or replace existing restroom at Parking Lot J, provide for drinking

Repair or replace restroom located at H Parking Lot and keep/upgrade 3 ramadas

Provide for vegetation screening on perimeter of water tank area

Timeline for Public Meetings to Review
Changes to the Master Plan

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 6:30 p.m.

8:30 p.m.

Deer Valley High School Cafeteria

Saturday, April 29, 2006 9 a.m.


Deer Valley High School Cafeteria