RFID Smart Shopper

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15 août 2012 (il y a 6 années et 2 mois)

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RFID Smart Shopper


Anthony Crawford

Jason Hickman

Brice Tucker

Matt Williams


Dr. Raj Bhatnagar

Project Goal

Create a prototype of an RFID Smart
Shopper device that would help users
create and manage shopping lists,
make intelligent item suggestions, and
alert the user to items on their current
list when they go shopping.


Research and write the Association
Mining Algorithm

Design, implement, and populate the
needed databases

Design and implement the Graphical
User Interface (GUI)

Communicate with the RFID reader


Different names can be used for the
same product (branding and slang for

Price and its affect on suggested items

RFID tags on a per item basis

Intelligent creation of lists

Design Decisions / Revisions

Item Categorization

Sale info vs. price

RFID tags per category

RFID tags located on shelf

Keyboard entry

Info in database vs. on tag

Association Mining Algorithm

AND Lists to get

Continue to refine sets

Support values

Database storage

Suggestion retrieval

RFID Reader & Tags

Hardware Communication

Reading/Writing Tags

Reader Testing

Software Communication

Reader Integration

Graphical User Interface

Designed in NetBeans
using swing and awt

Designed with handheld
device in mind

240x320 pixels

Point and click interface


Access Databases

Device DB

Store DB

2nd Normal Form

Artificial keys used
for simplicity

User Testing & Suggestions

Alphabetical ordering

No case sensitivity

New item dropdown menu

Select multiple suggested items

Double click selecting

List creation calendar

Copy list functionality

Unfinished / Future Revisions

keyboard entry

Synchronization between device and
store database

Sale suggestions

Stress testing

Database management and cleanup
over long term use

Questions Before the