BSc Intelligent Systems and Robotics

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13 nov. 2013 (il y a 8 années et 3 mois)

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Computing, Informatics and Media
BSc Intelligent Systems
and Robotics
We are on the edge of a new lifestyle revolution through the
development of robotic structures which will provide support in
many aspects of our lives at home, at work and on transportation
systems. This course will introduce you to the combination
of artificial intelligence and robotic systems that are making
that revolution possible. Intelligent Systems and Robotics is
the study of computers simulating human intelligence within
robotic control structures. The course will enable you to gain
a physical connection to this behaviour, allowing you to build
these structures simulating human senses including touch, sight
and sound. If you have an interest in computers together with an
interest in how things work and are controlled, especially within
the field of artificial intelligence, and want to be at the forefront
of the next technological revolution, then this course is for you.
You will gain an understanding of the basic mechanics, electrical
sensors, programming and computers at the heart of any robot.
You will learn how to create systems that control the small
movements of a robot, and how these are delivered and controlled
from a supervisory control command system. You will develop
an understanding of the different contexts of robotic operation
as autonomous systems operating over the internet or within a
robotic community.
We already have robots which will cut your lawn or vacuum your
carpet. The next generation of domestic robots will prepare your
meals, wash the cutlery and dishes, and generally tidy up after the
children. These will require biomorph constructs controlled by
programming that will be able to tell the difference between the
dog and the baby. After graduation, you could go on to become
a developer and build powerful applications for the automotive,
consumer electronics, healthcare, industrial cleaning, military,
public safety or retail industries, to name just a few. Given the
current opportunities for development in this area you may want
to continue your studies on one of our Master’s-level taught
courses or research programmes.
Year 1
n Scientific skills
n Software development
n Robotics 1
n Electromechanics
n Mechanical technology
n Robotics 2
n Computer architecture and systems software
n Introduction to signals
n Introduction to solid modelling
Year 2
n Sensors and actuators
n Morphing signals
n Robotics 3
n Robotics 4
n System dynamics and control
n Concepts of computer control
n Computer architecture and systems software 2
A choice of options from:
n Computer communications and networks
n Symbolic and declarative computing and Artificial Intelligence
n How to run an SME
n Embedded systems
Year 3
n Final-year project
n Intelligent robotics
n Neural networks and fuzzy systems
n Design for mobile content
n Concurrent and distributed systems
n Real-time computing instrumentation
n Digital image processing
n AI for games
n Real-time systems
3/4-Year Honours Degree
UCAS Code 3-Year Degree GH76 BSc/ISAR
UCAS Code 4-Year Degree with a placement year