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Cell Phone Repair Norman offers comprehensive repair services for the electronic devices that you can’t live without: iPhone Repair, Mac/PC, iPad Repair, Game Consoles, Mp3 Players. A damaged electronic gadget can disrupt your entire day. Whether you spilled a drink on your device or it suddenly stopped working, we can help you get your digital life back to normal. Our expertise in cell phone repair has earned the trust of customers in Norman, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

Norman OK

Cell Phone Repair Store

CPR® Stores

So Much More Than Cell Phone Repair

First and foremost, we are problem solvers.

When you come to us with an electronics issue,
we will do everything we can to find a way to fix it. We specialize in
repairing cell phones,
smart phones, computers, laptops, game consoles, cameras, mp3 players, and most any
other electronic gadget you can throw at us. We strive to create solutions where there
weren’t any before.

On a

local level
, it is our goal to be an
asset to every community we serve. We have grown a
long way from our first walk
in cell phone repair shop in Orlando, Florida in 1997.
However, our commitment to local service has not changed. Even as our national and
international footprint grows, we stil
l want to be the “go
to guys” in each market.

On a

global scale
, we are a company that has a great interest in helping to ensure that the
world as we know it is a better place to live. One of the reasons we do what we do is to keep
perfectly good electroni
cs out of our landfills. We bring your gadgets back to life in an effort
to extend life for all of us.

You may have noticed CPR Store locations popping up in communities across the country.
That’s because CPR Stores is also a thriving franchise system with

tremendous growth
opportunities. In fact, we are currently the largest independent walk
in cell phone repair
service provider chain in North America. If you are interested in learning more about
franchising with CPR Stores, please visit our

franchise webs

CPR Is The Nation’s Oldest & Largest Mobile Repair Franchise.

#175 on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500®, and #1 in the Cell Phone / Mobile
Repair Category.

The cell phone and mobile device repair category is exploding and Cell Phone Repair
(CPR®) dominate
s the industry.

Selecting your franchise partner is an important decision
and our growth is a testament to our brand, business model and franchise partner value

Benefits of Using CPR

6 Month Warranty on ALL Repairs*

We offer a 6 month warranty period
. If the original repair fails because of the quality of a
part we installed or due to the workmanship in repairing the device, we will fix it for FREE.
No questions asked. You can’t beat a guarantee like that!

We’re Fast!

We really know our stuff and thi
s experience shows in the quality and speed of our work.
Many repairs can be done same day, while you wait.

We know how inconvenient a broken
device can be, so we work quickly to fix the issues and get you plugged back in.

Expert Repair Technicians

You only want the best technicians working on your electronic devices. Our highly skilled
staff of technicians are true experts and will get your device working like new.

Drop it Off or Mail it in!

Drop It Off, Mail It In, Or We’ll Come To YOU!

We offer multiple locations and options so
that you can get us your device when and where it is convenient for you. You can choose to
drop it off, mail it in, or have a technician meet you with our


CPR For Business

Your business depends on countless electronic gadgets and other devices to keep
operations running smoothly. When one thing breaks down, so does your productivity. You
can trust our Corporate Maintenance Plans and business solutio
ns to keep those gadgets
and devices running optimally. Your business is too important not to have a back
up plan in

Our large number of nationwide cell phone repair stores, combined with our growing fleet
of CPR

site service vehicles,
delivers unmatched convenience and economies
for our corporate/national account clients.

Solutions For Small and Medium Size Businesses

As a business owner, being connected is a vital part of your success and profitability. Offline
time for you or your emp
loyees can be devastating and finding a solution can be both costly
and time consuming. At CPR, we specialize in keeping you connected and eliminating that
stress from your already busy schedule. Whether Corporate liable or Employee liable, we
can provide
a holistic warranty/repair solution for all of your devices.

Our customized
maintenance (extended warranty) programs provide the following advantages:

Secure data protocol to ensure confidentiality.

No wasted time transferring/recovering data, or reinstal
ling software since we keep
the data on the device.

Convenient pick
up/delivery service options.

Nationwide coordination.

The industry’s most highly trained and professional technicians.

ISO 9001:2008 certification

What is ISO 9001:2008 certification?


or International Standards Organization, provides the standards that ensure
organizations meet the needs of customers through quality and regulatory requirements
related to products and services. Organizations such as CPR that provide technical and
ional training certifications, must meet the strict requirements of ISO 9001
guidelines. Over one million organizations worldwide have been certified, making ISO 9001
the international gold standard for technical and operational training in the mobile devi
repair industry.

Why is this important for your business?

At CPR Cell Phone Repair, technical and operational excellence lays the foundation for
quality and organizational efficacy, with a focus on standardized procedures, excellent
customer service, an
d continuous improvement.

Dedicated service, industry expertise and trusted technicians are the way we earn your
trust and build strong partnerships. We guarantee to offer all of our customers the best
service. The end result is satisfied customers who cho
ose CPR Cell Phone Repair over any
other mobile device repair company in the industry.

We consistently monitor our performance levels through a continuous improvement
process. This process allows each aspect of our operations and technical training program
to be analyzed and tracked so we can determine how to improve our training to stay
abreast of industry changes. This process ensures our technicians are the most qualified in
the industry. We operate to standardized policies and procedures that allow us
to be
efficient and consistent in the use of resources and in our ability to take care of our
customers quickly.

Are you using multiple carriers for your Corporate Liable lines?

Your Employees using
various carrier solutions throughout the nation? Not a
problem for CPR.

Our services are
carrier neutral.

Repair Service

Smartphone Repair

Mac / PC Repair

iPad / Tablet Repair

Game System Repair

iPod & MP3 Repair

Other Gadget

Smartphone Repair

If you own a smartphone, you probably depend on it daily.

Your phone brings you the
latest news, connects you to important contacts, stores your favorite pictures, and helps
you get to appointments on time.

You might even even use it to talk to people. W
understand that if it gets damaged or stops working correctly, you will need fast
smartphone repair service. Our technicians are trained to fix a vast range of smartphone
models so that your dependable device can be back in your hands quickly.

Bring us A
ny Smartphone for Repair

We can repair your iPhone. Whether you carry the latest model or you are still attached to
to your iPhone3, we can take care of your trusted friend and bring it back to life.

If you
prefer one of Samsung’s popular smartphones, we
have the expertise to repair it as well.

We fix all models including the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S lines.

Do you have a Sony Xperia?

Our technicians can help you with repairs for any model in this diverse line of phones. Let
us take care of your Sony and

get it back into working condition. HTC is another favorite
brand among many smartphone owners.

Whether your HTC runs on Android or Windows
OS, we can repair the

damages and restore it to the high
functioning device you count on. If
you are a loyal Black
berry fan, you can also bring your phone to us when it needs

We can fix

your touch screen phone or traditional keyboard model.

No matter what smartphone you carry, our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair
the issues you are experienci

Need repair work now? Bring your phone to any CPR
store or use our convenient mail
in service. The choice is yours. We’ll provide you with a
detailed quote

and make the repairs quickly and afford
ably. There simply is no better
choice for smartphone r
epair than CPR.

iPhone Repair

iPhone 6 Plus Repair Services

iPhone 6 Repair Services

iPhone 5s Repair Service

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 5s

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