Acrylic Display Cases


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All display cases, cabinets, and wall units are brand new, manufactured by Specialty Plastics, and inspected before shipping.

Acrylic Display Cases

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Bobblehead Display Cases

Bobblehead Cases

are made of 3/16" thick acrylic shelves
(plexiglass) and 1/4" top, bottom, and sides, except for the backs,
which are made of acrylic mirror. All bobblehead cases mount to the
wall and have 4 holes drilled in the acrylic mirror. The larger wide
cases have

two front doors. Cases 24" wide or less have one door.

Acrylic Display Boxes

Acrylic Display Boxes:

13,000 Plexiglass, Plastic, Lucite Display
case sizes. Up to 72" wide to 72" tall. Acrylic displays for
collectibles, business, schools, museums, industr
y. Options of
acrylic, or wood bases, and mirror backs.

Guitar Display Case Dimension

This acrylic guitar display case is made of 3/16" and 1/8" thick acrylic
(plexiglass). Each guitar case has a front door hinged to the left side and
keyed lock on the
right side. The doors front edges are bent back 1" top and
bottom giving the door much more strength and the guitar case more
security. Guitar case has 4 holes in back to fasten to the wall.

Acrylic Display Boxes with a Door

Acrylic Display Boxes with a


100's of sizes. Acrylic
display cases with either front or rear door with a keyed lock.
Choose option of no shelves up to 4 shelves.

Wall Display Cases:
. More than 10,000 acrylic wall case
configurations. Wall cases range from 20" wide to 48" wide,
from 10" high to 72" high. Great for collectibles, business,
schools, museums, industry

Acrylic Hinged Top Boxes:

Great as ballot boxes. Use for
ticket drawings, or suggestion box. Many other applications.
100 sizes and con figurations. Box options are all

clear, all
black or all white. With slot in the top, keyed lock, or hasp.


Damage in shipment:

If the item you ordered is less than $100.00 then your purchase will be replaced as
soon a
s we can make another. (Cubes usually have to be made special for you but only about 1 in 750 are

If item is over $100.00 and damaged, then we have to file a claim with UPS. They will i
nspect the
damaged item, and return it to us. (All wall cases are special and must be re
made for you.) Because most
wall cases we ship are so large ( UPS's upper size limits ) the damage rate is higher, about 1 in 200

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