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14 déc. 2012 (il y a 8 années et 7 mois)

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The Future of narrative in Cyberspace

By Janet Murray

Janet Murray, in her book Hamlet on the
, explores the
aesthetic properties and pleasures of digital environments that are
connected with the traditional satisfaction of narrative

Three characteristic pleasure of digital environment:

Immersion Agency Transformation

The Traditional satisfaction of narrative

Utopian vision

Dystopian Vision

envision of maximum perfection

Imagine a world in which all disease, human disabilities, and shortcomings
could be taken out of existence through genetic predestination. This is the
world of the movie “
”. These Utopian societies strive to make every
man and woman the perfect size, IQ, social status.

The world of

tries to accomplish a utopia using genetic engineering as
the totalitarian party of 1984 believes it can do this by having total supremacy
and control over its people
. The idea of an Utopian society is to possess a
perfect socio
politico legal system.

Dystopian: extreme
negative projection

Blade Runner is a classic example of an Dystopian movie.
The film depicts
dystopian Los Angeles in 2019 in which genetically engineered organic robots called

are manufactured by a powerful corporation. Their use on earth is banned

are used only for dangerous work on earth’s off
world colonies.

Digital Media can be used to create degrading narratives as well as the
ideal of a “brand new world”