Gene Therapy


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Genetic Engineering

Direct human manipulation of an organism’s genetic
material in a way that does not occur under natural

2 Tools:

Plasmids: small circular pieces of DNA that can exit and
enter bacterial cells

Restriction Enzymes: chemical scissors that can cut DNA at
specific sequences

Bacteria Engineering Plants with New

Organism with a desired
characteristic is chosen and
the gene is located and
identified. The chromosome
is removed and the gene is
cut out (restriction enzyme)

DNA from the Cod is inserted
into cut plasmid.
(recombinant DNA molecule)

The new plasmid is exposed
to a cell culture and the
plasmid enters the

Bacteria are put into the
same environment as the
plant. Therefore they enter
the plant cells and
incorporate the new gene.

A new plant is produced
which now carries the gene.

Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy Possibilities

Obstacles to Gene Therapy

Many treatments may be necessary due to divisions

Not possible to control where a gene is inserted

Monitor body immune system

Virus may recover its ability to cause disease once it
is in the target cell

Many disorders are caused by more than one gene

The vector must be able to reach all or most of the
target cells

Gene Therapy Successes

Inherited blindness


Childhood blindness

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Possible to repair the gene


Stimulate new hairs

Gene Therapy: Blindness

Genetics Rap



4. Why are engineers interested in being able to produce large amounts of spider

5. What is Bt corn? Why would it be advantageous for a farmer to plant Bt corn
rather than regular corn?

6. Make a list of pros and cons of using recombinant DNA technology in the food


2. What characteristics enable viruses to be used as vectors in gene therapy?

3. What are some challenges that scientists have to overcome in gene therapy?

5. Make a list of ethical considerations for using gene therapy and genetic

What are the church’s beliefs regarding genetic engineering and gene therapy?