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12 nov. 2013 (il y a 7 années et 9 mois)

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Technology Overview

LoverPowerup was designed and developed in
house with best of breed talent
and technology partners across the globe.

On the
client (user’s)

side of LovePowerup
, Corona Labs SDK enabled the team
to deliver a fluid interface and user experience with their mature cross
development framework.

Enterprise publishers such as Electronic Arts have

Corona Labs as a preferred mobile platform pr

Everything that happens in the background of the LovePowerup application is
powered by the main Apigee App Services components and infrastructure.

user centric platform integrates seamlessly with full API connectivity, without the
typical cha
llenges and constraints of client/server app development, allowing the
team to quickly integrate and manage all server side features such as geo
location, Facebook and Twitter, with minimal server side coding.

Apigee is a
leading API platform provider for

s and enterprises such as AT&T and

also utilize

an array of middleware technologies.

The heat mapping
component on the app’s main screen, for example,

an open source
solution provided by gitbhub member @substack.

All LovePower
up’s image
rendering for the worldwide and user
specific map data is utilizing Joyent’s
Nodejitsu enterprise platform, which is a node.js stack providing the latest
HTML5 powered solutions.

"We are experiencing a shift in mobile development and we are ver
y happy to
have been able to leverage cutting edge technology on every layer of the stack at
an early stage for this particular project.

We look forward to staying on the front
line of tomorrow’s mobile development, as well as for humanity itself with
tinuous integration of the features of LovePowerup you request today!"

Special thanks goes out to: Cristian Esposito, Carlo Iesa
ri, Imari Williams, Tim

and Obi

Rasmus Hansson, CTO,
Moyo Inc.