Welcome speech by Mr William Goh President of the Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers MRO Asia 2010, 3 November 2010 Suntec City, Singapore


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Welcome speech by Mr William Goh

President of the Singapore Institute of
Aerospace Engineers

MRO Asia

November 2010

Suntec City, Singapore

Mrs. Lim Hwee Hua, Minister, Prime Minister office,
Second Minister for Finance and Second Minister for
Mr Greg



distinguished guests, speakers and

Welcome to MRO Asia
. And t
o our
overseas guests, a very warm welcome to

Today marks an important day in the calendar for
the aerosp
ace industry of Singapore

It is the second
time Aviation week has
collaborated with the

Singapore Institute of Aerospace
Engineers (
to host one of the most important aerospace events
in the world.
conference and exhibition

by Aviation
Week, has been the most
important gathering of people in the MRO industry.

After a poor year in 2009 for the aviation industry as
airlines capacities were drastically cut and the
financial world continually affected by the credit
squeeze , things have chan
ged quite a bit this year.
There are emerging signs of a global recovery and
the aviation industry is looking forward to a full


“In the 20

Century, we fly aeroplanes, in the 21

we fly passengers”. The implications of those word
on the aviation industry are evident as we complete
our first decade of the 21

Century. Air travel grew a
phenomenal rates to reach 240 billion Revenue
Passenger Kilometers(RPK) per year and nearly 13
billion Freight Ton Kilometers(FTK) in recent years
Meanwhile yields continue to drop with costs of
operations rising sharply, largely driven by high fuel
prices. The commercial aviation business is going
through challenging times.

With the focus on flying passengers, aircraft designs
and operatio
ns need to respond to low yields and
high fuel costs. As cutting
edge technologies are
used on aircraft to improve efficiency, passenger
comfort and safety, the aircraft has become more
complex. More systems are integrated and
components reliability has in
creased tremendously.
The result is a more expensive aircraft and with
airlines looking for better utilization

and shorter
turnaround time,

available maintenance times is
squeezed thinner and thinner.

MRO organizations responded with computerized
stems and productivity tools to


shorter ground time and longer periods between
maintenance. Better and faster engineering decision
making is essential to benefit from the high
technology but hands
on skill and development of a
good safety cul
ture remains the most important

focus for MRO organizations.

Singapore’s ability

to establish itself as one of the
world’s major MRO hubs can be attributed to the
success of Singapore Airlines and the development
of Changi Airport

into a major air hu
b of the region.
But the key factor to sustain the growth over the
years is the strong technical workforce. More
important, is our ability to plan our training to meet
the changing needs of the industry.

When the Singapore Institute of Aerospace
s was founded in 1975, there were about
400 engineers supporting the newly formed
Singapore Airlines, which had just introduced B747
aircraft into its fleet of B707 and B737 aircraft. Since
then, as technology advanced and industry needs
shifted, enhancing

training policies and developing
new training and educational programs has become
of growing importance. This resulted in industry
embarking on a culture change.

Much of what SIAE does today therefore resolves
around the people on the ground

the need f
professional development of engineers, ensuring
sufficient quality training for engineers and
technicians, even encouraging
careers in aviation,
and supporting development of aerospace
technology in Singapore.

MRO Asia 2

Conference and Exhibition w

opportunities for airline executives, aviation
professionals, regulators and government officials

interact and learn more about what are available to
make aircraft maintenance and overhaul more
effective to support the air transport industry

The Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers is
pleased to
once again be the

MRO Asia

in Singapore. We would like to
thank the Singapore Tourism Board and the
Singapore Economic Development Board for their
effort to help us bri
ng this event to Singapore. We
are grateful to the Association of Aerospace Industry
Singapore for their support and
special thanks to
our Conference Team headed by Mr Alex Soh,
Honorary Secretary of
the Singapore Institute of
Aerospace Engineers

We lo
ok forward to organizing
more of such conferences
and exhibitions
Singapore in the future.

In conclusion I would like to thank you all for your
participation in the conference and exhibition and I
am particularly grateful to Mrs. Lim for kindly
g to be the Guest of Honor today.

I am sure you will all have a very fruitful conference

and to our overseas guests, do spend some time to
enjoy some of

tourist attractions in our garden

Thank you.