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2Phase Technologies

PO Box 730, Dayton, NV 89403

8324 • www.2phasetech.com

2Phase Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of complete solutions for rapid and low
cost prototyping, repair, and custom manufacturing of
composite and plastic parts.

Our revolutionary tooling systems produce reconfigurable, reusable tooling that can be used with composites,
thermoplastics, or liquid polymers. The tooling supports all composite fabrication processes, including trapped tooling and d
issolvable mandrels,
as well
as vacuum thermoforming. We truly enable “custom manufacturing at the cost of mass production”.


3M Center, Bldg 223
14, St. Paul, MN 55144

2376 • www.3M.com/aerospace

3M is a leading supplier to the global aerospace industry, pro
viding innovative products and solutions to OEMs and MROs in the commercial, business,
general and military aviation industries. 3M has more than 30 major technology and product platforms, as well as technical su
pport, sales and
distribution networks that
can help industry leaders stay competitive. 3M products include adhesives and tapes; abrasives; electronic materials and
equipment; supply
chain software and services; primers and coatings; protective, decorative and reflective films and thousands of other

ways to make
aerospace operations more effective, profitable, safe and efficient.

A&P Technology

4595 East Tech Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45245

3200 • www.braider.com

A&P Technology is the world’s leading manufacturer of braided reinforcements. T
he ability to design its braiding machinery in
house allows A&P to
remain at the forefront of braiding technology. A&P offers the distinct advantage of customized products with a quick turnaro
und at the lowest possible
costs. A&P’s production braids are us
ed in a variety of applications ranging from automobile side impact airbags to jet engine stator vanes to hockey
sticks to prosthetics. Current programs involve the use of braid in structures of unprecedented scale, such as jet engine fan

cases, rocket noz
zles and
commercial transport airframes.



14201 Myerlake Circle, Clearwater, FL 33760

8585 • www.aarcorp.com/comm/comm_3_2.htm

AAR Composites is an advanced composite technologies development, design, certification and manufac
turing company. AAR Composites is a leader
in autoclave cured primary structures, compression molded composites, trapped rubber molded composites, resin transfer molded

(RTM) structures,
aircraft interior structures, and honeycomb flat panel fabrication. A
AR Composites aircraft interior products include adhesives and fastening systems,
noise suppressing interior panels, autoclave cured mounting structures and honeycomb panel edge fill. From concept to product
ion, AAR Composites is
the one stop composites so

Abaris Training

5401 Longley Lane, Suite 49, Reno, NV 89511

6568 • www.abaris.com

At Abaris, we’ve been training people to use composites correctly since 1983. We offer a variety of courses in engineering, m
anufacturing and repair.
Each co
urse is comprised of lecture elements and workshop exercises. Students spend a significant amount of their time practicing ac
quired skills
through intensive, hands
on instruction at one of our three facilities: Reno, Nevada; Griffin, Georgia or Cwmbran, Wa
les, UK.

Accudyne Engineering

7180 Scout Avenue, Bell Gardens, CA 90201

2546 • www.accudyneeng.com

Composite compression molding, SMC and RTM presses, press systems, process controls, integral material pre
heat system and material handling
stems for a wide variety of composite applications. Systems are designed and manufactured to customer specification with prod
uct ranges from small
cabinet style presses to large multiple daylights presses with bed sizes of 144" x 96" or larger. Process con
trol options include multi
zone temperature
profiling and cooling, multi
step pressure ramping, programmable position control, vacuum assisted processing, process recipe database, and real
trending and data
logging of process variables, etc.


Systems, Inc.

134 Sandy Drive, Newark, DE 19713

5390 • www.accudyne.com

Accudyne Systems, Inc. manufactures part purpose machinery that is used to manufacture carbon fiber composite parts using aut
omated tape and tow
placement, filament windin
g and pick and place strategies. Unique process technologies are provided in conformable compaction allowing parts to be
made with pad ups and other elevations in the part geometry. Other composite machines include thermoplastic filament winders
heads that

offer insitu
consolidation. Accudyne has also produced machinery such as slitters, splicers, grooving, prepreg sheeting and stacking, and
sheet transfer and


1010 N. Glebe Road, Suite 450, Arlington, VA 22201

0511 • www.acmanet

The American Composites Manufacturers Association is the world’s largest composites trade association serving more than 1,100

members around the
globe. Programs offered to composite professionals through ACMA are associated with the organization’s thr
ee primary objectives: 1) Be the
recognized source of education and information for composites industry; 2) to proactively and positively affect regulatory an
d legislative outcomes; and
3) promote the development and expansion of markets for composite prod
ucts. ACMA provides its members regulatory, legislative and technical
services, education, networking, market development, financial and business benefits, publications and much more!

Adhesive Films, Inc.

4 Barnet Road, Pine Brook, NJ 07058

944 • www.adhesivefilms.com

Thermoplastic adhesive in film form (sold as rolls) for bonding fabric, reinforced fabric, foam, foil, plastic film, wood, me
tal and plastic. Examples:
Ballistic or structural composite panels, plastic/metal laminates, fabric b
onding, seam sealing and stitchless seaming. Adhesives available with or
without peel
away liner.

Ceramics Manufacturing, LLC

A South Nogales Hwy., Tucson, AZ 85706

0850 • www.acmtucson.com

Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing (ACM) d
esigns and manufactures unique high performance ceramics including water soluble mandrel tooling
materials and ceramic drill bits for advanced composite structures. ACM has an in
house state of the art testing and composite clean room facility.
, we offer customers finished water soluble mandrels and finished composite parts for a wide variety of composite application
s. ACM is a
world wide supplier for aerospace and high performance automotive companies.

Advanced Composites, Inc.

2575 S. 3270 W
est, Salt Lake City, UT 84119

1204 • www.advancedcomposites.com

Advanced Composites, Inc. designs and manufactures composite structures for defense, aerospace, commercial and recreational a
pplications. We
specialize in producing high performance
composite tubing through the filament winding of continuous fibers. Additional composite structure
manufacturing processes include compression molding, presses, RIM and lay
up. With a wide variety of post process machining and finishing
equipment many cust
omers take advantage of our ability to turnkey complex projects to focus better on their core business strengths.

erospace Composite Products

357 Stealth Court, Livermore, CA 94551

5900 • www.acpsales.com

Aerospace Composite Products is a lea
ding manufacturer of high quality composite parts for the aerospace, military and marine industries. Founded in
1985, Aerospace Composite Products provides carbon fiber components, custom prototypes, and composite solutions for customers

pace Composite Products is a woman
owned small business with over 20 years experience in manufacturing composite structures. Our customers
include UAV manufacturers, aerospace designers and the United States Government.


2079 Tenth Street, Bldg.

255, Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433


Airtech International

5700 Skylab Road, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

8100 • www.airtechintl.com

Airtech Advanced Materials Group manufactures vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials for

resin infusion, hand lay
up, and oven/autoclave
cures up to 750°F. Our product line includes vacuum bags made any size and shape, release films, peel plies, breathers, seala
nt tapes and much more.
Our resin infusion tooling systems produce autoclaves qual
ity at room temperature cures. Technical service worldwide.

Alcan Baltek, a

division of Alcan Products

108 Fairway Court, Northvale, NJ 07647

1400 • www.alcanbaltek.com

Alcan Baltek a division of Alcan Products and a member of the Alcan Compos
ites Group is a worldwide supplier of structural core materials for today’s
advanced composites. We offer an extensive array of products including BALTEK® balsa core, AIREX® PVC, PET and now, new fiber

reinforced PU
foam cores, and LANTOR® non
woven mats.
We offer excellent technical support and ISO9001:2000 quality assurance.

Alpha Technologies

2689 Wingate Avenue, Akron, OH 44314

1641 • www.alpha

American Autoclave Company

Jasper, GA

4480 • www.americanautoclave.co

American Autoclave Company manufactures new and remanufactures used autoclaves to customer process requirements ranging from
R&D to full scale
production units 12 inches to 20+ feet in diameter. Our services include: inspection, relocation and renovation

of existing autoclaves, on site service,
replacement parts, repair, maintenance, and upgrades, including control system updates, and conversions, in addition, new and

used ovens, presses,
cooling systems, similar and custom requirements.

American GFM

200 Cavalier Boulevard, Chesapeake, VA 23323

2442 • www.agfm.com

Machine tool builder of both three (3) and six (6) axis ultrasonic cutting machines and routers, capable of cutting prepreg a
nd other advanced composite
materials; Six (6) Axis Comb
ination Ultrasonic Cutter/Router capable of dust free, high precision, honeycomb core sculpting. American GFM also
offers the COMPFORM pre
forming process capable of creating complex performs using a variety of materials such as Fiberglass and Kevlar. The

process uses an ultraviolet
curable binder and vacuum forming tools to create the complex performs. In addition, Nesting and other software products
are available.

Anter Corporation

1700 Universal Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235

6410 • www.anter.co

Anter is a leading manufacturer of thermophysical properties analyzers for measuring thermal expansion (CTE), thermal conduct
ivity, thermal
diffusivity (laser flash) and specific heat capacity of a wide range of composites from
180 to 2800°C. Several mo
dels are designed specifically for
testing polymers modified with nanoparticles, fibers and other fillers. We have representatives worldwide. University grants

are available. Our sister
company, Anter Laboratories, Inc., offers testing services. ISO9001:2
000 certified.

Apex Machine Tool Company

1790 New Britain Avenue, Farmington, CT 06032

2884 x 354 • www.apexmachinetool.com

Apex Machine Tool Company designs (on UG and Catia) and builds RTM autoclave and compression metallic molds for the aer
ospace, military and
commercial industries. Additionally, Apex manufactures trim tools, bonding toolings, break away mandrel application tools. Ap
ex works with tooling
materials such as NAK55, P20, PX5, aluminum tooling board, low melt alloys, steels and I

plied Composites Engineering

705 South Girls School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46231

4225 • www.appliedcomposites.com

ied Sciences, Inc. (ASI)

141 West Xenia Avenue, Cedarville, OH 45314

2020 • www.apsci.com

Applied S
ciences, Inc. (ASI) develops innovative carbon materials and their applications for various commercial and military customers
. ASI’s
manufacturing affiliate, Pyrograf Products, Inc. (PPI), is one of the world’s leading producers of high
quality, affordabl
e, multi
functional carbon
nanofibers. Products include Pyrograf
a vapor
grown carbon nanofiber which can be added to composite materials to enhance the host materials’
strength, stiffness, and electrical conductivity. Current production capacity is 7
0,000 lbs/year; and expansion plans are under development.

rlon Silicone Technologies

1100 Governor Lea, Bear, DE 19701

9333 • www.arlon

Arlon Silicone Technologies offers elastomeric materials for a broad variety of applications. Our

offerings include flame retardant silicone materials for
aerospace ducting, reusable vacuum bagging for composite molding, thermally conductive adhesives for heat sink bonding, reusa
ble silicone pads for
press lamination, capping materials for solar panel
s and LED arroys, laminates for gangway bellows, and self
fusing silicone tapes for electrical
insulation and cable harnessing. Please challenge us with your application at SAMPE ’07.

ASC Process Systems

14062 Balboa Boulevard, Sylmar, CA 91342

0088 • www.aschome.com

ASC Process Systems is the largest supplier, of autoclaves in North America. ASC offers a line of standard Econoclave’s™, or

custom equipment to
meet or exceed your application. ASC has provided systems from 1’x2’ to the largest autoclave in the world at

30’x75’ as part of the Boeing 787
program. No project is too large or small. ASC’s CPC™ control package is the industry standard, controlling over 1,300 autocl
ave’s, ovens, and other
equipment used in the thermal process. Additionally ASC provides service

and retrofits of all manufacturers’ equipment.

mbly Guidance Systems, Inc.

27 Industrial Avenue, Chelmsford, MA 01824

1166 • www.assemblyguide.com

Laserguide projects CAD images directly onto tooling, eliminating templates for hand
layed c
omposites. Automatic Ply Verification: traceable quality
control documentation of ply presence, location, fiber orientation. KitGuide improves nesting efficiency by projecting ply pi
ckup sequence. LaserNow
software provides laser data and instant display f
rom any digital model. Universal Laserguide: the only wireless, targetless, portable multitasking 3
laser system with AutoAim and AutoFocus.

Automated Dynamics

407 Front Street, Schenectady, NY 12305

6471 • www.automateddynamics.com


Dynamics is a fabricator of engineered composite structures and manufacturer of automated fiber placement and tape laying equ
ipment. Our
design and engineering staff is ready to assist you with proven prototyping, qualification, initial and full productio
n capabilities. We specialize in
thermoplastic composite parts for aerospace/defense and commercial markets. We design and build fiber placement and tape layi
ng equipment for both
thermoset and thermoplastic composites and have a full service, installation
/integration and training resources.

Autometrix Precis
ion Cutting Systems, Inc.

12098 Charles Drive, Grass Valley, CA 95945

US 866
5065; 530
5065 • www.autometrix.com

With over 15 years of worldwide experience, Autometrix offers all the tools y
ou need for pattern design, and pattern cutting. Our intuitive PatternSmith
software allows full CAD file creation, and is also compatible with many other common CAD files. We provide quality tools fo
r reliable, single
ply or
ply cutting in a variety
of applications. Our systems are engineered to make the daily job of creating patterns, nesting, and cutting them fast,
accurate, and easy.


Reinforced Plastics

264 Reynoldsdale Road, Bedford, PA 15522

8125 • www.bedfordplastics.com

ablished in 1974 Bedford Reinforced Plastics has become a leader in the pultrusion industry by combining the highest quality
products with
industries best service. BRP offers a diverse line of standard structural and custom profiles. Utilizing our modern p
roduction, fabrication facility located
in Bedford PA and warehouses on the East, West, and Gulf coasts. We have the capacity and flexibility to service a variety of

markets including
construction, water and wastewater treatment, marine, and infrastructure

Benecor, Inc.

8250 E. Marion, Suite 100, Wichita, KS 67210

6144 • www.benecorinc.com

Benecor, Inc. manufactures laser welded metallic honeycomb structures for commercial and military aerospace, and high
end industrial applications.
Metals inc
lude titanium, stainless steel, nickel alloys (Inconel, Haynes, Monel), Invar, copper, and other exotics. Cell sizes range fr
om 1/8" to ½” in
0.002" increments. Cell wall foil from 0.00075" to 0.012". Core blankets from ¼” up to 10" thick. Variation of foi
l thickness and 0.002 cell size
increments/decrements allows honeycomb density to be tailored to specific applications.


mated Systems Business Unit

PO Box 516, MC S102
1111, St. Louis, MO 63166

7000 • www.boeing.com

Boeing will fea
ture information on the entire AUSS (Automated Ultrasonic Scanning Systems) product line ranging form the MAUS (Mobile
Automated Scanner) to the AUSS XVII (a 12
axis production rated automated inspection system for large aerospace structures). The MAUS V w
ill be
demonstrated in Boeing’s booth and videos of the large complex contour following inspection systems will be shown. Product in
formation and
technologists for your specific application will be available. Boeing has produced world
class automated non
estructive inspection systems designed
for high production applications for the past 34 years.

Bolenz & Schaefer (BSD)

Niedereisenhausen, Bauhofstr. 2, Steffenberg, Germany

53 • www.bolenz
schaefer.de • www.eha
maschinenbau.de • www.TheGre

Bolenz & Schaefer (BSD) is a manufacturer of a wide range of composite process equipment including filament winding machines,

curing ovens, fiber
tensioning systems, high accuracy water heated roller resin baths and other composite process e
quipment. BSD offers just the filament winding machine
or can assist with a complete turnkey factory system. BDS has been the world’s largest supplier of filament winding equipment

for the past five years.
GSG, Inc. in Sandy, Utah represents BSD in North A

Bondline Products

13455 Pumice Street, Norwalk, CA 90650

1972 • www.bondlineproducts.com

Reuseable Vacuum Bagging Systems (RVBS*) for de
bulk/cure of high performance fiber reinforced plastics oven/autoclave or room temp. Processes.

euseable Pressure Bag Systems (RPBS*) for clam shell tooling (Compression Molding) of fiber reinforced plastics ducting and o
ther assemblies.
STRUX* high temp. (Paint On) tool sealing process for vacuum leak rate re
certification of lay
up tooling. Vacuum
ports (Cam
Lock) through bag
connectors for use in Thin
Film/ RVBS* or RPBS* and high temp. Quick connect assemblies. Training and all related products.

Bondtech Corporation

2400 N. Hwy 27, Somerset, KY 42503

4231 • 606
216 • www.bondtech.

Autoclaves and related services

Design/engineering/manufacturing of state
art new composite autoclave systems. Production control
system/software ranges from the basic PLC data entry to customized Windows based PC systems with advanced touch sc
reen technology. Additional
Services: Field service upgrades/repairs used autoclaves, refurbished autoclaves. Visit our 100,000 sq. ft manufacturing faci
lity in Salisbury, N.C. or
visit our website.


1055 Gibbard Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201

7673 US • 614
3376 Canada • www.briskheat.com

BriskHeat is a leading innovator of hot
bonders, heaters, vacuum table, and more. Our new vacuum curing/debulking table design is sure to turn heads
with added features like the easy
use touch
een interface and 360 degree table access. The durability, reliability, and 2
year warranty of our
composite curing blankets eliminate the need to buy consumable curing blankets, forever. The Portability and usability of ou
II hot
continues to

set the industry standard.

m Composite Structures, Inc.

4203 W. Harry, Wichita, KS 67209

5900 • www.BurnhamCS.com

Burnham Composite Structures, Inc. is a composites supplier with capabilities including design and fabrication of high per
formance composite bond
tools (Epoxy or Bismaleimide), prototype tooling, Fiber
Lok tooling reinforcement materials and eggcrate kits. We also fabricate composite parts. We
can support your tool string with Catia V5 design, 5
axis milling, autoclave curing
, laser and Ultrasonic inspection capabilities. Current tooling
programs include F
35 Joint Strike Fighter, Northrop Grumman’s Global Hawk and J
UCAS, Boeing’s B787 and J
UCAS, and Raytheon’s Horizon

C. A. Litzler, Co.
, Inc.

4800 West 160 Stree
t, Cleveland, OH 44135

8020 • www.calitzler.com

C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. designs and builds continuous process equipment for structural composites, carbon fiber production, a
nd industrial textiles
industries. Litzler manufactures complete vertical
preg systems and horizontal tape lines including ovens, unwinds, metering rolls, compaction
stations, winders, accumulators, and complete control and drive systems. Oxidation ovens with the air seal system, roll stand
s, sizing, etc. for carbon
fiber ar
e also included.

Carbon Core Laminates, LLC

86 Providence Road, Millbury, MA 01527

2830 • 508
2198 • www.carboncorelaminates.com

Carbon Core Laminates, LLC is a warehouse, distribution and support organization devoted to the sale of patente
d STABLCOR® materials for the
printed circuit board industry. Our partners are dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovations in PCB technology to
meet the challenge of
continuing advances in electronic equipment performance. STABLCOR® is thermal m
anagement material for today and tomorrow’s electronics that
consists of a copper clad carbon
cored laminate material that has broad and versatile applications for printed circuit boards and substrates.

Canyon Composites

1548 Gemini Place, Anaheim, CA 9

8181 • www.canyoncomposites.com

l Zeiss MicroImaging, Inc.

One Zeiss Drive, Thornwood, NY 10594

2343 • www.zeiss.com/materials

Carl Zeiss offers a full line of upright, inverted, stereo and confocal microscopes, image analysi
s systems and digital cameras for all materials
applications including quality assurance, failure analysis, research, metallurgy, surface topography and metrology. Highest o
ptical performance
combined with maximum stability, exceptional ergonomy and integr
ated intelligence for enhanced operating comfort; new particle analyzer, a fully
automatic, flexible system for documentation and analysis of porosity, defects, or particles on filters or surfaces.

Carleton Technologies In
Pressure Technology Div.

Corporate Center Ct., Westminister, MD 21157

9966 • www.carltech.com

Carleton Technologies Inc., Pressure Technology Division (Carleton PTD), designs and manufactures a full line of lightweight
composite pressure
vessels that are used in space, m
arine, aircraft, life support and paintball applications.

We offer complete engineering design capability and can take a pressure vessel from concept, through engineering development
and qualification, and
into long
term production. Our engineering and ma
nufacturing organization is committed to providing the safest, highest quality pressure vessels in the
industry. For a complete product listing, see the Composite Pressure Vessel Products list.

Trend L.P.

1445 W. McPherson Park Drive, Howell, MI 44

4520 • www.chemtrend.com

This year’s exhibit will promote the total line of Chemlease® brand products for all composite manufacturing applications. In
formation on the full range
of Chemlease brand products, and technical assistance, will be a
vailable at the booth.


Testing Laboratories

417 Northland Boulevard, Cincinnati, OH 45240

(Effective 10/2007: 1775 Carillon Boulevard)

9220 • www.cintestlabs.com

Specializing in machining, conditioning and mechanical testing of adva
nced composite, polymeric, matrix composites, metals, metal matrix composites,
ceramic matrix composites, plastics and other advanced composite materials. We maintain high standards which have earned us
the reputation of being
a state of the art facility
to both industry and governmental agencies. We are currently in the process of constructing a new building and we are very
excited anticipating our move to a bigger and better facility in which we will have more capabilities and efficiencies to ser
vice our

customers needs even

Clayton Associates, Inc.

1650 Oak Street, Lakewood, NJ 08701

2100 • www.jclayton.com

Click Bond, Inc.

2151 Lockheed Way, Carson City, NV 89706

8000 • www.clickbond.com

The pioneer of bonded fastening sy
stems, Click Bond® designs and manufactures a broad array of fasteners optimized for adhesive attachment to
structure and designed to reduce the requirement to drill holes in structure. The product line includes: rivetless Nutplates
, bonded studs, standof
brackets, and cable tie mounts; sleeves for hole repair and protection; composite threaded fasteners; and the original Click
Patch™ wet wing repair kit.

CMS North America, Inc.

4095 Karona Court, Caledonia, MI 49316

5267 • www.cmsna.com

S, manufacturer of CNC machining centers since 1969, produces state
art solutions for aerospace, composites, light alloys. High
Speed/Precision 5
Axis machining centers from small to X
large envelope for advanced materials including honeycomb, carbo
n fiber, polyurethane
tooling board, aluminum. Large molds/plugs in one piece. Production feed rates over 50m/min (2000in/min) in P.U. Removal rate
s in excess of
5sq.ft./min. Maximum work envelope, 28' wide, 13' high, lengths over 100'. Full service, perso
nalized training, 24/7 tech support, extensive parts

Line International

274 Bangor Street, Lindenhurst, NY 11757

0500 • www.coast

Line International has supplied the aerospace and composite industries since
1960. Coast
Line works very closely with our manufacturers to
provide technical help and the best service possible. Coast
Line stocks Airtech vacuum bagging products, Airtech tooling materials, Hexcel technical
fabrics, 3M products, AC Tech aerospace sea
lants, Mask
Off protective products, Zip
Chem corrosion inhibitors, lubricants adhesives, and cleaners,
Wichitech hot bonders, pressure sensitive tapes from Intertape, Permacel, Tesa, 3M, and Norton abrasives. With stocking locat
ions in New York,
Atlanta G
A, and Berlin MA Coast
Line can quickly ship product for just in time applications.

ite Materials Handbook

Materials Sciences Corporation

181 Gibraltar Road, Horsham, PA 19044

8400 • www.materials

Composites Atlantic


71 Hall Street, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

B0J 2C0

8448 • www.compositesatlantic.com

Composites Atlantic Limited (CAL) designs and fabricates composite components/subassemblies for aerospace and industrial appl
ications. Equipment
ports eight different composite fabrication processes, multi
axis machining and extensive environmental and structural testing services. Launch
tubes/tripods; shelters; cargo liners; aircraft struts; ECS, anti
icing, and nacelle ducting; potable water and
cryogenic tanks; aircraft/missile radomes and
nosecones; aircraft fairing, sponsons, flap and tailcone sub
assemblies; ejection seats; light housings; flywheels; rocket motor cases; infrastructure
beams, underwater structures, and space truss elements. Fac
ilities: Nova Scotia (Lunenburg, Mill Cove, Halifax), Montreal and Seattle.

ites Horizons, Inc./Texstars

Subsidiaries of Hampson Industries US

1471 Industrial Park Street, Covina, CA 91722

0861 • www.chi

Composites Horizons, I
nc. (CHI) and Texstars are world
class composite manufacturers supporting both the aerospace and medical markets utilizing
Autoclave, Press, RTM and VARTM molding. The companies are registered to ISO 9001:2000, AS9100, and Nadcap AS7118. Capabili
ties inc
over 350,000ft of manufacturing space, design engineering, 4 ply cutters, 8 autoclaves, and 15 presses. CHI focus is on high
temp resins including BMI,
15, and AFR
PE. Texstars focus is in low temperature composites and assemblies with additional
capabilities in injection molding,
thermoforming, blow molding, and stretched acrylic. Design tools include Unigraphics, CATIA, and FiberSim design software. Co
mbined facilities
includes 5 clean rooms, 5
axis CNC, CMM, NDI, waterjet, and Plating. CHI also

provides a wash
out tooling material (Caremold) for high temperature
and pressure molding of ducts, hollow ribs and structures.

omposites Innovation Centre

78 Innovation Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 2C1, Canada

3400 • www.compositesinnov

Composites One

723 W. Algonquin Road, Arlington Heights., IL 60005

8003 • www.compositesone.com

As the largest provider of composite materials for today’s emerging markets, Composites One puts you in touch with all the ra
w materials ne
eded for
your applications. From resins to gel coats to fiberglass
and even MRO products
we deliver what you need when you need it. Experience working with
the company that provides the most complete product line, technical and regulatory know
how, and onl
ine solutions. Experience the Power of One.
Composites One.


450 Enterprise Road W, Shelton, WA 98584

1418 • www.compudas.com

For over 25 years CompuDAS has provided reliable and effective solutions for industrial control and monitori
ng, data acquisition and test automation.

Cornerstone Research Group

2750 Indian Ripple Road, Dayton, OH 45440

1877 • www.crgrp.net

Founded in April 1997, Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. (CRG) is dedicated to providing high
quality research a
nd development services that lead to
breakthrough technologies. The company combines creative science and engineering to discover, develop, and deliver revolutio
nary materials
solutions. Focusing on the design and application of state
art ma
terials for commercial and military markets, CRG’s mission is to understand
customer’s challenges and dreams and match them with emerging technologies.

Taylor & Francis Group

6000 Broken Sound Parkway NW, Suite 300, Boca Raton, FL 33487

0555 • www.crcpress.com

Taylor & Francis Group/CRC Press is a premier publisher of scientific and technical books, journals, and electronic databases
. Visit us at booth #838
and browse our bestselling titles on new materials and new process technolog
ies. Discover our new 2007 publications on composite materials, electronic
materials, nanomaterials, ceramics, and other important areas. Do not miss our sales and specials on new and bestselling book


2750 Indian Ripple Road, Dayton, OH


1877 • www.crgrp.net

CRG Industries, LLC, a high
tech materials manufacturing and supply company, spun off from Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. (CRG) in 2004.
Manufacturing state
art materials created and leveraged by CRG’s multimi
llion dollar research and development programs, CRG Industries also
manufactures and distributes materials patented by and licensed from others. These materials have applications in commercial,

medical, industrial, and
military fields. The company mission
is to transition emerging materials and technologies to government, industry and the consumer market.

Crystex Composites LLC

125 Clifton Boulevard, Clifton, NJ 07011

8866 • www.crystexllc.com

Crystex Composites is the manufacturer and distributo
r of Mykroy/Mycalex glass/mica ceramic. Mykroy material is available in machinable grades
suitable for processing with standard carbide tooling and in moldable grades that require no post firing. As a result, the ma
terial can accommodate metal
inserts duri
ng molding similar to thermoplastics processing. Mykroy does not burn nor outgas. It provides dimensional stability at temper
atures ranging
400°F to 1600°F. With low thermal conductivity and high dielectric strength, Mykroy is one of the best therma
l and electrical insulation

Dassault Syste
mes Americas Corporation

University Research Park

10330 David Taylor Drive, Charlotte, NC 28262


As a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, the Dassault
Systèmes group brings value to more than 90,000 customers
in 80 countries. A pioneer in the 3D software market since 1981, Dassault Systèmes develops and markets PLM application softw
are and services that
support industrial processes and provide a 3D visio
n of the entire lifecycle of products from design to maintenance. The Dassault Systèmes portfolio
consists of CATIA for designing the virtual product, SolidWorks for 3D mechanical design, DELMIA for virtual production, SIMU
LIA for virtual
testing and ENOVI
A for global collaborative lifecycle management, including ENOVIA VPLM, ENOVIA MatrixOne and ENOVIA SmarTeam.

DCM Clean
Air Products

9605 Camp Bowie West Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX 76116

0044 • www.dcmcleanair.com

Designers and manufacture of d
ust collection systems for “Source Capture At The Point of Generation” dust control creating “Environmental Hand
Tools”. A system that includes H.E.P.A. filter vacuums designed specifically to work in conjunction with our patented shrouds

and Vacu
Discs wh
retrofitting hand held sanders, drills, grinders, cut
off saws, routers and other tools. DCM also has the capability of designing and installing central
systems for fixed location dust collection.

Comp Composites, Inc.

Rt 4 Box 4460, Cleveland O
K 74020

5088 • www.decomp.com

A Veteran
owned, HUBZone certified small business that can furnish all of the materials, consumables, and supplies used in the manufact
uring of
composite parts or tools. Staffed with sales representatives who collecti
vely have triple
digit years of experience in composite manufacturing and who
can provide vital technical assistance to customers. A virtual one

stop shopping provider.


275 East South Temple Suite 305, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

3280 Electricity,
Windsor ON N8W 5J1 Canada

877 335 2261 • www.delcam.com

Delcam is the world’s leading developer and supplier of complete CAD/CAM software solutions. Whatever your industry

aerospace, automotive,
medical, packaging, composites, marine or general job shop

your manufacturing requirements can be meet with Delcam. Delcam product offerings
include complex 3D modeling with PowerSHAPE, highly efficient machining with PowerMILL, automated manufacturing with FeatureC
AM, artistic
design with ArtCAM and inspection
options with PowerINSPECT. More solutions are available data exchange, task management and customization.

elsen Testing Laboratories

1024 Grand Central Avenue, Glendale, CA 91201

4106 • www.delsen.com

An independent testing laboratory with se
rvices including mechanical, electrical, and flammability properties testing, polymer analyses, metallography,
and environmental exposures. Specialties include testing advanced composites, fatigue, fracture toughness, impact, OSU heat r
elease rate, smoke
ensity and toxicity testing and evaluation of printed wiring products.

DelStar Technologies, Inc.

220 East Saint Elmo Road, Austin, TX 78745

7000 • www.delstarinc.com

Employed in a wide variety of marine, industrial and transportation applicat
ions, Naltex® resin distribution netting is recognized by composite
engineers for its advantages in resin infusion and transfer molding processes. The biplanar design provides a flow channel th
at increases flow rates and
evenly directs resin over simple an
d complex surfaces. Naltex netting is lightweight enough to be left in most composite applications, or it can be
removed for weight
critical processes.

Despatch Indus

8860 207

Street West, Minneapolis, MN 55044

782 • www.despatch.com

spatch Industries has been a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for the aerospace and materi
als processing industries
for over 100 years. Our quality batch ovens, continuous ovens and furnaces reach temperatures of up to 1
200°F and perform many processes including:
carbon fiber oxidation, aluminum solution heat treat, curing and sizing/drying. Despatch’s product offering also includes Ra
nsco temperature chambers
for environmental and reliability testing. Worldwide technica
l sales and service support network. ISO 9001: 2000.

Dexmet Corporation

7 Great Hill Road, Naugatuck, CT 06770

1514 • www.dexmet.com

DEXMET provides expanded material for Lightning Strike, and RFI, EMI protection as well as other aircraft, and c
omposite applications. Our
experienced engineering team, and our ISO certified facilities design and manufacture material to meet your specification, an
d deliver it rapidly, on
time. Using both in house as well as partnership resources, DEXMET has develope
d, and continues to develop new coatings to meet the industry’s
requirements. We are your engineering resource for Lightning Strike and RFI, EMI materials, from our thin, flattened mesh to
materials in widths up to
60" wide.


315 Seahawk Drive,

DeSoto, TX 75115

7600 • www.diabgroup.com

DIAB is the world leader in structural core materials and sandwich composite technology. DIAB supplies materials and solution
s that make products
light, strong, and competitive. DIAB’s advanced polymer f
oam, Divinycell, end
grain ProBalsa, and Divilette Core Bedding Adhesive, are designed for
demanding applications and provide design freedom, optimized weight, superior strength, excellent fatigue life, stiffness, an
d toughness. DIAB also
provides advanced

testing, design, and engineering services.

Stron Limited

888 Sussex Boulevard, Broomall, PA 19008

9038 • www.distron.com

Manufacturer of materials testing instrumentation for analysis of single and small fiber assemblies. We offer extens
ive automation of the testing
methods using pick and place robotic technology. Test methods include strength, dimensions, fatigue and bending moment. In ad
dition to the supply of
instrumentation we also offer a contract testing service through our MarTech
subsidiary (www.fibretest.com).

Dimensional Photonics

220 Gaurdvale Street, Unit D, Wilmington, DE 01887

8875 • www.dpi

Directed Manufacturing

2221 Rutherford Road, Carlsbad, CA 92008

1133 • www.directedmanufacturing.com • ww

Directed Manufacturing, an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified company, is the leader in rapid production sintered manufacturing. W
e offer rapid selective
laser sintering and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) services. Our sister company, Fore
cast Product Development, offers high
resolution SLAs,
ProCAST, hybrid castings, CNC, proto
injection molding, and metal castings. In 2006, Directed Manufacturing built production sintered and production
cast parts last year to more than 50 companie
s throughout the U.S.

DSM Xplore

PO Box 18, 6160 MD Geleen, The Netherlands

+31 (0)46 4763430 • www.xplore

Xplore is a pioneer in polymer micro
processing equipment. Started in the late 80’s, Xplore has established itself as the leader i
n quality and innovation.
Able to work with quantities as small as 2 to 15 ml of base
material, Xplore will enable you to produce a test sample within 4 minutes. The products
that Xplore offers include: 5 ml & 15 ml Twin Screw Recirculating Micro Compoun
ding Extruders, 5 ml and 15ml Micro Injection Molding Machines,
Micro Cast Film Device, and newly introduced Micro Fiber Spinning Device.

Dunstone Company, Inc.

2104 Crown View Drive, Charlotte, NC 28227

1380 • www.shrinktape.com

Tape, heat shrinkable polyester and heat shrinkable polyimide tapes used to apply an external compressive force to advanced c
materials during cure. Typical applications include: debulking and consolidating prepreg tubes, rods and cylinders; surfac
e compaction and squeezing
out excess resin in filament
wound applications. Hi
Shrink Tape can be supplied release coated and perforated.

Dustcontrol, Inc.

6720 Amsterdam Way, Wilmington, NC 28405

1808 • www.dustcontrol.com

Improve air quality

and working conditions with Dustcontrol. Capture air borne dust generated by grinders, saws, sanders, drill motors and CNC
machines with source extraction. High velocity, low volume vacuum generators capture hazardous dust and debris prior to the o
’s breathing zone
and returns clean air into the facility. Central systems and portable units safely manage both nuisance and harmful particula
te. Our trained staff will
consult, design, configure, install, service and support the Dustcontrol solution.

namold, Inc.

2905 Shamrock Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76107

0862 • www.dynamold.com

Dynamold, Inc. is a manufacturer of Moldable Epoxy Shim Materials, both two part system and Pre
Catalyzed Frozen Sheet and Die Cut Shape
materials, Non Destruct Tes
t Materials, Metrology Grade Replication Materials, and Composite Mold Intensifiers.

Dynamold, Inc. is an AS 9100 Certified supplier to most Aerospace OEM’s and Militaries throughout the world. In addition to
Aerospace, many of our
materials are used in t
he Ship Building and the Offshore Petroleum Industry. Use of the Frozen Pre
Catalyzed Frozen Shim material has proven to be a
cost effective method to reduce work time, material costs and worker errors in the manufacture of many types of composite air
t and in machinery
alignment in ship building and the offshore petroleum industry.


2009 McKenzie Drive, Suite 124, Carrollton, TX 75006

8888 • www.e

Composites, Inc. provides various consulting services for the com
posites industry in the following areas: Market intelligence reports, Opportunity
screening and analysis, Market Assessment, Competitive Strategy, Customer Analysis, Product Development Strategy, M&A Due Dil
igence, Sales and
Distribution Channel Strategy a
nd recruiting. E
Composites, Inc. has an extensive background in composite materials and technologies that support
executive decision making. E
Composites, Inc. publishes CompositesWeek newsletter for the global composites industry, which is circulated to
than 12,000 subscribers.

Eastman Machine Company

779 Washington Street, Buffalo, NY 14203

2200 • www.eastmancuts.com

With over a century of experience, Eastman is the leading manufacturer of fabric cutting machines, automated cutting sys
tems, pattern design software,
spreading machines and material handling solutions. Known throughout the industry for manufacturing well
crafted, durable products and personalized
support, Eastman customers have the most profitable cutting rooms in the indu

conomic Development Corp.)

201 S. Main Street, Suite 2150, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

8824 • www.edcutah.org • www.edcutah.org

The Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUTAH) is a public/private partnership, working

with government and private industry to
promote the state of Utah. EDCUTAH serves as a comprehensive source of economic data and key public/private contacts in order

to attract and grow
competitive, high
value companies and spur the development and expans
ion of local Utah businesses.

EDO Corporation

New, York, NY, 10165

4215 (NY) • 801
6261 (UT)

2622 (MA) • www.edocorp.com

EDO’s Integrated Systems and Structures (ISS) Sector provides a full design, analysis, prototyping and producti
on fabrication of advanced composite
structural systems. EDO has a dedicated and experience staff of specialists that develop and optimize mechanized and static s
tructure. EDO’s team has
proven designs in high strain, high modulus, post buckled, mini
ich and hybrid structures, using state of the
art 3D design and analysis tools.
ISS products include primary and secondary aerospace structures, holding tanks, pressure vessels, and launch tubes. EDO’s cap
abilities include:
Braided structures

in net
shape pre
forming braids and/or woven fabrics, filament wound structures and vessels/tanks, pre
preg stiffened and sandwich
structures, resin transfer molding (RTM), resin film infusion (RFI), vacuum assisted RTM (VaRTM), thermoset and thermoplastic

ites, special
applications and materials. EDO’s multiple technology divisions enable EDO to provide its customers comprehensive turnkey sys
tems with its advanced
composites that can include mechanisms, electrical, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics and mo

EEonyx Corp.

750 Belmont Way, Pinole, CA 94564

3632 • www.eeonyx.com


1724 Holbrook Street, Greensboro, NC 27403

8300 • www.envision

Envision is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company that produces CNC master patte
rns, fixtures, jigs, and other tooling items used in the composite
industry. Envision also machines various core materials and finished composite parts to customer specifications.

ESI Group

36800 Woodward Avenue, Suite 200, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

0642 • www.esi

ESI Group, leader in simulation based design solutions, will feature its simulation software packages for composites design a
nd manufacturing. This
unique solution covers the entire product lifecycle from design with SYSPLY

(stress analysis) and PAM
CRASH (impact, crash worthiness) to
manufacturing with PAM
FORM (draping, hand lay
up, thermoforming) and PAM
RTM (resin infusion). By progressively eliminating the need for
physical prototypes during the development phase, these

simulation tools reduce product cost and lead time.

osites Corp.

13213 Airpark Drive, Elkwood, VA 22718

8514 • www.euro

Composites Corporation is a global manufacturer of lightweight, honeycomb core composite mat
erials. Our product line includes honeycomb core
made from aramid fiber (Nomex®/Kevlar®) and aluminum; panels, formed/milled parts and drop
in parts for the aeronautical. Additions to the product
line include glassfiber and flexible cores. In addition to
our US manufacturing facility, we supply the European market through our corporate location in
Luxembourg. Euro
Composites has qualifications at major aircraft manufacturers and is NADCAP and AS9100 approved.

EXAKT Technologies, Inc.

7002 N. Broadway Ex
tension, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

7472 • www.exaktusa.com

rich and electronically controlled, the EXAKT ‘E Series’ three roll mills are the transformation of an old technology into st
dispersion machines needed for inks, past
es, thick films, and many more applications. The ‘E Series’ mills offer new levels of operation, flexibility and
control. Many pigments, chemicals, and nanoparticles can be finely dispersed into a variety of product substrates with outst
anding reliabilit
y and
repeatability. Our numerous options include ceramic rollers and scraper blades that eliminate metal contamination in the prod

Fabric Development, Inc.

1217 Mill Street, Quakertown, PA 18951

1420 • www.fabricdevelopment.com

Fabric De
velopment, Inc. offers the unique combination of design and development combined with production capabilities. We can supply
all forms of
textile structures including woven, knitted and braided fabrics. Reinforcements can be produced from all fiber types i
ncluding carbons: standard and
ultrahigh modulus, Kevlar, fiberglass, spectra, nicalon, tyranno, quartz, and ceramics. In addition, textile preforms are als
o produced to near net shapes
for RTM and VARTM applications. Fabric Development’s quality system is

registered to AS9100B and ISO9001:2000

Fatigue Technology, Inc.

401 Andover Park East, Seattle, WA 98188

206.246.2810 • www.fatiguetech.com

Fatigue Technology Inc. (FTI) pioneered cold expansion technology over 35 years ago and have advanced this sci
ence to develop innovative solutions
for bushing installations, fastener applications and aerospace fitting and hardware installations. FTI products can improve a
ircraft structural durability
and reduce manufacturing and maintenance flow
time and costs. Ou
r products may be installed in both metal and composite applications.

Ferry Ind.
, Inc.

4445 Allex Road, Stow, OH 44224

9200 • www.ferryindustries.com


3768 Hwy 82, Suite 204, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

9377 • www.fiberforg

Fiberforge has developed patented manufacturing technology for the production of low
cost thermoplastic composite structures in high volumes. Using
tailored blanks, produced by automated lay
up machinery, the Fiberforge® process minimizes scrap and m
aximizes structural performance. Tailored
blanks can be any shape, thickness, laminate sequence and fiber angle. Blanks are heated, shuttled into a press and formed in
to shape in cycle times
close to one minute. Fiberforge is hammering down the cost of adv
anced composites.


3050 Campus Drive, Hatfield, PA 19440

9181 • www.fiber

Line® offers specialty coatings on high performance fibers that provide innovative solutions to the Composites industry. Fibe
rs include fiber
Kevlar®, Twaron®, Technora®, PBO, Nomex® and Vectran®. Products include colored fiberglass rovings that can be woven or brai
ded and offer
excellent colorfastness and wetout. Our coating also has an adhesion promoting component that allows the coat
ed fiber and the resin used in the
finished composite matrix to work together.

FireSafe Innovations LLC

4 Elmwood Hill Lane, Rochester, NY 14610


FSI utilizes PyroFend for producing lightweight, fire resistant panels and
enclosures. PyroFend can withstand 3000°F+ has impressive cone Calorimeter
tests, and can be molded to any shape or form. PyroFend has impressive flammability performance at a variety of heat fluxes.

The impressive
performance at 100 kW/m2 heat flux show
s that this material would do very well in strict aviation, mass transport, and maritime applications (MIL
2031). The low smoke release and low mass loss rate attest to the strong thermal stability of the material ....as the heat fl
ux increased, total

ackTek, Inc.

1708 Hwy 11, Bldg. G, Landrum, SC 29356

7441 • www.speedmixer.com

Discover the unique possibility of Non
Invasive Mixing™. FlackTek Inc. will be demonstrating the lab size SpeedMixer™ which has the capacity to
ix samples from 3
700 grams, offers quick and uniform mixing and absolutely no clean
up. Able to disperse, as well as mix, powders, putties, pastes,
low viscosity materials, without air entrapment, and all done in a matter of seconds.

FlightSafety Inte

3887 Southern Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL 33406

2900 • www.flightsafety.com

FlightSafety International located in West Palm Beach, Florida, has been training in composites for over 20 years. We offer c
ourses in composite repair,
ing, metal bonding and specialty courses including rotor blade repair. Repair subjects covered include: safety, machining, ma
terial control,
inspection, damage evaluation, repair procedures, vacuum bagging, heated tooling and cure. Repair materials covered

include: Kevlar, graphite,
fiberglass, Nomex honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb and various foams. Courses taught at our facility are partially in classrooms
, with the majority of
time spent completing, “hands on” projects in our state of the art composite lab
. Most training can be conducted at your facility if needed.

ida Institute of Technology

College of Science

150 West University Boulevard, Melbourne, FL 32901

7573 • http://cos.fit.edu

A major doctoral research institution, the Materials S
cience and Nanotechnology Institute consists of 25 interdisciplinary faculty members. Their
research capabilities include theoretical, computational and experimental studies of hard and soft materials, including metal
lic materials such as super
alloys, pol
ymer nanocomposites, colloidal materials, energy materials and biological materials. Research activities include material fab
characterization, testing and design. One focus is Research/Education on the integration of nanotechnology into space exp

w International Corporation

23500 64

Avenue S., Kent, WA 98032

3500 • www.flowcorp.com

Combining Flow’s invention and world leading ultra
high pressure abrasive waterjet (AWJ) technology with high
speed routing and drilling
bilities, Flow is the only company in the world offering a total composite machining center solution from a single source. An
d now, with the
industry’s only 87,000psi pumps, Flow Waterjets operate even faster and less expensively than other systems. Realiz
e the many cost and quality benefits
of AWJ: No mechanical stresses, delaminations, heat, fiber pull
out, airborne dust, secondary finishing, etc.

Formglas, Inc.

2 Champagne Drive, Toronto, ONT M3J 2C5 Canada

8030 • http://www.formglas.com/patte

Formglas Inc. are fabricators of advanced tooling for composite structures. With over 25 years of tool design experience For
mglas Inc. can service all
of your tool design requirements. Servicing: aerospace, marine, automotive, commercial and military m

Franklynn Industries, Inc.

An Illinois

Tool Works Company

167 Commerce Boulevard, Loveland, OH 45140

3443 • 800
1677 • www.franklynnusa.com

ITW Franklynn Industries is a global specialty chemical company and leading developer of
based functional coatings and processing aids. Our
state of the art ISO Certified laboratory located in Cincinnati, Ohio develops custom
formulated release agents and cleaners used to maximize
productivity in manufacturing rubber, urethane and compo
site components.

Manufacturing & Supply Co.

1101 Moore Road, Avon, OH 44011

8511 • www.freemansupply.com

Freeman is the one
stop materials supplier to industries that design, develop, and manufacture products and tools to precise siz
es and shapes. Our
product offerings include the industry
standard RenShape® line of modeling and tooling boards and epoxy and polyurethane resins; Freeman Sheet
Wax, BGF fiberglass tooling cloth, BlueStar® mold making silicones, and Freeman’s own Repro® f
cast polyurethane. All of this is backed
up by
our national distribution network that consists of nine stocking locations, the industry’s leading website, and unsurpassed t
echnical support.

Gelest Inc.

11 E. Steel Road, Morrisville, PA 19067

1015 • www.gelest.com

Gelest, Inc. is a manufacturer of silanes, modified and reactive silicones as well as metal organics including germanium and
tin compounds. Gelest, Inc.
also manufactures a broad range of metal alkoxides and metal diketonates and
provides materials at both R&D and commercial quantities. Products are
used in composites and polymer synthesis, optical coatings, sol
gel ceramics and microelectronics.

General Dynamics

Four Lake Pointe Plaza

2118 Water Ridge Parkway, Charlotte, N
C 28217

8000 • www.gdatp.com

General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products designs and builds a wide variety of durable and lightweight composite struc
tures for weight
critical applications. Composite products produced by GDATP include radomes,
pressure vessels, and a wide variety of structural components for a
broad range of military and commercial platforms. Primary manufacturing technologies include hand lay
up, bonding, resin transfer molding, vacuum
assisted resin transfer molding and stitch
ed resin infusion. Secondary processes include trim and drill, CNC machining, component/final assembly, and
finish. QA inspections include NDI, mechanical and radome electrical testing. GDATP’s composite structures meet or exceed st
ringent survivability
nd ISO9001 requirements.

ral Magnaplate Corporation

1331 U.S. Rte 1, Linden, NJ 07036

6200 • www.magnaplate.com

General Plas
tics Manufacturing Company

4910 Burlington Way, Tacoma, WA 98409

5000 • www.generalplastics.com

ISO9000 certified manufacturer and molder of LAST
FOAM® rigid and flexible high
density polyurethane foams and tooling materials. We

serve applications in composite core, nuclear transportation, composite tooling, thermoforming, marine applications, and

models and prototype
industries. We are specialists in fulfilling high
performance requirements. We have broad manufacturing capability, and have products qualified to
most major airframe and defense requirements.

Gerber Technology

24 Industrial Park

Road West, Tolland, CT 06084

8082 • www.gerbertechnology.com

Gerber Technology is the world leader in providing integrated computer hardware and software systems to the composites indust
ry. Dramatically
improve turnaround times and significantly r
educe material waste and labor costs. Modify designs in minutes. Cut composite materials precisely ply
after ply. Accelerate the kitting process by easily identifying cut parts. Gerber Technology’s world headquarters is located
in Tolland, Connecticut,
.A. with regional offices, agents and distributors located in more than 125 countries worldwide.

GKN Aerospace

142 JS McDonnell Boulevard, Hazelwood, MO 63042

+44 (0) 1983 283663 • www.gknaerospace.com

GKN Aerospace specializes in the manufacture of hig
h performance, lightweight composite and metallic aircraft structures as well as rubber elastomers.
The Company is a world leader in the use of pre
preg composites, (RTM) resin transfer molding (enabling the repeat manufacture of highly complex
), resin film infusion (removing size limitations inherent in autoclave usage), automatic tape laying and fiber tow placement

processes. The
company is a major supplier of composite structures for the F/A
18 E/F, A380, A400M, F/A
22 and F
35, among many ot

GrafTech International Ltd.

12900 Snow Road, Parma, OH 44130

8805 • www.graftech.com

GRAFOAM® carbon foam from GrafTech International is a unique, multifunctional carbon foam product that is delivering solution
s to challenging

in diverse industries including aerospace, transportation, marine, construction, and military. GRAFOAM® is an open cell, rigi
d foam that
ranges in densities from a very low 2 lb/ft³ to 35 lb/ft³. GRAFOAM® insulates, is lightweight and strong.

s perfect as a core material in sandwich panels, composite tooling applications, and for high temperature applications.

Greater Wichita


350 W. Douglas, Wichita, KS 67202

1133 • www.gwedc.org

The GWEDC is the lead economic development organi
zation for Wichita and South Central Kansas. The Wichita area is home to Airbus, Boeing,
Bombardier Learjet, Cessna, Raytheon and Spirit Aerosystems. With 250 suppliers in the area, Wichita is the premier aviation
manufacturing cluster in
the world. It is
also home to the National Institute for Aviation Research, one of the country’s leading institutions for composite and advanc
ed material

The Hanson Group LLC

340 Hurst Bourne Lane, Suite 210, Duluth, GA 30097

9554 • www.hansonco.net

e Hanson Group LLC was established in 1996 to service the needs of customers in sourcing hard to find raw materials and consu
lting on technology
and marketing to grow product lines in the thermoset industry. Many of our projects include sourcing raw materi
als, developing or improving processes
and creating new end
use products for the coatings, adhesives, urethanes and composites industries. The Quintium Optically Clear Polyurea for anti
ballistics and Laminex M
Pact Gel Coat and Quik Build Resin systems ar
e just examples of our technology developments.

Hawkeye I
nternational, LTD.

1243 W. 134

Street, Gardena, CA 90247

4074 • www.hawkeyeintl.com

Vacuum bagging for the Aerospace and FRP industries. Our products include, bagging films, breathers/bl
eeders (woven and nonwoven), sealant tapes,
release films, pressure sensitive tapes, release solutions, fiberglass, carbon fabrics, pressure sensitive tapes, release fab
rics, vacuum valves, fittings,
cutting tools, leak detectors, tabletops and rubber prod

Pro by LEWCO, Inc.

706 Lane Street, Sandusky, OH 44870

4014 • www.heat

LEWCO, Inc. will be exhibiting their HEAT
PRO™ line of industrial ovens which are designed and manufactured in their Sandusky, Ohio plant. The
product l
ine includes both batch and continuous ovens for service to 1000 °F. Powered by electric, gas, thermal fluid and steam heat,

these ovens are
suitable for composite, paint and powder curing, drying and heat
treating applications. HEAT
PRO™ Industrial Oven
s are successfully employed in a
variety of industries worldwide including: aerospace, defense, chemical, plastics, rubber, automotive, and metal processing.

HEATCON® Composites Systems

600 Andover Park East, Seattle, WA 98188

1333 • www.heat

HEATCON® Composite Systems is the world leading manufacturer and supplier of aerospace composite repair training, equipment,
accessories, and
materials. We supply heat blankets, composite repair equipment, and materials, in large and small quantiti
es for immediate delivery.

Helicomb International

1402 South 69

East Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74112

3999 • www.Helicomb.com

Helicomb International is a manufacturer of composite and metal bonded assemblies to the aerospace industry Helicomb Interna
tional Inc. has a Boeing
Silver Supplier Performance rating with 99.7% quality and 100% on time delivery. Our core competencies include fabrication an
d assembly of
composite bonded structures, metal bonded structures, and metal processing for aluminum, sta
inless steel, and titanium. Helicomb is 3

party certified
by DNV to AS9100:2001 Section 1, ISO 9001:2000. We hold special process certifications for Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockh
eed Martin and
for Digital Product Definition (DPD) and Model Based Def
inition (MBD).

Henkel Corporation

2850 Willow Pass Road, PO Box 312, Bay Point, CA 94565

8000 • www.henkelna.com/aerospace

The aerospace group of Henkel provides structural adhesives and metal surfacing treatments for aerospace assembly and
MRO segments. Key brands
include Hysol® structural adhesives and Turco® metal surface treatments and cleaners. Complementary product brands include Fr
ekote® mold releases
and Alodine® conversion coatings. The aerospace group provides a full line of materia
l solutions around composite assembly, metal/honeycomb
assembly, high temperature assembly and metal surface treatments. Please visit our website for literature, technical papers a
nd data sheets. Henkel is a
world leader in adhesives, surface treatments an
d sealants.


1171 Dublin Boulevard, Dublin, CA 94568

4900 • www.hexcel.com

Hexcel Corporation, based in Stamford, CT, is a leading advanced structural materials company. It develops, manufactures and
markets lightweight,

reinforcement products, composite materials and composite structures for use in commercial aerospace, space and defense, and
industrial applications. Hexcel has offices and manufacturing plants around the world.

High Performance


4891 Independence Street #270, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

1776 • www.compositesworld.com

Performance Composites magazine provides hands
on technical information about the design, manufacture and performance of products and parts
made from adv
anced polymer
matrix composites, primarily those employing continuous carbon fiber, aramid or S
glass reinforcements. Composites
Technology provides practical, application
oriented information about the design, manufacture and performance of products made
with fiberglass
reinforced composites as well as components utilizing chopped fiber materials and hybrids.

formance Products, Inc.

PO Box 73963, San Clemente, CA 92673

6088 • www.pifeglass.com

Performance Products, Inc. specialize
s in PTFE Coated Fiberglass (Armalon) fabrics and tapes, for release and breather cloth applications. Other
products include Flash Breaker Tape, Kapton Tape, silicone vacuum blankets, specialty tapes, specialty films, fiberglass clot
h, beta cloth, woven ca
fabric, Kevlar cloth and hi
temp textile products.

ITCO Carbon Composites, Inc.

1600 West 135

Street, Gardena, CA 90249

5444 • www.hitco.com

HITCO Carbon Composites, Inc. manufactures advanced composite materials for aerospace and indus
trial applications. Its products range from solid
racket motor nozzle assemblies, aircraft assemblies, naval composites structures, wet and dry friction applications such as a
ircraft and automotive torque
control assemblies and transmissions and materials
for industrial insulation for the aluminum and steel industries, among others. HITCO also
and markets REFRASIL ™ silica materials for thermal protection. Founded in 1922, HITCO continues to be an innovative leader i
n the
advancement of carbon composite technologies.

Hollingsworth & Vose

112 Washington Street, East Walpole, MA 02032

2219 • www.hovo.com/products/afn/index.htm

The AFN® (Advanced Fiber Nonwovens) Group of Hollingsworth and Vose manufactures veils and mats composed of high performance
fibers such as
aramid, PBO, carbon, ceramic, nickel/carbon, glass, and others. All AFN®
nonwovens are manufactured in our AS 9000, QS9000 and ISO 9001
certified Georgia mill. AFN® materials are preferred for composite applications requiring stealth technology, EMI Shielding,
lightning strike protection,
as well as ESD, corrosion resistance, s
urface smoothness, and impact protection.

Technik V
und Produktion

Obersteigerweg 4, 9431, St. Stefan, 09431 Austria

+43 4352 52587 • www.hos

Technik produces maleimide monomers, reactive diluents and high
performance resins

based on BMI and PBI. Our production range includes
maleimides (HOMIDES) and Polybenzimidazole (HOZOLE). The monomer HOMIDES can be used as basic
elements for the production of
bismaleimide resins and for the preparation of formulations for the RTM an
d hot
melt technique. Our high
temperature resin HOMIDE 250 has been
especially designed for the prepreg technique. HOZOLE and HOMIDE are used mainly for applications where high
temperature resistance is an
important criterion.

Hull & Knarr LLP

555 E. C
ountry Line Road, Suite 210, Greenwood, IN 46143

8494 • www.HullAndKnarr.com

Huntsman Advanced Materials

8600 Gosling Road, Woodlands, TX 77381

9318 • www.huntsman.com/advanced_materials

Huntsman Advanced Materials will highlight its f
ull range of high
performance resin systems, new solutions for high modulus applications,

new development for aerospace, transportation, power and other technologically advanced composites applications. Among featur
product lines are: ster
lithography photopolymers; high
value thermoset systems for fiber
reinforcement technologies; epoxy adhesives and
syntactics; seamless epoxy modeling pastes and patties; infusion materials; CNC
machinable tooling boards; and new hydrophobic epoxy and no
postcure epoxy systems for coating composite power insulators.

Huron Technologies, Inc.

415 Industrial Avenue, Leslie, MI 49251

4902 • www.hurontech.com

Huron Technologies, Inc. formulates high quality mold release agents for use in the com
posite, polyurethane and rubber molding industries. Featured
products include water based release agents. Huron Technologies has an ISO 9001:2000 Registered Quality System. Custom form
ulation is also
available. Sample release agents are available at no


Imperium, Inc.

1738 Elton Road, #218, Silver Springs, MD 20903

2905 • www.imperiuminc.com

Imperium provides nondestructive testing products that anyone can use and interpret. Our line of Acoustocam ultrasound imagin
g cameras can instant
find internal defects in manufacturing or field settings. Internal voids, delaminations, porosity, and fiber breakage can be
seen in real time. No special
training is required to use the handheld of fixed video systems. Our portable products has an LCD
on the back of the unit for real time viewing.

ial Summit Technology Corp.

500 Cheesequake Road, Parlin, NJ 08859

2211 • www.istusa.com

Industrial Summit Technology (I.S.T.) is a manufacturer of polyimide resins. I.S.T. supplies polyimi
de resin solutions that are used for prepreg
manufacturer (Skybond) and wire coating (Pyre ML). I.S.T. is introducing a family of RTM moldable polyimide resins that have
very attractive
economics. I.S.T. is largest merchant supplier of polyimide resin solu
tions to composite and magnet wire industries.

ersoll Machine Tools, Inc.

707 Fulton Avenue, Rockford, IL 61103

6000 • www.ingersoll.com

Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc. is a manufacturer of machine tools for many applications. Some examples
are high speed milling machines for machining
of tooling and trimming/routing of composite components, automated fiber placement machines and systems, and related composit
e programming

Innegrity LLC

59C Concourse Way, Greer, SC 29650

077 • www.innegrity.com

Founded in 2004, Innegrity LLC is a thermoplastic fiber manufacturer located in Greer, SC. Through innovative research and us
e of polymer science
technology, Innegrity invented and patented a new fiber: Innegra™ S which has high mod
ulus, toughness, chemical resistance, low dielectric constant
and low density. This fiber has been specifically designed for use in composite materials. When combined with traditional mat
erials used in composites,
Innegra S enhances the performance of thes
e fibers allowing the design of totally new engineered composite materials.

vative Composite Engineering

139 E. Columbia River Way, Bingen, WA 98605

4484 • www.innovativecomposite.com

ICE has specialized in the design and fabrication of simp
le to complex pre
preg composite structures since 1989. Manufacturer of advanced composite
structures for aerospace, industrial, medical, oil and gas, automotive and recreational industries. Round tubing capabilities

up to 24" diameter x 18' long
with wal
l thicknesses to 4". Complex
geometry bladder molded components up to 30" x 84" x 20" in size. ICE prides itself on delivery of quality parts,
on time to meet our customers needs.

Inspec Foams,


1560 Highway 371 South, Magnoli
a, AR 71753

9403 • www.rohacell.com

Degussa AG, Röhm GmbH, Inspec Foams, Inc. maintains the world leadership position as manufacturer/seller of the widest range
of structural
sandwich panel foam core, marketed under the trade name ROHACELL®.

10 dif
ferent Grades in various densities are available to suit commonly used composite manufacturing processes, i.e. VARTM, VARI, S
and hand lay
up/autoclaving. Our ROHACELL® foam cores meet the demanding sandwich structural requirements in markets s
uch as: aerospace,
medical, automotive, wind energy, mass transportation, marine and others.

Applications ranging from wind turbine blades to large satellite launch vehicle fairing/components.

ntegran Technologies, Inc.

1 Meridian Road, Toronto, ONT M9
W 4Z6 Canada

6266 • www.integran.com

Integran Technologies is a world leader in advanced metallurgical nano
technology, providing its customers with an edge on their competition through
proprietary advanced materials and coatings. Recent innovation
s include NanoPlate, a hard chrome plating alternative and Nanovar, a low thermal
expansion coating which renders prototype CFRP aerospace tools suitable for high volume production. Integran’s revolutionary
hybrids are making composite
parts more durable and wear resistant allowing for new product developments in aerospace, sporting goods and
motorsports applications.

egrated Technologies, Inc.

1910 Merrill Creek Parkway, Everett, WA 98203

0340 • www.in

Intec is
an advanced materials test lab focusing on materials testing, manufacturing, and engineering. Testing: Full/large scale compo
nent to coupon
testing, static, fatigue, spectrum, creep, impact, tensile, compression, shear, bi
axial transverse tension to 600ki
ps, KGR, thermal cycling and
environmental exposure, (
420°F to 2500°F) UV and humidity exposure. DSC
CTE. Void, density, volume fraction, ultrasonic
NDE. Fatigue, crack growth and damage tolerance testing. Composite panel fabrication (aut
oclave) and CNC coupon/specimen machining.

Izumi International, Inc.

1 Pelham Davis Circle, Greenville, SC 29615

8001 • www.izumiinternational.com

Izumi International, Inc. offers equipment shown below for handling high performance fibers. Kam
itsu Take
up winders, rewinders, self
creels, no
twist weft feeder for weaving carbon fiber, feed
back tension control, tension control creels for filament winders, scissors and cutters for
aramids, carbon fiber spreading equipment, wireless ten
sion sensors.

J.D. Lincoln, Inc.

851 W. 18

Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

8106 • www.jdlincoln.com

The J.D. Lincoln, Inc. company is a formulator and manufacture of advanced composite materials, film adhesives, hot melt and
solution coated
epregs, X
Plied face
sheets, two component adhesives and potting materials, insert adhesives, lightning strike resistant prepregs, acoustic dampen
films, artificial stone coatings, ballistic prepregs and many specialty products.

JEC Group

19 Boulevar
d de Courcelles, F
75008 Paris France

+33 1 58 36 15 01 • www.jeccomposites.com

The JEC Group, which promotes the use of composite materials worldwide, informs and connects more than 83,000 professionals,
offering them a
comprehensive service package: the
JEC publications, including Strategic Studies, Technical books and the JEC Composites Magazine, the JEC
Composites weekly international e
letter and also the French e
letter “JEC Info Composites”, the JEC Composites Show in Paris (1,180 exhibiting
brands /

27,336 visitors), the JEC Composites Asia Event, the www.jeccomposites.com website, the JEC Composites Forums and Workshops,
and the
JEC Innovation Awards Programme.


Composite Materials, Inc.

PO Box 242, 101 Slater Road, Slater, SC 29683

0577 • www.jpscompositematerials.com

Manufacturer/weaver of fiberglass (E
glass, S
2® glass and Astroquartz®) composite reinforcement fabrics for commercial and military applications
(i.e., radome antennas, printed circuit boards, laminate panels). Primary

markets include electronics, aerospace, filtration, insulation, and construction.

neka Texas Corp.

2 Northpoint Drive, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77060

1558 • www.kanekatexas.com

Kaneka Texas manufactures Core Shell Rubber (CSR) toughening agen
ts that are supplied pre
dispersed in epoxy and other thermosetting resins. The
Kane Ace MX® nano
particles can be used in high performance composites, adhesives and coatings without lowering the Tg. The CSR mixes easily
into the formulation without settl
ing nor agglomeration and can be used in prepreg, infusion, pultrusion and filament winding production. The CSR
provides increased fracture toughness, lap
shear, T
peel and microcrack resistance.

Ketco Inc.

1348 Research Park Drive, Dayton, OH 45432

vercreek, OH 45432

9331 • www.ketco.com

At Ketco, we use the latest in CAD/CAM and 5
Axis CNC machining technologies to produce precision patterns, models and tooling for all industries.
With our large envelope machines
up to 15’x10’x4'(z) in on
e setup
the size of the project is rarely an issue. Additional services include prototype
tooling and parts, specialty fabrication, engineering models and mock ups.

LAP Laser, LLC

7669 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227


LAP Laser m
anufactures projectors that display precise outlines, templates, patterns or other shapes on virtually all surfaces by projec
ting laser lines.
LAP works with Fortune 100 aerospace companies and small composite manufacturers because we provide a flexible, e
use projection system that
can be installed and calibrated in a matter of hours. Applications include ply layer placement, parts alignment, work step in
dication, or any other type of
work that can be supported by a visual aid.

Laser Pro
jection Tec
hnology, Inc.

8 Delta Drive, Londonderry NH 03053

0209 • www.lptcorp.com

LPT manufactures laser projection systems for soft tooling and templating solutions in aerospace, automotive, marine, transpo
rtation and construction
equipment manufacturing
. Our systems accurately produce 3D images, templates or outlines onto any three
dimensional object. LPT systems run either
Windows 2000 or XP Pro and support networking via an Ethernet TCP/IP connection. All LPT laser systems are UL and CE certifie
d hav
ing a CDRH
Class 3a and IEC 68025
1 class 3r certification.

Laser Technology, Inc.

1055 West Germantown Pike, Norristown, PA 19403

5043 • www.LaserNDT.com

LTI manufactures and sells Shearography and, Holography NDT systems, and providers NDT
testing services. Shearography is a non
contact NDT
inspection methods used for the detection of subsurface defects such as voids, delaminations in composites and bonded structu
res. Products include
portable systems for aircraft flight line inspection, lab
oratory studies, marine composites, FRP storage tanks. Production systems are used to test
aerospace composites structures during manufacturing. The Holography NDT systems are used for inspecting jet engine abradabl
e seals, aircraft brakes,
medical implan
t devices, etc.

Latex Technology, Inc.

180 Bosstick Boulevard, San Marcos, CA 92069

0041 • www.latextechnology.com

LTI is committed to the development of quality elastomeric rubber products for use in composite bladder molding and vacuum ba
. Our special
high temperature formulations allow for high
pressure composite processing at temperatures up to 350°F. Complex shapes and sizes are easily
produced to meet your needs; from aerospace to recreation.


889 Franklin Road SE, Marietta,

GA 30066

8050 • www.lectra.com

Lectra provides a full
line of unrivaled CAD/CAM technology solutions for the composites and industrial fabrics industries which provide superior
accuracy and flexibility for today’s fast production environment. Le
ctra’s broad range of technically advanced CAD solutions include 3D design
flattening and pattern analysis software and automatic material optimization tools. Lectra’s powerful and intelligent CAM so
lutions consist of a new
generation Vector series for si
ngle and multi
ply cutting, as well as precision leather and laser cutting solutions. Lectra’s technology is tailored to the
unique needs of each industry, enabling our customers to achieve real
time enhanced production resulting in increased productivity
and higher quality.

Lewcott Corporation

86 Providence Road, Milbury, MA 01527

7725 • 508
1791 • www.lewcott.com

Lewcott Corporation is a leading manufacturer of resin
coated prepreg substrates for a wide range of technical applications. In
ouse developed resin
systems include phenolics, epoxies, polyimide’s, polyesters and silicones, and substrates include carbon, aramid, glass (e

and s), polyester, non
as well as others. Industries served include: armor, general composites, carbon
arbon, transportation, air filtration, electric generation, abrasives and

Lockheed Martin

13800 Old Gentilly Road, New Orleans, LA 70129

4188 • www.lockheedmartin.com/michoud

Lucas Industries

10 Precision Drive, North Springfiel
d, VT 05150

4644 • www.lucasindustries.com

Lucas Industries is an ISO 9001/2000 certified company, specializing in the design and fabrication of composite and metal too
ls, models, patterns,
molds and prototype parts. We work with our customers from

concept to finish product. Our engineers have unsurpassed expertise in the most advanced
levels of Catia and Surf Cam. We service the aerospace, aircraft and commercial industries. On March 1

2007 Lucas moved into our new 70,000
square foot facility in
North Springfield, VT.

M.C. Gill Corporation

4056 Easy Street, El Monte, CA 91731

6094 • www.mcgillcorp.com

M.C. Gill Corporation is the oldest, continuously operating manufacturer of reinforced plastics


in the world. M.C. Gill

specializes in cargo liners, floor panels, Honeycomb core, interiors and specialty products. The M.C. Gill Corporation is hea
dquartered in El Monte, CA
with divisions in Ontario, Canada, Maryland, France and Northern Ireland.

.V.P. Magnum Ve
nus Plastech



Avenue, North, Clearwater, FL 33760

2955 • www.mvpind.com

Magnum Venus Plastech (M.V.P.). has been providing the Reinforced Plastics industry with the best equipment on the market fo
r over 50 years. In
December 2006,
with the purchase of RTM manufacturer Plastech T.T., Magnum Venus Products became Magnum Venus Plastech

the largest
Composites equipment manufacturer in the world. M.V.P. will showcase several advanced systems during the SAMPE exhibition, in
cluding syste
ms for
epoxy and urethane as well as RTM and the Multi
Wind Multi
Axis Filament Winder.

Magestic Systems Inc.

205 Fairview Avenue, Westwood, NJ 07675


Magestic Systems, Inc. is a US
based company that provides integrated nesting and laser p
rojection solutions to the composite industry. TruNEST is an
advanced manufacturing solution providing high material utilization and unattended NC processing. TruLASER View is a 3D laser

projection solution
that eliminates the need for manual measurement,
templates and hard tooling for many shop floor processes. Both products are directly integrated into
the CATIA V5 environment streamlining the manufacturing process. Magestic Systems is a Software Community Partner of Dassault


Magnolia Plastics,


5547 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Chamblee, GA 30341

2777 • www.magnoliaplastics.com

Established in 1957, Magnolia Plastics, Inc., provides high
quality, high
performance, custom
formulated epoxy systems to the: aerospace; defense;
portation; electronics; military, general and commercial aircraft; construction; recreation and sports industries worldwide.

Magnolia produces a
variety of innovative, bromide
free epoxy compounds including: adhesives, syntactics, electrically and therma
lly conductive epoxies, potting and
encapsulating epoxies, tooling resins, and custom
formulated epoxy systems. Magnolia has an extensive qualified products list and is an ISO 9001:2000
certified company.

Marketing Technology Se
rvices/Nonwovens World

4100 South 7

Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

1236 • www.nonowevensworld.com • www.marketingtechnologyservice.com

Marketing Technology Service is a “skunk works for hire” with 29 years experience in design of advanced absorbent materials a
nd comple
x composite
nonwoven structures. Our world’s most advanced airlaid machinery is capable using 100% synthetic natural and green fibers to
produce structures from
1500+ gsm. New “G” and “W” techniques are available for license. MTS provides design and tes
ting services, instruments, strategic help and also
publishes Nonwovens World magazine and NW Directory.

Instruments Companies, Inc.

56 Hudson Street, Northborough, MA 01532

0155 • www.matec.com

Matec Instrument Companies, Inc. is a leading

ultrasonic systems integrator and instrument supplier of quality control inspection and production test
equipment. Matec has been providing ultrasonic C
scan systems to industrial users since 1968. The company’s strength lies in its capacity to develop
nnovative solutions

both modular and expandable in design

within project budgets. Matec’s ability to respond to the more difficult and unique
testing requirements including advanced materials and geometries provides today’s leading institutions and in
dustries the solutions needed to maintain
product integrity and quality assurance. Products offered by Matec include computer
controlled ultrasonic scanning and measurement systems (gantries
and tank based), stand
alone and PC
based ultrasonic plug
in car
ds, portable ultrasonic workstations, and Windows®
based control and data acquisition

Material USA, Inc.

11457 Camden Road, Draper, UT 84020

2886 • www.Material

Material, the world’s premiere supplier of software and design s
ervices for filament winding and composites, produces CADWIND software for
creating winding patterns and CompositeStar software for the design of composite structures and laminates. Cadwind generates
mandrel shapes and
fiber paths, simulates the winding pr
ocess, generates machine control data for any modern filament winding machine and interfaces to most FEA
programs. Material’s consulting services help our clients produce composite parts of superior quality and minimal cost.

Matrix Composites, Inc.

275 B
arnes Boulevard, Rockledge, FL 32955

4480 • www.matrixcomp.com

Matrix has over 13 years experience in designing and building precision composite structures. We offer high precision RTM an
d autoclave fabrication,
utilizing advanced composite mate
rials to build complex composites for the aerospace, military and medical industries. We assist with all phases from
concept, design, prototyping and full production. Lockheed Martin Star Supplier building critical components for JSF, AGS and

Javelin. Matr
ix is only
one of four companies around the world qualified to build critical carbon composite structures for the F22 Raptor program. Co
mprehensive material
testing and inspection. ISO Compliant.

Maverick Corporation

11379 Grooms Road, Blue Ash, OH 45242

9919 • www.maverickcorp.com

Maverick Corporation is a leader in research, development and production of advanced polymer materials for the aerospace, med
ical, industrial and
related industries. Maverick’s product portfolio includes aerospace qu
alified polymide resins (liquid and powder) capable of withstanding environments
over 700
F and a family of affordable, non
toxic resins for RTM, autoclave and compression molding applications from 400
F to greater than 650
Maverick is also an aerospace

qualified source for compression molded composite parts.

McClean Anderson

PO Box 20, 300 Ross Avenue, Schofield, WI 54476

3006 • www.mccleananderson.com

A World
leading manufacturer of advanced filament winding equipment since 1961. McClean An
derson is a complete provider of filament winding
systems, extractors, electronic tensioners, resin baths, and programming software. We provide installation, on
site training and test winding services.
McClean Anderson will be introducing

the Cyclone fil
ament winding machine.

McLube Division/McGee Ind.
, Inc.

9 Crozerville Road, PO Box 2425, Aston, PA 19014

1890 • 1
McLube • www.mclube.com

McLube Div., McGee Industries Inc. manufactures, markets and supplies semi
permanent mold release coat
ings, mandrel lubricants, antistick coatings
and lubricants for all types of composite materials and processes. Products available for Scrim, filament winding, FRP, epoxy

preg, lay
up, RTM,
sheet molding, and injection molding. Featuring newly develope
d water based formulations and low VOC coatings. McLube products are
environmentally and user friendly. Products available for testing coupled with experienced technical support.

Meguiar’s Inc.

17991 Mitchell South, Irvine, CA 92614

8000 • www.me

Meguiar’s offers the Velocity mold release product line. This brand new “polymer technology” offers consistently more pulls,
which release faster and
easier from fewer applications. Moisture
resistant polymers mean superior performance in any hu
midity. The velocity system leaves your mold surface
crystal clear with ultra high gloss, which in turn transfers to finished parts, requiring little, if any, post
production buffing. Best of all, we’ve removed
the foul odor.

MicroStrain, Inc.

310 Hurric
ane Lane, Suite 4, Williston, VT 05495

6629 • www.microstrain.com

MicroStrain produces innovative wireless, micro
miniature displacement and orientation sensors. Our 802.15.4 compliant wireless sensors measure
strain, torque, displacement, accele
ration, temperature and inclination, for test and measurement applications, manufacturing and process control and
health monitoring of machines and structures. Our small, fully temperature
compensated orientation sensors are used for controlling unmanned v
platform stabilization and robotic control. Our micro
miniature displacement sensors can withstand harsh environments for test and measurement
applications, engine control, robotic and machine automation.

Middle River

Aircraft Systems

103 Chesa
peake Park Plaza, Baltimore, Maryland, 21220

1500 • www.mras

Middle River Aircraft Systems, (MRAS), a subsidiary of GE, is based in Baltimore, Maryland, at the original site of Glen L. M
artin Aircraft. The
company has built aircraft, aircra
ft structures and engine nacelles at this site continuously since 1929. Current operations include the design,
development and manufacturing of complex composite structures/systems for major airframe and engine manufactures. MRAS works
with GE
composites o
rganizations in Ohio and GE Global Research Facilities in New York State.

Miki Sangyo (USA
) Inc.

400 Interpace Parkway, Parsippany, NJ 07054


Miki is a Japanese based chemical marketing company with subsidiaries worldwide. We represent seve
ral manufacturers in Japan who specialize in the
synthesis of bismaleimides, diamines and dianhydrides used in high temperature application resins. Capabilities include custo
m manufacturing
recommendations, product development, importation, logistics and s
erving as a conduit for supplier/customer interface.

Mitchell Laboratories

7707 Bequette Avenue, Pico Rivera, CA 90660

6144 • www.mitchell

Mitchell Laboratories has three main divisions dedicated to nondestructive testing and calibra
tion services. Our business units are NADCAP accredited
with an AS9100 quality system in place, including ISO 17025 for our calibration service. Cedtech Testing Laboratories and Mit
chell Metrology are
Mitchell Lab Companies dedicated to quality service. Lo
cate our booth and let’s discuss our “Lab in a Box” concept.

Mitsubishi Chemical FP America
, Inc.

401 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320

7826 • www.mitsubishichemical.com

DIALEAD® coal tar pitch based carbon fiber combines ultra high stiffness

and excellent thermal conductivity. Mitsubishi provide a line of both small and large tow pitch based carbon fiber that offer
s significant advantages in
performance for there price. DIALEAD fibers achieves maximum fiber attributes without sacrificing hand
ling characteristics or tensile strength.
DIALEAD has proven advantageous in numerous applications. Mitsubishi continues to develop new products to meet the demands of

this growing
industry. We are dedicated to participating in the growth of composites an
d would enjoy discussing our latest developments and your specific needs.
Our experienced professionals are available to assist in all aspects from design to materials selections.

Multiax CNC Inc.

4245 44

Street SE, Suite 8, Grand Rapids, MI 49512

9884 • www.multiax.com

Distributor of CNC Routers, parts, service and accessories for the woodworking, plastics, composites, fiberglass and light me
tals industries.

Myers Engineering, Inc.

8376 Salt Lake Avenue, Bell, CA 90201

4723 • www

Myers Engineering has specialized in the mixing needs of customers around the world producing high viscosity products. The un
ique characteristics of
various composites require an understanding of viscosity, flow, temperature and time. Only
Myers Engineering can offer the depth of understanding of
numerous mixing tools that enhance product quality, process profitability and environmental sensitivity.

National Aeronautics and S
pace Administration (NASA)

300 E. Street SW, Washington, DC 20

3848 • www.nasa.gov/

NASA’s mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research. NASA conducts i
ts work in four mission
directorates: Exploration Systems: creating new capabilities for affordabl
e, sustainable human and robotic space exploration. Aeronautics: pioneering
and proving new flight technologies that improve our ability to explore and which have practical applications on Earth. Scien
ce: exploring the Earth,
moon, Mars and beyond; chartin
g the best route of discovery; and reaping the benefits of Earth and space exploration for society. Space Operations:
providing critical enabling technologies for much of the rest of NASA through the space shuttle, the international space stat
ion and fligh
t support.

tional Aerospace Supply Co.

33155 Camino Capistrano, Unit C, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

6353 • www.nationalaerospace.com

National Aerospace Supply Co. supplies material to build composite parts for the aerospace, marine, sporti
ng goods industries. NASCO supplies
bagging films, release films, sealant tapes, peel plies, urethane table tops, speciality tapes, vacuum valves, hoses, release


National Center for Advanced Manufacturing (NCAM)/Univ. of New Orleans

0 Old Gentilly Road, Bldg 420, New Orleans, LA 70129

0969 • www.ncamlp.org

NCAM (The National Center for Advanced Manufacturing) is a governmental/business/academic partnership located at NASA’s Micho
ud Assembly
Facility in New Orleans that promo
tes the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and research for industrial applications. NCAM’s installed
equipment includes a large
scale Friction Stir Welding system with 6
axes of motion weld head and self
reacting pin tool technology. NCAM’s other
equipment includes several Fiber Placement (Composites) machines as well as high
speed machining and NDE systems.

National Composites Center

8760 Dana Drive, Brighton, MI 48114

National Defense In
dustrial Association (NDIA)

2111 Wilson Boulevard, Su
ite 400, Arlington, VA 22201

2566 • www.ndia.org

America’s leading non
profit Defense Association providing a legal and ethical forum for education, networking and knowledge exchange between
industry and all military branches. Participation is th
rough local chapters, 32 divisions for corporate involvement, and numerous conferences and trade
shows. Corporate, individual, and free government/military memberships are available. NDIA dates back to 1919 and was formerl
y known as the
American Defense Pr
eparedness Association.

onal Refrigeration Company

563 Corbin Road, Honea Path, SC 29654

1665 • www.kelvinatorcommercial.com

Our lab and industrial sales division (Kelvinator Scientific), has a complete line of reach in refrigerators and fr
eezers in one, two and three door
configurations, and walk in rooms, with temperature ranges from 4C. to
86°C., for manufacturing product process applications as well as resin/epoxy
syringe storage and distribution. Most reach in models in stock for imme
diate shipment.


Adhesives and Composites

1822 Reynolds Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614

5471 • www.newportad.com

Newport Adhesives and Composites is one of the largest global vertically integrated advanced materials producers, and a leadi
ng sup
plier of epoxy
adhesives, prepregs and advanced composite materials. We provide material solutions to the aircraft

primary, secondary structures and interiors,
UAV, armor/ballistics, marine, industrial, medical and sporting goods markets through our dev
elopment and processing capability and commitment to
providing products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customer requirements.

Core Corporation

541 NW Interpark Place, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

7300 • www.nida

lity supplier of structural composites sandwich core materials, including: Sound absorbing thermoplastic honeycomb( a pro
duct with exceptional
dimensional thermal stability, great processability, extreme resiliency and cost effectiveness) end
balsa core in regular and super light weight,
premium packaged in multiple plastic pouches to avoid humidity condemnation, polyurethane foam sheet and slab stock, foam
filled plastic and paper
honeycomb, laminate bulker and print barrier, sound absorpti
on and vibration dampening materials, NidaBond polyester core bonding compound, cored
sandwich panels with facings including: hpl, fiberglass, aluminum, marble, plastics, and precut kits.

n Graphite Fiber Corporation

9604 Weybridge Court, Cypress,
CA 90630

3235 • www.NGFWorld.com

A leading supplier of continuous pitch graphite fibers and fabrics for aerospace applications. Our unique YSH product
line has fiber moduli ranging
from 75 to 105 Msi, and because of our fiber processing technolog
ies, these fibers have the highest compressive strengths of any commercially available
pitch fiber. Fibers in our YS product
line, like our YSH, have 7 micron filaments, but with fiber thermal conductivities as high as 600 W/mK. NGF now
offers chopped fibe
rs with various properties including XN
100C with fiber conductivity over 900 W/mK. NGF also has a unique low modulus product
line called XN
L. The modulus varies from 8 to 16 Msi, and the fiber is used in composite applications for recreation, industrial
and aerospace. Our CN
line provides high modulus, low cost fibers for high volume, commercial applications. Another major advantage of NGF is our a
bility to weave
a vast amount of lightweight fabrics with most of our fibers for structural and therm
al performance.

Noran Engineering

5555 Garden Grove Boulevard, Suite 300, Westminister, CA 92683

1220 • www.NEiNastran.com

NEi Nastran Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software offers a suite of specialized capabilities dedicated to composite ana
lysis and manufacture. Perform
structural, thermal, and vibration simulation and analysis; use laminate material definition tools; Application Programming I
nterface (API) enables
powerful customization; failure criteria using Tsai
Wu, LaRC02, Puck, Hill, o
thers; comprehensive file sharing and import; exceptional technical
support and training classes. Customers include America’s Cup yacht contenders, Formula One race cars, Tour de France bikes,
Space Ship One, and
many more leading composites product manufa

North Coast Composites, Inc.

4607 Spring Road, Cleveland, OH 44131

3421 • northcoastcomposites.com

North Coast Composites continues to play a vital roll in the development of new liquid molding processes in RTM, and VARTM di
sciplines inc
core technology, metal insert molding technology and containment case technology, all of which utilizes the “out

press” technology developed by
North Coast Tool and Mold. Today, through our R&D and production departments we provide our customers

with services including process
development, prototyping, part development, production optimization, as well as, full run production quantity manufacturing.

North Coast

Tool and Mold Corp.

4605 Spring Road, Cleveland, OH 44131

8550 • www.nctm.c

North Coast Tool and Mold has over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing quality molds and support tooling for t
he aerospace, medical
and transportation industries. We go beyond just supplying tooling; we maximize your tooling dollars by de
livering tooling that will optimize the
manufacturing process, giving your program the highest potential for success. North Coast services include tool design and ma
nufacturing, reverse
engineering, and tool proofing whether for product development or prod

Northern Fiber Glass Sale
s, Inc.

102 Tide Mill Road, Hampton, NH 03842

1910 • www.NFGSales.com

Northern Fiber Glass Sales is a manufacturer’s representative and distributor of premium quality process and structural compo
site materials to
aerospace, medical, marine, automotive, motorsports, leisure sports and tooling industries in the eastern USA. Northern offer
s technical sales and
service and is ISO 9001:2000 and AS 9120:2002
10 certified.

Nurad Technologies, Inc.

Cobham Defense Ele
ctronic Systems

3310 Carlins Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215

1700 • www.cobhamdes.com

Nurad Technologies, Inc., a division of Cobham Defense Electronic Systems, is your single sourc
e for antennas, radomes and integrated antenna/radome
systems. Nurad is a world
class manufacturer of RF, microwave and millimeter products for aerospace and defense applications such as electronic
warfare (EW) and communications, navigation, and identific
ation (CNI). Nurad has the facilities, personnel and experience to produce antennas and
radomes that satisfy the most demanding performance and environmental conditions, including military aircraft, launch vehicle
s, munitions, UAVs,
shipboard and ground mo
bile systems.

NuSil Technology

1050 Cindy Lane, Carpinteria, CA 93013

8780 • www.nusil.com

NuSil Technology is the cutting edge manufacturer of silicone materials for aerospace products requiring precise, predictable
, cost
effective materials
rformance. NuSil’s silicone materials deliver thermally and electrically conductive adhesives, potting compounds, encapsulant
s, fast
curing silicones,
as well as, the most extensive line of low outgassing silicone materials in the industry. Our line of aer
applicable silicone is highly resilient in the
extreme temperatures of space. ISO
9001 certified since 1994, NuSil operates state
art laboratories and processing facilities in North America
and Europe and provides on
site, in
person applicati
on engineering support worldwide.

OCM Test Laboratory

3883 E. Eagle Drive, Anaheim, CA 92807

3003 • www.ocmtestlabs.com

Advanced composite testing. Mechanical, thermal, chemical, and environmental testing capabilities. Contact us for other serv

Olympus Industrial America

One Corporate Drive, Orangeburg, NY 10960

9400 • www.olympusindustrial.com

Olympus Industrial America offers a wide range of industrial Microscopes and micro
imaging systems for advanced materials analysis, me
and other precision applications. Our high quality inverted metallurgical microscope, the GX71 is designed to allow for the s
imple and easy positioning
of a sample. You can easily observe and measure the size of grains, the phase or state of f
ormation by combining a digital imaging system such as the
Olympus DP25 digital camera and the Olympus Discover Series Software. DP25 is the 5.2 Mega pixel high resolution color camer
a with a bunch of
features, and Discovery Software is designed specifica
lly for industrial research applications.

Olympus NDT

48 Woerd Avenue, Waltham, MA 02453

3900 • www.olympusndt.com

Olympus NDT provides an industry leading portfolio of ultrasonic testing (UT), phased array (PA), eddy current (ET), eddy cur
rent a
rray (ECA) and
related support technologies. Headquartered in USA, Olympus NDT brands include R/D Tech, Panametrics
NDT™, NDT Engineering, Sonic, and
Nortec. We have pioneered the use of ultrasound phased arrays as a practical and cost
effective tool for
inspections, allowing speed increase compared
to standard techniques.

Onsrud Cutter LP

800 Liberty Drive, Libertyville, IL 60048

1560 • www.onsrud.com

Onsrud Cutter is a premier manufacturer of cutting tools for advanced composite and honeycomb

materials. Onsrud products include PCD, diamond
coated, and solid
carbide cutting tools produced for aerospace and other demanding industries. A dedicated staff of specialists and a well
worldwide distribution system makes Onsrud the industry lead
er in application support at the source of the tool selection process

the spindle.

Parabeam BV

PO Box 134, 5700 AC Helmond, The Netherlands

+31.492.591222 • www.parabeam3d.com

Parabeam® 3D Glass fabric is a fabric woven out of a 100% E
glass yarn and c
onsists of two deck layers bonded together by vertical piles. These piles
are woven into the deck layers thus forming an integral sandwich structure.

When impregnated with a thermoset resin, the fabric absorbs the resin and due to the capillary forces of
the piles, the fabric rises to a preset height.

In this one step process a lightweight and strong sandwich laminate is formed that offers excellent mechanical properties for

use in (structural)
applications within the marine, transport and building and c
onstruction industry.

Paramount Industries Inc.

2475 Big Oak Road, Langhorne, PA 19047

9611 • www.paramountind.com

Park Elec
trochemical Corp. (NelCote)

172 East Aurora Street, Waterbury, CT 06708

48 S. Service Road, #300, Melville, NY 11747

1344 x 3002 • www.parkelectro.com

Park Electrochemical Corp. is a global advanced materials company which develops and manufactures Nelcote™ advanced composite

materials and
Nelco® electronic materials. Nelcote™ (previously FiberCote) materials ar
e designed for critical applications such as aircraft structures and interiors,
UAV, rocket nozzles, motors and heat
shields, radomes and low observable structures. Materials are available in a variety of reinforcements and product
forms including broadgoo
ds, unidirectional/biased tapes, and molding compounds. FAA accepted AGATE design allowable databases are available for
key aerospace prepregs.

tz Materials & Technologies

4968 Industrial Way, Benicia, CA 94510

7577 • www.patzmand.com

Patz M
&T is an advanced composite materials company that specializes in contract material development, processing, and specialty ho
development/production. Patz M&T owns two patents on a continuous corrugation process for manufacturing specialty honeycomb

cores and has the
ability to tailor mechanical properties to suit specific structural requirements. Patz M&T’s contract material development ex
perience includes epoxy,
cyanate ester, bismaleimide, urethane, and polyimide polymers. Patz M&T can produce uni
directional tapes up to 12" in width, and fabric prepregs and
films up to 50" in width.

PCI Newco, Inc.

1745 S. Maize Road, Wichita, KS 67209


Pepin Associates, Inc.

PO Box 397, 15 Log Home Road, Greenville, ME 04441

3434 • www

Pepin Associates, Inc. develops new materials and structures to support the aerospace industry. DiscoTex™ is a patented disco
ntinuous textile which
allows the efficient fabrication of complex composite shapes while retaining high mechanical properties. A B
oeing specification is pending. In another
technology area, Pepin Associates, Inc. has developed a lightweight structure to contain turbine engine rotor failures. This

design has application in
business jets.

Pinette Emidecau, Inc.

60 Sycamore Street,
Tiffin, OH 44883

4237 • www.pinetteemidecau.com

Pinette Emidecau, Inc., designs, and integrates the total molding systems. We design and manufacture custom compression moldi
ng equipment, which
includes hydraulic presses, heating systems (contact
heaters, convection ovens and IR ovens) transfer and handling systems. For the aerospace industry
we produce systems to mold high performance composite materials. For a turnkey solution our services can also include tooling

manufactured in our
own tool sho

Plascore, Inc.

615 N. Fairview Street, Zeeland, MI 49464

1220 • www.plascore.com

Plascore Inc. is a leading manufacturer of honeycomb cores and lightweight composite solutions. Plascore products include met
allic, aramid fiber and
tic honeycomb cores/sheets, clean room environments, custom composite panels and energy absorbers. These products are widely
throughout the following markets: aircraft/aerospace, rail, marine, automotive, truck and trailer, recreation, medical, archi
ectural, construction and
consumer. The unique honeycomb characteristics of lightweight, strong, insulating, transparent, formable, corrosion resistan
t, fire resistant, energy
absorbing and acoustical can be found in these products.

Plasma Technolo
gy Sys

276 Harbor Boulevard, Belmont, CA 94002

1606 • www.plasmatechsystems.com

PTS supply cold gas plasma treatment systems and development services for custom molecular re
engineering of surfaces. The team is supported by
engineers with over 25 ye
ars experience in the polymer and plasma industries. Processes include cleaning, functionalization, deposition of thin film
coatings, crosslinking and grafting. The equipment line includes batch, continuous profile and roll
roll systems. Plasma processi
ng, in addition to
creating unique surfaces, provides consistent quality, cost effectiveness, and is environmentally and workplace safe.

Plasmatreat North America
, Inc.

2810 Argentia Road, Unit 1, Mississauga, ON L5N 8L2 Canada

2350 • www.plasma

Plasmatreat is the leading supplier of atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment technology to improve adhesion of paints
, coatings, inks and

especially on hard
bond materials. Plasma treatment provides effective cleaning of me
tallic, polymeric, ceramic, glass and composite
surfaces and combinations thereof by removing organic and silicone contaminants. Formation of functional groups makes surface

more polar, increasing
surface energy to beyond 72 dynes, enabling use of water
sed materials and elimination of adhesion promoters and primers.


3665 SW Deschutes Street, Corvallis, OR 97333

0607 • www.pmiclab.com

PMIC (Precision Measurement and Instruments Corporation) is a private, full service test facility and ins
trument developer devoted to providing highly
accurate thermophysical, optical and micromechanical measurements on all types of materials. Our capabilities include the us
e of Michelson laser
interferometer for thermal expansion (CTE); realtime moisture ex
pansion (CME); and variety of thermal conductivity and optical property test facilities.
For more information on all of PMIC’s services and capabilities, visit our website.

Polynova Composites

4 Industrial Road Unit G, Milford, MA 01757

8181 • w

Polynova Composites, solution innovators in vacuum infusion processing, offers an engineered approach to interlaminar vacuum
infusion with their
Polybeam® and HIFLUX90™ Infusion Flow Reinforcements™. From their dynamic response to

vacuum pressure to their reinforcing qualities, these
materials present unique benefits to the composite community in improving their bottom line.

Polystrand, Inc.

2370 Air Park Way, Montrose, CO 81401

2233 • www.polystrand.com

Polystrand, Inc.

manufactures high
performance, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics using polypropylene, polyethylene or a copolymer with E
Glass, S
Glass and Aramid fibers. Our revolutionary process achieves complete “wet out” of the fibers and provides an extreme
ly high quality
thermoplastic composite. Some of the benefits of this material include, rapid processing, no VOC’s, reformable and design fle
xibility. Applications for
Polystrand include anti
ballistic (force protection) transportation, industrial and mari

Prolink Materials LLC

12150 Dearbor Place, Poway, CA 92064

9834 • www.prolinkmaterials.com

Pyromeral Systems Inc.

3010 LBJ Freeway

Suite 1200, Dallas, TX 75234

6040 • www.pyromeral.com

Pyromeral Systems develops and manufactur
es composites designed to resist continuous exposures to high temperatures (up to 1100°C /2000LF) while
still relying on easy and affordable conventional low
temperature manufacturing processes. Our technologies bring innovative solutions to the
, aerospace and defense industries and include structural composites used as heat shields or ducts for exhaust gases, insulat
ing panels, fire
barriers, and our new composite tooling material for lay
up molds for thermoplastic and thermoset
matrix composite
s processed at high temperatures.

um Composites, Inc. (QCI)

1310 South Valley Center Drive, Bay City, MI 48706

3863 • www.quantumcomposites.com

QCI is a leading developer and supplier of structural and semi structural thermoset material a
nd parts solutions. QCI’s Engineered Structural Composite
(ESC) materials include carbon or glass reinforcement in epoxy, phenolic, vinyl ester and polyimide resin matrices, supplied
under Lytex

trade names. These materials provide exceptional pro
perties in three dimensional compression molded structures. QCI is a subsidiary of Premix, Inc. a
leading supplier of thermoset composite solutions based in North Kingsville, OH.

artus Engineering

10251 Vista Sorrento Parkway, Suite 250, San Diego, CA


6000 • www.quartus.com

Quatro Composites

403 14

Street SE, Orange City, IA 51041

9200 • www.quatrocomposites.com

Quatro Composites is a contract manufacturer offering a full line of services from design, analysis, prototyping
and production of advanced composite
structures. Quatro’s primary market focus is aerospace and medical. Quatro’s new composite optimization and failure predictio
n technology is currently
being employed for primary and secondary aircraft structures. Quatro

specializes in producing parts of complex geometry using bladder molding,
compression molding, autoclave and ultraclave processes.


136 Cockburn Road, North Coogee, Western Australia 6166

+618 9432 3200 • US 810
5770 • www.qui

Inventor of the patented Quickstep process, an out
autoclave method for fabricating advanced composites using prepregs, VARTM and other inputs.
The company licenses the technology, supplies manufacturing equipment and undertakes contract p
rototype development and short
run production.

Reinforced Plastics

Elsevier Ltd

The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington Oxon OX5 1GB

Reno Machine Company Inc.

170 Pane Road, Newington, CT 06111

5641 • www.reno

Reno Machine Comp
any will be presenting their design and manufacturing process of precision metallic molds used in the molding of today’s high

performance composite parts. This cost effective process begins with utilization of the parts solid model that is downloaded
a sophisticated
computer system that drives 5 axis CNC gantry mills. Method saves costly man hours associated with hand polishing of large mu
surface molds and
end results are parts molded to net configurations.


Aircraft Products, Inc.

Pumice Street, Norwalk, CA 90650

2440 • www.richmondaircraft.com

Richmond Aircraft Products, Inc. proudly offers our Vac Pak® Vacuum Bagging process materials for all vacuum bag applications
. Our Vac Pak
product line includes bagging films (up to

240" wide) peel plies, breather and bleeder materials, Schnee Morehead Tacky
Tape® Sealant Tapes.
Pressure sensitive tapes, vacuum valves and hoses, high temperature inflatable mandrel bladder materials, pre
formed vacuum bags and sheeting,
thermocouple w
ire (with molded
on connectors or by the spool) and clean room wiping cloths, as well as a wide assortment of miscellaneous support
materials and products. We offer custom manufacturing of heat
sealed vacuum bags to fit special shapes and sizes for any vac
uum bagging application.

Rogers Corporation

One Technology Drive, Rogers, CT 06263

9605 • www.rogerscorporation.com

Rogers Corporation will be exhibiting its full line of cellular, solid and specialty BISCO® Silicone materials, which are
nufactured in a wide
variety of formulations to provide enhanced flame retardance in various gasketing, sealing, and cushioning applications withi
n a railcar or aircraft.
These materials demonstrate low water absorption and excellent environmental resistan
ce to UV light, ozone, and corrosion. They provide design
solutions for vibration damping, shock absorption, and sealing. Composite uses include fire barriers, reflective heat shields
, EMI/RFI and sound barriers.



A Mt. Holly
sville Road, Huntersville, SC 28078

5998 • www.saertex.com

Customized Solution

is our business.

Using multiaxial fabrics made of glass, carbon, aramid and other fibers we reinforce individual solutions for various applica
tion fields. 25 years
reinforced composites business, SAERTEX is leading the stitch
bonded reinforcing fabrics

called Non
Crimp Fabrics (NCF) market with new
technologies and manufactures more than 2.000 different special textile materials from 120 Million Pounds of gla
ss fiber and carbon fiber.


1161 Parkview Drive, Covina, CA 91724

0616 • www.sampe.org

Sensory Analytics, LLC

4413C West Market Street, Greensboro, North Carolina 27407

6090 • www.sensoryanalytics.com

Sensory Analytics

is a leading developer of non
destructive coating thickness and color measurement solutions for quality assurance and manufacturing
use. Sensory offers an expanding line of SpecMetrix™ coating measurement systems that deliver immediate validation of coati
ng thickness or color,
irrespective of substrate, with nanometric precision. SpecMetrix systems precisely measure primer, anodize, LO and other perf
ormance coatings on both
composites and metallic surfaces. The modular designs of patented SpecMetrix™ syst
ems facilitate integration to automated spray systems.

Scion Core Systems, LLC

PO Box 598, Loveland, CO 80539

0053 • www.scioncoresystems.com

SCS, LLC is the North American distributor of Rohacell foam, stocking grades IF, S, WF and HF at our

facility. SCS works closely with all Rohacell
Sales Representatives to assure that you receive your Rohacell orders in a timely manner. Our mission is to help you select t
he appropriate material for
your application. SCS facilities were designed with the

intent of saving you money. We have developed cost
effective methods for providing ready
use net shapes to our customers. We shape Rohacell to your specifications to provide unique sizes, complex shapes, and precis
ion thicknesses to within
0.010" t

SCRA Composites Manufacturing Technology Center

91 Technology Drive, Suite 200

Clemson Research Park, Anderson, SC 29625

3291 • www.cmtc.scra.org

The Composites Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC) is the Navy’s Center of Excellen
ce (COE) for composites manufacturing technology, and
the only Navy COE for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Manufacturing Technology Program (MANTECH) focused exclusively on ad
composite materials and applications. The Applied Research and Develop
ment Institute (ARDI), an operating unit of the South Carolina Research
Authority (SCRA), manages the CMTC, which is located in Anderson, South Carolina. The CMTC chairs The Composites Consortium (
TCC), an
organization of industry
focused, balanced team of

prime contractors, composites industry suppliers, universities, and institutes. The TCC is the
technology resource for the CMTC.


6001 Egret Court., Benicia, CA 94510

0573 • www.sigmatex.com

Sigmatex converts carbon fiber into high pe
rformance composite reinforcements for aerospace, space, marine, transportation, industrial and leisure
applications. Our reinforcements are manufactured using state
art equipment and processes that provide high quality and achieve optimal results.

Strength and flex characteristics can be tailored to different end uses to take full advantage of the carbon physical propert
ies. Our woven, unidirectional
and multi
axial fabrics are available in a wide range of styles, weights and weaves, utilizing PAN
and Pitch carbon fibers.

Simulayt Limited

Brookwood House, Brookwood, Woking GU24 0NX, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 1483 476521

Simulayt’s innovative software products integrate the design, analysis and manufacture of high performance structures made fr
om fib
er reinforced
materials. Advanced Fiber Modeler for CATIA V5 provides designers with best
class fiber simulation to predict accurate flat patterns and compute
exact fiber orientations. Composites Modeler for Abaqus/CAE provides analysts with efficient p
ly modeling and fiber simulation.

SL Laser Systems

J Arrowridge Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 20273

9990 • www.sl

Solid Concepts, Inc.

28309 Avenue Crocker, Valencia, CA 91355

4425 • www.solidconcepts.com

Solid Concepts

Inc. is one of the most technically advanced suppliers of rapid prototyping and manufacturing services in the world. Managed
engineers who helped develop the first commercial rapid prototyping systems, Solid Concepts uses its technical expertise to p
vide superior quality and
services at very competitive prices Solid Concepts offers SLA, SLS, PolyJet and CNC prototypes, QuantumCast Urethane castings
, and rapid tooling
and injection molding services. Solid Concepts is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Advanced Polymers

4500 McGinnis Ferry Road, Alpharetta, GA 30005

8200 • www.solvayadvancedpolymers.com

Solvay Advanced Polymers, L.L.C. produces more plastics with more performance than any other company in the world. With twelv
e distinct famil
of high
performance and ultra
performance plastics, Solvay Advanced Polymers gives design engineers worldwide more ways to solve top design
challenges. Our comprehensive portfolio includes Acudel

modified PPSU, Amodel

PPA, AvaSpire™ modified PEEK, Ixef

KetaSpire™ PEEK, Mindel

PSU, Primef

PPS, PrimoSpire™ PPS, Xydar

LCP and Torlon

PAI in addition to Udel

and Radel


Sonfarrel Inc.

3010 La Jolla, Anaheim, CA

7280 • www.Sonfarrel

Sonfarrel is a small, women owned aerospace manufacturing facility located in Anaheim, California. The 120,000 square foot fa
cility specialize in
precision molded rubber, silicone and plastic products. Products include fabric wrapped silicone seals, m
olded rubber and silicone compression parts.
Sonfarrel’s plastic injection facility consist of 26 machines molding materials such as peek, ultem, nylon, ploycarbonate. Su
pporting our unique
capabilities is a complete machine shop consisting of CNC milling
(5axis) and turning, complemented by a strong engineering and quality staff.
Sonfarrel is approved by all major aerospace firms.

Specialty Materials, Inc.

1449 Middlesex Street, Lowell, MA 01851

1971 • www.specmaterials.com

Specialty Materials
is the world’s leading manufacturer of boron monofilament and prepregs and silicon carbide fibers. These fibers are known
throughout the world for use in aircraft, aerospace, sporting goods, and industrial applications. Boron fiber has extremely h
igh compr
ession strength and
provides high composite tensile strength and modulus. SiC fibers have outstanding high temperature mechanical properties for
use in titanium matrix
and ceramic matrix composites. Development areas include nano
sized Boron powders and ma
gnesium diboride applications.

Starlite Industries, Inc.

1111 Lancaster Avenue, Rosemont, PA 19010

1022 • www.starliteindustries.com

Starlite Industries designs Diamond and Carbide tooling specifically for composites. Diamond drills, countersi
nks, hole saws, routers and saw blades.
Special designs for fuzz free holes in carbon fiber. PCD, Brazed ‘B’ Bond and Sold Carbide Tools. Stock sizes and specials.

Steeger USA

PO Box 160040, Spartanburg, SC 29316

7000 • www.steegerUSA.com

teeger USA, LLC provides fine wire braiding and coiling machinery to the Medical, Electronics, Wire and Composite Materials I
ndustries. As a
specialist with fine wire and fibers, our machines handle wire sizes down to .0005 and fiber down to 5 denier. Stee
ger USA, LLC also provides
customers access to machines for R&D work.

Stepan Company

22 W. Frontage Road, Northfield, IL 60093

7500 • www.stepan.com

Stepan Polymers is a vertically integrated business selling Polyester Polyols and Foam Syste
ms for insulation applications. Stepan Kits are specialized
moldable foams developed for the aerospace and defense designed to meet customer, industry, and military specifications. Step
an Kits have a wide
range of densities and compressive strengths that a
re tailored in size to meet desired applications.

Strand7 Pty Ltd

Suite 1, Level 5, 65 York St., Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

+61 2 9264 2977 • www.strand7.com

Strand7 is a sensibly priced, Windows
based FEA system used in all engineering disciplines. It
comprises pre
processing, including automatic meshing
of CAD models; solvers such as linear and nonlinear static, dynamic, and heat transfer; comprehensive post
processing. Strand7 also offers very
advanced composites capabilities including laminate defini
tion tools, laminate draping and orientation; post
processing at both laminate and ply levels.
A powerful application programming interface (API) is also available. Strand7 is fully benchmarked and distributed with detai
led verification manuals.

Surface G
eneration Ltd

Pera Innovation Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray,

Lecestershire LE13 0PB UK

+44 (0)870 013 1235 • USA: 972
9976 • www.surface

Surface Generation Ltd will be showing the latest versions of its Reconfigurable Pin Too
l technology. This includes the low pressure (<10 Bar) Near
shape Pin Tooling™ (NPT™) which provides automatic blocking for PU and Epoxy monolithic castings, while the high pressure var
iant (> 2000
Bar) of Subtractive Pin Tooling™ (SPT™) can be used fo
r compression, RTM and injection moulding. Both unique processes use beds of adjustable
square pins combined with CNC machining to create highly accurate reconfigurable polymer, metallic or ceramic patterns and mo
uld tools to address
the lead time and cos
t issues hindering economic low series manufacture. Using the company’s fully integrated ‘Reconfigure’ software suite, the p
arrays can be automatically moved forwards and backwards to create the required design surface thereby vastly reducing materi
usage and lowering
tooling lead times and costs by up to 90% and product time to market by up to 40%. With ROI’s of 6
18 months, Reconfigurable Pin Tool technology
lets users iterate designs and mass customize at will.

Surface Measurement Systems


South 12

Street, Suite D, Allentown, PA 18103

8299 • www.smsna.com

Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC)

is advanced instrumentation for the characterization of particulates, fibers and thin
films. Surface measurements
by iGC: Surface Energetics/
Heterogeneity, Acid/Base Surface Parameters, Thermodynamic Adhesion. Bulk properties: Solubility Parameter and
Crosslink Density, Diffusion Kinetics. Additional: Chemisorption/Desorption. Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS)

rapid measurements of gravimetric
sture and organic vapor uptake in solid materials. Fast sorption/desorption isotherm kinetics and hysterisis. Organic vapor a
nd video microscopic
options. Advanced Analysis
BET Surface Area, Average Surface Energy, Heat of Sorption. Vapor Generator Instru
ment (VGI)

the world’s first
humidity controlled environmental chamber for use with optical, Raman and IR microscopes.

Taricco™ Corporation

1500 West 16

Street, Long Beach, CA 90813

5433 • www.taricco.com

The leading autoclave manufacturer for the Boeing 787 program, from the largest autoclave to the smallest oven, Taricco™ Corp
oration can meet all
your therm
al process equipment and control system requirements. Since 1957 the Taricco family has been a pioneer and manufacturer of th
process equipment. Taricco™ Corporation engineers and fabricates large scale A.S.M.E. Div I and Div II, Section VIII accredi
ted and National Board
(NB) registered autoclave systems, industrial walk
in ovens, and presses.

chnical Fibre Products Inc.

259 Rt. 17K, Newburgh, NY 12550

9066 • www.techfibres.com

TFP provides surfacing, fire protection and physical prope
rty modification solutions to the aerospace, automotive, construction, transportation, medical
device and recreation/consumer product markets. Products include nonwoven mats and veils made from aramids, carbon (pan, pitc
h, and nickel coated),

polyester, glass, ceramic and quartz. Solutions can be custom tailored to specific requirements such as conductivity/resistiv
ity, EMI/RFI
shielding, passive fire protection, corrosion protection, friction and surfacing/adhesive systems.

TenCate Advanced
Composites USA
, Inc.

18410 Butterfield Boulevard, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

0700 • www.tencate.com

TenCate Advanced Composites USA, Inc; a worldwide supplier of thermosetting and thermoplastic advanced composite materials fo
r aerospace and
l markets, and armoring solutions based on composite and composite/ceramic technologies. Products offered; fabric and unidire
prepregs, syntactic foams, film and paste adhesives, RTM and VARTM resin systems, and thermal management materials. TenCate

also offers a
complete line of anti
ballistic solutions for personal, vehicle and aircraft protection for military and civilian applications. “Materials that mak
e a



2800 E. Randel Mill Road, Arlington, TX 76011

7056 • www.texasalmet.com

Texas Almet is a leading supplier of honeycomb parts, sheets, and slices made from aluminum, Nomex®, and fiberglass since 198
9. Additionally, other
HoneycombOne companies include Quality Honeycomb and Carolina Metals that ca
n supply hi
temp metal honeycomb structure. Design and
engineering assistance is available to the aerospace, industrial, commercial, and entertainment industries.

Textile Products Inc.

2516 W. Woodland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92801

0401 • www.

Manufacturing engineered woven fabrics since 1976 to support aerospace, commercial, recreational and industrial applications.

unidirectional and multilayered fabrics are woven from carbon, glass, aramid and ceramic fibers

Thermal Wave I
maging, Inc.

845 Livernois, Ferndale, MI 48220

3730 • www.thermalwave.com

Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc. (TWI) is dedicated exclusively to the advancement of Infrared Nondestructive Testing (NDT). Found
ed in 1993, we have
hed ourselves as the world leader in the development and commercialization of thermographic NDT, serving the aerospace, autom
otive, and
power generation industries. Our primary mission is to provide our customers with complete, “real world” solutions that

address the entire spectrum of
technical, economic, and human factors requirements that are essential to today’s global industrial environment.


16 Iwamoto
cho • Chiyoda
ku, Tokyo 101
0032, Japan

7010 • http://thinkyus

The THINKY mixer, with or without the use of vacuum, mixes, disperses, mills and degases materials in seconds to minutes in y
our pot such as jar,
beaker, bottle, syringe or cartridge. THINKY technology that started with a one patent of Hiroshige Ishi
i, THINKY CTO, is now applied to wide ranges
of application, by 18,000 customers in the world. THINKY mixer accepts 0.5g to 5kg material per material containers or models

icona Engineering Polymers

8040 Dixie Highway, Florence, KY 41041


• www.ticona.com • prodinfo@ticona.com

Fortron® Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) engineering polymers for composite applications involving pre
pregs, non
wovens, fibers, filaments, films and
papers. PPS is inherently flame retardant and has low smoke character
istics, as well as excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance and high
temperature performance to 240°C. Applications include wings and interiors for the aerospace industry. Ticona will also featu
re Vectra® liquid crystal
polymers (LCP) and Celstran® lon
g fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT). Polymers can be developed for conductivity and EMI/RFI shielding.

Tinius Olsen Inc.

1065 Easton Road, Horsham, PA 19044

7100 • www.TiniusOlsen.com

Tinius Olsen is the leading manufacturer and supplier
of testing systems which are designed for R&D and QC departments to measure the strength and
performance of both materials and finished components. Whole series of physical tests are available including tension, shear,

compression, flex/bend,
t, tear, peel, melt flow, impact, friction, stiffness, heat distortion/Vicat, and torsion, in accordance with key ISO, EN, AS
etc. and industrial testing standards.

Tiodize Co., Inc.

5858 Engineer Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

4377 • www.tiodize.com

Ever considered using composite fasteners, screws, rivets, nuts and bolts, hinges, even self
lubricating bearings? Tiodize has been designing and
manufacturing these composite parts for twenty years. Tiodize composites are flying

on British Aerospace submarine tracking aircraft; integral to GE
medical equipment; and currently under evaluation for everything from airplane rivets to bearings on electricity generating w
indmills. So, whether you
are looking to reduce weight, extend we
ar life, or eliminate corrosion problems, Tiodize composites may be your answer.

Toolmen Corporation

878 Westinghouse Road, Georgetown, TX 78626

1166 • www.toolmen1.com

Toolmen Corporation is an electromechanical engineering company that buil
ds custom and semicustom machine tools used in the composites industry.
Toolmen has significant experience with milling, drilling, routing, waterjet, laser, ultrasonic, plasma, sawing and multiproc
ess combinations of the
above. We also present solutions
which incorporate real time motion path adjustment based on input from external sensors such as vision or laser. This
enables us to provide enhanced product accuracy with inspection data collection.

Toray C
arbon Fibers America, Inc.

700 Parker Square, S
uite 275, Flower Mound, TX 75028

2930 • www.toraycfa.com

Toray, the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance, PAN
based, continuous filament carbon fiber for commercial aerospace, industrial and
recreational applications continues its agg
ressive expansion plan with another new fiber line under construction in its Decatur, AL facility. Products
produced by our global operation include fiber types from standard through ultra
high modulus; 1K through 24K. Complementing Toray’s US
production f
acilities is an 18,000 sq. ft. Technical Center.

Torr Technologies, Inc.

1435 22

Street NW, Auburn, WA 98001

9115 • www.torrtech.com

Permanent vacuum bagging systems and hardware for autoclave, oven, press, and room
temp processes, includi
ng: T
7 vacuum bagging tools,
inflatables, vacuum frames, cured and uncured high
strength silicone rubber sheet, silicone extrusions, vacuum and pressure seal assemblies, vacuum
hoses, vacuum probes, quick
disconnects, vacuum pumps, and leak detectors.

e Research Laboratory, Ltd.

The Millennium Centre, RR1, Box 100B, Triadelphia, WV 26059

5800 • www.trl.com

Touchstone develops materials for defense, aerospace, automotive and commercial markets. MetPreg
, a fiber reinforced aluminum mater
ial, has twice
the specific strength of typical aircraft aluminum. Carbon foam (CFOAM

and CSTONE) has tailorable mechanical, thermal and energy
properties and can be fabricated in various shapes, sizes, and densities for specific applications.

Touchstone provides metals and materials testing
services including light microscopy, scanning probe, stress, and failure analysis; corrosion and accelerated
life testing; fatigue, impact, and physical

Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming Inc.

290 Forb
es Boulevard, Mansfield, MA 02048

1400 • www.trelleborg.com/eandc

Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming, Inc. a Delaware Corporation, announces the opening of its new corporate headquarters, manufactur
ing and research
facility in Mansfield. The state
art, 81,000 square
foot plant with a 5,000 square
foot R&D center produces syntactic foams, extrusions,
Eccospheres®, coated glass and ceramic microspheres, macrosphere and Syntac® machinable materials. The products are widely us
ed in the fabrication
of ad
vanced composite parts, adhesives, signature management systems and tooling for aerospace, defense, marine and industrial app

erica Inc.

55 E. 59

Street, 18

Floor, New York, NY 10022

8316 • www.ube.com

tracor Inc.

Wright Brothers Avenue, Livermore, CA 94551

3010 • www.ultracorinc.com

Ultracor Inc. manufactures specialty honeycomb from many different types of reinforcements and resin including carbon/cyanate
, carbon/polyimide,
quartz/cyanate, PBO/epoxy, etc
., under the trade name of Ultracor®. Our newest product is a flexible honeycomb, “UltraFlex”, which can be produced
from any type of reinforcement/resin combination.

United Testing Systems

5802 Engineer Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

5171 Exchan
ge Drive, Flint, MI 48507

225 Bradwick Drive, Concord (Toronto), ONT L4K 1K7 Canada

9997 • www.unitedtesting.com

With more than 45 years in business, United Testing Systems has become one of the world’s premier manufacturers of state of t
he art mat
erials testing
systems. United builds to order a complete line of mechanical testing machine, hardness testers, grips, fixtures, strain gage

acquisition and hot/cold
chambers. United also offers a credited lab and field calibration services on all makes of

mechanical testing equipment. (NVLAP/A2LA/17025). Check
us out at Tensiletest.com

University of Dayton

300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469

3515 • www.udri.udayton.edu

The University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), recognized by NSF as the #2

University for funded materials research in the nation, has significant
expertise and experience in many multidisciplinary areas like traditional composite materials, nanocomposites, nanocharacteri
zation, e
beam curing,
coatings/corrosion control, aging s
ystems, ballistic testing, sensors development, NDE, power and propulsion, energy and environmental engineering.

University of Delaware Center

for Composite Materials

201 Composites Mfg Sc. Lab., Newark, DE 19716

8149 • www.ccm.udel.edu

University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials (UD
CCM), located in Newark, Delaware, has been an international leader in composites
science and engineering research, education, and industrial collaboration for 33 years. Since 1986, UD
CCM’s prog
rams and initiatives have been
designated “Centers of Excellence” seven times by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Defense (DoD).
In 2006, the Army
Research Laboratory awarded a new Materials Center of Excellence in composites for

an additional nine years.

University of New Orleans


13800 Old Gentilly Road, New Orleans, LA 70129

0969 • www.ncamlp.org

Army Research Laboratory

2800 Powder Hill Road, Adelphi, MD 20783

1218 • www.arlinside.com

V Sy
stem Comp
osites/Vanguard Composites

1015 E. Discovery Lane, Anaheim, CA 92801

2740 • www.drtechnologies.com

V System Composites (VSC) is a vertically integrated supplier of advanced composites for the aerospace industry. We have exte
nsive desig
n and
production capabilities using SOTA affordable processes such as VARTM, RTM and conventional fabrication technologies (autocla
ve up to 12 ft dia X
30 ft). VSC is ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified, and practices Lean Enterprise Systems on high volume produ
ction programs. VSC primarily services the
DoD and commercial aircraft, missile defense and space structure markets.

VEC Technology, LLC

639 Keystone Road, Greenville, PA 16125

1000 • www.vectechnology.com

Virtual Engineered Composites (VEC) i
s a fully integrated composite solutions company. VEC Technology developed, patented and markets a
composite closed
mold system that is having a major impact on the composite industry. VEC offers a low
cost, high
quality, closed
mold solution that
has lowe
red the economic threshold of closed molding composite parts.

Vermont Composites, Inc.

25 Performance Drive, Bennington, VT 05201

9964 • www.vtcomposites.com

Vermont Composites, Inc. offers a full line of services from design and analysis to p
rototyping and production of advanced composite structures for
medical, aerospace and industrial markets. Products includes medical imaging patient support components, aerospace shielded e
nclosures and work
stations, radomes, and fairings. Manufacturing pr
ocesses include autoclave and press cure, CNC routing and machining, finishing and assembly. VCI is
ISO 9001 registered.

ek Vision International Inc.

785 Bridge Street, Waterloo, ONT N2V 2K1 Canada

7190 • www.virtek.ca

Virtek is the leading
producer of laser templating and integrated metrology solutions for composite and aircraft assembly. Our products help you
streamline your operations and lower your overall costs with proven solutions that increase productivity, improve your produc
t qualit
y and help to
control your processes.


200 Fifth Avenue, 5

Floor, Waltham, MA 02451

6800 • www.vistagy.com

VISTAGY, Inc. develops software that turns popular commercial 3D CAD systems into specialized engineering environments that

help engineers at
driven companies create better products faster, easier and more cost effectively. The company works with manufacturers chiefl
y in the aerospace,
automotive and marine industries. FiberSIM® is a suite of software products, powered
by VISTAGY’s unique EnCapta® technology, that turns
commercial CAD systems into tools specialized for designing and manufacturing composite parts. The software enables engineers

to create a complete
digital product definition of a composite part within the
ir 3D modeling environment. FiberSIM supports the entire product development process as well
as flexible design methodologies for a wide variety of materials and manufacturing methods. The software simulates how compos
ite material deforms
over complex curv
ature and generates manufacturing information including documentation, flat patterns, and data to drive downstream manufactur
equipment. FiberSIM also uses XML technology to share composites data with people and applications throughout the enterprise.



1569 Morris Street, Wabash, IN 46992

1184 • www.wabashmpi.com

Wabash MPI is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom compression molding presses for composite molding, laminating, ru
bber molding and
other processing applications.
The presses can be configured to meet the customer’s specific processing needs, including precise control of pressure and
temperature parameters. Heating configurations include electric, steam or hot oil, depending on the process demands. In addit
ion, Waba
sh presses can
be configured with air bladder management, core pull, part eject, automation, etc. Wabash MPI also has a line of standard ma
chines with a wide variety
of platen sizes available.

Watkins & As
sociates, Inc.

5395 Webb Parkway, Lilburn, GA 3

2701 • www.Watkins

Watkins & Associates specializes in supplying structural bonding and composite manufacturing materials to OEMs for air, land,

and sea vehicles.
Representing Henkel Aerospace Group (Hysol, SynCore, SynSpand,

SynSkin, Frekote, Sovereign, Loctite); paste and film adhesive; bonding primer;
syntactic composites; surfacing films; mold release agents; core splice; cyanoacrylates and anaerobics. We carry a large inve
ntory for immediate
shipment to many OEM specifica
tions. Also stocking distributors for ITW Plexus (methacrylates) and Sika Corporation (urethanes).

Web Converting

410 Horizon Drive, Suite 100, Suwanee, GA 30024

3212 • www.webconverting.com

Through six locations, Web Converting provides manufac
turing services aimed at solving converting problems for industry. Our depth of experience
and skills with slitting, sheeting, traverse winding and coating/printing are unmatched across the country. We provide the wo
rld’s largest, most
sophisticated aerosp
qualified process for producing slit tow tape in spool
wound form from master
rolls of pre
preg composites. We service
professionals with product development projects, manufacturing professionals needing additional capacity to meet production s
, or precision
converting solutions for challenging materials and demanding product specifications.

WebCore Technologies, Inc.

8821 Washington Church Road, Miamisburg, OH 45342

2200 • www.webcoreonline.com

WebCore is a designer and manufacture
r of TYCOR

a family of composite sandwich core products designed for use in vacuum infusion processes,
RTM lite, closed molding and other resin transfer systems. TYCOR cores provide high strength to weight ratio, stiffness, impa
ct resistance, insulation,

durability and design flexibility, while affording weight and cost savings, for structural applications in transportation, wi
nd energy, marine, industrial,
and infrastructure markets; excellent technical product and process support available.

Weber Manu
acturing Technologies Inc.

16566 Highway 12, Midland, ONT L4R 4L1 Canada

2956 • www.webermfg.ca

Weber is a modern mould manufacturer in aerospace, building products, and automotive markets. Tooling for RTM, infusion, auto
clave, compression,
tion, spray and slush processes. Experienced in materials including nickel, Invar, steel, and aluminium. The in
house pattern shop provides tooling
and models in silicon, epoxy and REN board. The on
site Nickel Vapour D
eposition facility produces nickel shapes in 99.9% pure nickel; to high
precision, for moulds or complex nickel components, including fine surface detail, grains, and textures.

WichiTech Industr
ies, Inc.

1120 North Charles Street, Suite 103, Baltimore,

MD 21201

1076 • www.wichitech.com

In business since 1989, WichiTech Industries continues to establish the baseline in simplicity, versatility, and reliability
in the hot bond composite repair
equipment arena.

Park, Inc.

1700 Hudson Ave
nue, Rochester, NY 14617

3120 • www.Wolcott

Industries, Inc.

107 Interstate Park, Spartanburg, SC 29303

3832 • www.wolffind.com

Wolff Industries, Inc. a leading provider of high quality industrial processing shears. W
olff® Ergonomix® processing shears feature high quality
stainless steel blades custom honed to a razor edge, chemically bonded handles, soft Sarlink®/Santoprene® handles, and advanc
ed ergonomic design.
Each shear is individually honed and pre
tested for qu
ality and cut. Ergonomix®

The longest lasting, highest quality stainless steel processing shear
available. Wolff Industries, Inc. is also the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial scissors sharpeners and maker of the

As Sharp® scissors
ing system. The Twice
As Sharp® system sharpens poultry processing shears safer, faster and sharper then any other sharpening system.

XG Sciences, Inc.

5020 Northwind Drive, Suite 212, East Lansing, MI 48823

1110 • www.xgsciences.com

XG Sciences

is a new company that makes composite materials based on a new type of graphene nano
particle. Our nano
particle, called xGnP™, is
made from exfoliated graphite and features a very high aspect ratio. It can be used to add electrical or thermal conductivit
y to most polymers without
degrading mechanical properties. We offer composites featuring electrical or thermal conductivity with high impermeability, i
mproved modulus, and
better toughness in a wide range of matrix materials.

YLA, Inc. Advanced Composit
es Materials

2970 Bay Vista Court, Benicia, CA 94510

2750 • www.ylainc.com

YLA, Inc. and its CCS compression molding division is a recognized leader in development and manufacture of innovative, high
composite materials and componen
ts for extreme temperature and environmental exposure. The world’s largest manufacturers of aerospace, satellite,
aircraft, naval/marine, communications structures rely on YLA to develop their precise advanced composite formulations. YLA’s

oduction resources can meet the ramp
up needs of the most demanding applications and schedules. Our multiple production lines provide the
flexibility to accommodate extremely large production requirements as well as smaller developmental runs. This assures

that you are receiving the most
effective production value possible. Total customer satisfaction is our top priority and is achieved through rapid response,
rapid product
development and rapid delivery.

Zoltek Corporation

3101 McKelvey Road, St. L
ouis, MO 63044

5110 • www.zoltek.com

Manufacturer of PAN based carbon fibers (Panex®) for structural reinforcement, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance,

friction and
carbon/carbon applications. Product forms include continuous 50k tow,
chop, milled, fabrics (uni and bi
directional) felts, yarns, nonwovens and
prepregs. Zoltek subsidiary, Entec Composite Machines fabricates machinery for the composite industry including filament wind
ing, pultrusion, fiber
placement, delivery and resin sys
tems. Zoltek is QS 9000, ISO 9001:2000 and AS 9100 certified with global manufacturing, sales and support facilities.

Zünd America, Inc.

5068 West Ashland Way, Franklin, WI 53132

0700 • www.zund.com

Zünd, the leader in digital flatbed cutting
technologies, offers the widest range of multifunctional flatbed cutters and tool heads. Zünd cutting machines
cut various materials such as prepreg, carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass, technical textiles, polycarbonate, leather, carpets,

foamed materials, w
ood, hard
foam, vinyl and many more.

Zwick USA

1620 Cobb International Boulevard, Suite 1, Kennesaw, GA 30152

6555 • www.zwick.com

Zwick/Roell Testing Systems is a leading manufacturer of materials testing systems offering a broad product line

of machines for the mechanical testing
of materials and components. Applications include tensile, compression, flexure, cycle, impact, hardness, and other tests acc
ording to ASTM, ISO, and
other international standards. Zwick systems are available for bas
ic QC requirements as well as complex R&D applications, including fully automated
systems. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Zwick offers local A2LA
accredited calibration and repair services.

Zyvax, Inc./WaterWorks

PO Box 1825, Ellijay, GA 30540

4405 • www.zyvax.com • www.waterworks4.com

Zyvax will be presenting a brand new interactive exhibit that will allow visitors to view actual applications. Specific focus

will be on new aerospace
programs utilizing the solvent
free tool cleaning and prep sys
tem, WaterWorks. A complete procedure will be available for viewing and will include
specific technical data from aircraft manufacturers that have eliminated solvents from the production floor by using WaterWor
ks Aerospace Releasing
System. RTM will also b
e highlighted by actual application procedures by the use of the multimedia format.

yvex Performance Materials

1321 North Plano Road, Richardson, TX 75081

9996 • www.zyvexpro.com

Zyvex Performance Materials (ZPM) is the first company to provid
e carbon nanotube (CNT) powered products to the marketplace. We’ve seen that
nanomaterials, such as CNTs, hold great promise as components in advanced polymer composites that enable lower weight, higher

mechanical strength,
and improved electrical
and thermal performance. We provide these technology solutions and advanced products to our customers, in the areas of
sporting goods, consumer products, defense applications, aerospace components, and the semiconductor and biomedical fields.