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UROP Expenses

Itemizing your expenses:

You may request funds up to a maximum of $300 for supplies,
travel and expenses directly relating to your project.

List each item and its cost,
explaining its importance to your project
. Non
itemized expenses will not be

Computer costs: UROP will not support
the costs of mainframe Computer
use; funds for this purpose are generally available through the
instructional time
sharing account in a faculty member's

UROP doe
s not support the purchase of computer
hardware. Computer disks will be covered only if they are
central to the project (for example, a project that includes
significant programming).

Travel expenses: Travel costs should be computed at 55.5 cents per

Expenses for local travel are not covered, though travel
outside your immediate area to a research site or to a
professional meeting to give a presentation on your project
frequently are funded.

UROP covers mileage and lodging, but
not food.

Other: UROP students may not use their expense allowance to hire other
persons to assist them. For example, students may not hire
typists, transcribers or word processors. UROP does not support
the purchase of standard office supplies (e.g., file folde
rs, paper,
computer paper, pencils, ink) or books available in a library.
Costs of photocopying must be fully itemized and may not
exceed $50.00. UROP does not support the purchase of standard
equipment (e.g., tape recorders, transcribers). If such equi
is unavailable, UROP may support reasonable lease fees. While
UROP will support expense items such as telephone calls,
postage, and literature searches (these items must be fully
itemized and their relationship to your project must be clear),
ts requesting more than the following typical amounts
should explain the necessity of

the additional funds: literature
search: $75.00; postage: $50.00; phone: $50.00.

Expenses are handled through your mentor’s department. The department will
have a list
of your approved expenses and will either reimburse
you for items you purchase or will order items for you using a
budget number.