Method Statement Environmental Engineering and Health and Safety Advice


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Method Statement

Environmental Engineering and Health and Safety Advice


MWH will identify relevant health, safety and environmental issues by reviewing:

Pollution Risks

Regulatory Compliance

Occupational Health and Safety

Construction Health and Safety

Risk Management Hierarchy

Waste Management Procedures

aterial Handling Procedures

Resource Use (fuel, power, water, raw

Product Lifecycle

Ethical Preference
MWH can assist with the identification of safety, health and environmental issues within their
operations to ensure that they are effectivel
y controlled, managed and, where practicable,

MWH’s approach will firstly be to identify safety, health and environmental issues associated
with the client’s activities and determine which of those are significant. In order to identify

safety and environmental issues that are significant, local and global issues, as well as
both regulated and non
regulated issues, will be considered.

Preliminary reviews and / or formal audits of customer’s organisations, including policies,
procedures, their implementation and any supporting guidance, will serve to confirm
customer’s current performance and the need for any further work. Opportunities for
developing and implementing strategies for continuous improvement in safety, health and

environmental management would be considered.

Health and Safety Management

MWH can provide practical and cost effective advice to customers on compliance with health
and safety legislation and best practice. MWH have the capabilities to assess customer’s

existing health and safety policies and procedures / guidance documentation and to assist in
the review and update of client’s management systems.

In particular, MWH can reduce customer’s health and safety risks through the effective
management of the f
ollowing issues and by working with its customers to develop an enhanced
health and safety culture within their own organisation.

Management systems

providing assistance for companies wanting to implement
management standards to OHSAS 18001 or guides suc
h as HSG 65.

Health and safety management audits

auditing of existing management systems against
standards and guides.

Health and safety reviews

providing an overview of customer’s health and safety
management performance focussing on both health and
safety management and practical


Method Statement

Environmental Engineering and Health and Safety Advice

Specific risk control auditing

focussing on specific work activities e.g. confined spaces,
electrical work, working at height etc and compliance with existing customer’s procedures.

Risk management support and

working with customers to identify, control
and reduce identified health and safety risks.

Continuing development of health and safety management systems

working with clients
to develop a continuous improvement approach towards accident and
health prevention
and risk management.

MWH also have in
house construction health and safety specialists who have extensive
knowledge and awareness of managing risks arising from construction activities and the
application of the Construction (Design a
nd Management) Regulations. Construction related
auditing and inspection services are available for customers who require assistance in these


Health, Safety and Environmental services will be completed by an experienced tea
m of
consultants drawn from MWH’s offices in High Wycombe, Warrington and Newcastle upon Tyne.
The team will be structured so that where site visits are required the staff from the nearest
MWH office are used enabling cost savings to be made to the custom
er in terms of mobilisation.

Health and safety support to clients will be provided by Chris Sutton. Chris has over 20 years
experience in the development and implementation of health and safety management systems
in general industry and in the constructio
n industry. He also has experience of working for the
Health and Safety Executive and has carried out health and safety audits for leading industrial

All projects will be managed in accordance MWH’s Product Delivery System, which includes b
MWH's quality assurance and environmental management procedures.