Genetics & DNA - Designer Babies & Genetic Disorders unit project


12 déc. 2012 (il y a 9 années et 1 mois)

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Course: Regents Biology

Unit: Genetics & DNA

Designer Babies
& Genetic Disorders
unit project

This project has students acting out the role of genetic counselors

and investigating different genetic
. A genetic counselor’s role is to identify families at risk, investigate genetic problems present
in families, interpret information about disorders or potential disorders, analyze inheritance patterns
and risks of recurrence, and review available options

with the families. For this Genetics/DNA project,
each group will be given fictional families with invented genetic histories. The students, after gaining
basic information about pedigrees, etc., are required to investigate the families’ problems, interpr
their findings, perform risk analyses,
and examine one type of genetic disorder that is present in the
fictional family’s genealogy. They will be utilizing web 2.0 applications throughout the project and in
their final presentations.

Step 1

The intr
oduction (Day One)

•This item introduces the project and provides the

project goals, objectives, and

To introduce
the project, students will view a clip from the BBC documentary “Designer Babies.”

fter viewing the news segment,
students wil
l view the
Center for Genetics and Society

website and
told that the organization is seeking

input from students

on the ethical implications of designer babies
Students are to blog
on the class wiki
about the ethical implications of genetically “made


Step 2


•Once the blogging is complete, the class will be broken up into groups of 4.

•Students will be given the project rubric and explanations about what the project entails (see rubric)

Group Roles

ALL students are responsi
ble for researching their disorder, investigating family pedigree and performing
risk analysis. The following roles are towards the FINAL project.


this person will write the
text for the Glogster

Multimedia engineer

this person will
find inter
esting videos, images, links and other resources related
to the genetic disorder. This information will go on the Glogster.

Glogster engineer

this person is responsible for the layout and design of the Glogster

putting all of the
information together


this person will present group project in front of the class. Must be well

Step 3

The final product

•The culminating event for the project will be an oral present
ation that will incorporate: a G
logster and
Voice Thread explaining th
e family pedigree and risk analysis

Web 2.0 Tools used in the project:

•Blogging on the class wikisite

page created

•Each team will create a G
logster explaining their genetic disorder, how it affects the body, and the
implications of genetic engineerin
g of humans

Voice Thread