Genetic engineering can save our life (Pilnik Irina - 10-11form


12 déc. 2012 (il y a 9 années et 1 mois)

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Genetic engineering

is the direct human manipulation of an organism's genome using modern
DNA technology. It involves the introduction of foreign DNA or synthetic genes into the
organism. Genetic Engineering is a major issue in today’s society.

As regards

human Genetic Enginering promises many for the future: longer and healthier lives,
and perhaps almost immortal. It has the possibility of ending hunger in the world, making it
cheaper, more nutritious and more rapidly growing food crops. It might also b
e able to return the
extinct species to life . With genetic engineering, we would have the ability to clone a loved one
or beloved pet. It will also give us an opportunity to grow replacement organs, limbs, skin.

Manipulation of the genes of crops is expe
cted to improve their nutritional value,

as well as their
growth rates.

Biotechnology can be used to slow the process of food spoilage. so it will be
ble to increase their retention

Genetic engineering in food can be used to produce entirely
new mater
ials such as proteins and other nutrien
ts to foods.

Genetic modification of foods can be
used to

enhance their medicinal value.

So I think that genetic engineering will save our lives in
future if it is necessary