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Today, 23 per cent of Australians were born in another country
and just over 25 per cent of the population have at least one
parent who was born overseas. Over 20 per cent of the current
Australian population now come from a non
background. All these people have brought their food habits to
Australia, which has resulted in the expansion of the diet of all


Early Australian food habits patterns of eating; the way in which food is prepared,
ed and eaten were linked to those of England. Even today, many of the well
established eating patterns from earlier times have remained dominant in
Australians' food habits. Vegetables other than potatoes and peas were not
popular. Sugar and sweet foods be
came popular and the habit of eating large
quantities of meat has persisted. This has contributed to our current high intake of
protein and fat. The high consumption of alcohol also goes back to the time of the
first settlement of the colony; Australians t
oday consume more alcohol than any
other English
speaking nation.


European settlement influenced the Aborigines food habits in many ways, they imported
animals, fruits and vegetables and many other foods.


The early settlers diet was very differe
nt to that of the Aborigines,

hunger is the unpleasant feeling created when the body needs food
straight away.

appetite is the desire for certain foods even when your

not hungry it is
often created by your own personal experiences, and your desire for

Worksheet 3.1: Australian bush tucker


Complete the brainstorm with as many different Australian bush foods as
you can think of.

Lemon myrtle


Bunya Nut

Burdekin Plum


Cedar Bay Cherry

Davidson's Plum .


Name a recipe or dish in which you could use each of the foods you
brainstormed. One example has been completed for you.


Recipe or dish

Wattle seed


seed damper

Blech num

Johnny cake

Bunya nut

Eaten raw or bread

Burdekin Plum

Eaten raw or in jam or jelly

Candle Nut

Roasted Nuts


Eaten fresh

Lemon Myrtle

Lemon tea or cheesecake

Cedar Bay Cherry

Eaten Fresh

Worksheet 3.3: Early
European influences

Complete the following passage with the words listed in the word bank.

Early inhabitants of Australia

The First Fleet landed at Sydney Cove on 26 January, 1788. On arrival, the first
settlers’ immediate needs were food and shelter, but
they were uncertain of how
to obtain these.

Aboriginal peoples had survived on the land with their unique lifestyle, habits,
and hunting and gathering techniques, but these seemed alien to the settlers.

The Australian land and climate were very different f
rom what they were used
to, thus many crops failed. The free settlers and convicts were not farmers or
fishermen, and had very little previous knowledge about agriculture. The food
supply was rationed with carefully measured quantities of flour, salted ric
sugar and wheat until there could be enough food produced to sustain everyone.
Seeds and Rye withered quickly because of the different climate.

After years of hard work on the land, the first crops eventually succeeded. Corn,
meat and potatoes were grow
n because they suited the dry, harsh climate better
than the British staples such as barley and vines.


A pound is approximately equal to 450 grams (the size of a packet of pasta); an
ounce is about 30 grams (the size of a
small bag of chips); and a pint is about 600
millilitres (the size of a bottle of coke).

A taste of India: KWL chart

Name: Anna Pongia Class: Food Technology Date: 28.O2.12

Australia is a multicultural country with a range of influences on the cuisine
that is cooked in homes and eaten in restaurants and cafés. Before, during
and after watching the video
A taste of India
, complete the KWL chart

Extension: Research the

history, recipe and method for one of the foods
mentioned in the video.


What I know

What I would like to
What I learnt


India has a lot of
spicy foods.

They have coconuts
in the south of India.

where and how they
grow their foods.

How they prepare
their foods.

How they come up
with their recipes.

They sell their meats/fish fresh.

A lot if Indians are vegetarians

despite having a lot of meat in
their country.

They have different
all over India,

so they have different foods in
different parts.

A taste of Mexico: KWL chart

Name: Anna Pongia Class: Food Technology Date: O5.O3.12

Australia is a multicultural country with a range of influences on the cuisine
that is cooked in homes and eaten in restaurants and cafés. Before, during
and after watching the video
A taste of Mexico
, complete the KWL chart

Extension: Research
the influences of Mexican food on Australian food.


What I know

What I would like to know

What I learnt

they have
many spices.

Their very

They are very

Why Mexicans wear big

did they invent the


Mexico is a very cultural

A taste of norway ;

A taste of turkey ;


List the foods or dishes that you would regard as traditional
Australian foods. Explain why.

Lamingtons, meat pies, and vegemite because I think

these are
traditional Australian foods because they were invented here and
are eaten all over Australia.


Identify the popular foods that are available today because of
migration. Where have these foods come from?



Ice Cream





Using the website link, visit Coles Online and undertake a virtual shop
of the shelves. Look at the range of fresh meats, dairy products,
fruits, vegetables, frozen products and convenience meals
available. Select five products and explain how
immigration has
influenced each.

The Australian cuisine was traditionally based on what would grow in
Australia and what was available. The migration of many cultures to
Australia over the past sixty years has resulted in a diverse mix of food. The
of Australia means that when the season for a particular fruit finishes in
one state the same fruit is starting to ripen in another part of the country.
With quick and efficient transportation methods food is easily delivered to
other parts of the country.

Tukka Advanced Australian Fare

Tukka's vision is to take the flavours of the bush to the tables of the world.

Tukka restaurant offers a world
class dining experience where quality
ingredients from Australia's bountiful countryside, oceans and bays are
combined with native herbs, spices and berries to produce a true taste of

Tukka aims to lead the development of Advanced Australian Fare, a
modern and innovative international cuisine celebrating the flavours of
Australia's native foods.

e: Adapted from information on the Tukka website


Using the website link, visit the Tukka restaurant website and answer the
following questions.

1 Brainstorm words that you would use to describe current Australian

2 Read through the se
ction titled 'Discover Australian Fare' to learn more
about the evolution of Australian cuisine and where it is heading. Do you
think this information accurately reflects Australia's current cuisine?

3 Outline why Australian cuisine is able to continually

4 Identify three foods mentioned that you have not eaten before. Using
library and internet resources, research the sensory aspects of each food
and its use in food preparation.





Flavour filled

Australian foods are able to continually evolve because of the resources
and consumer need.

hunger is the unpleasant feeling created when the body needs food
straight away.

appetite is the desire for certain foods even when your not hungry it is
often cr
eated by your own personal experiences,

and your desire for food.

Physiological Influences :


Values are personal feelings that you have about what is important to you. These can influence
the foods that you select to eat. For example,
individuals who value the rights of animals may
not consume any animal products, including dairy products.


Attitudes are opinions. They are not as strong as values. Attitudes exist around the eating of
certain animals. In some countries the eatin
g of dog flesh is unacceptable, yet in others, such as
China, it is acceptable.


Experiences can influence your relationship with food. Foods commonly eaten when the family is
together, or special friends or relatives are visiting, often remain
firm favourites, such as your
mother's baked dinner. Eating them helps you to remember those pleasant experiences.
Unpleasant experiences or memories can also be associated with the foods that you select and
the way that they make you feel. For example, pe
ople who have been ill after eating a particular
food often have difficulty eating that food again.


Habits are routines that you can perform without really even thinking about them and are
usually very hard to break. They can be something that you d
o at a particular time each day or in
a certain situation. Food habits relating to food selection can be both good and bad. Good food
habits may include not skipping breakfast, eating the correct daily servings of fruit and
vegetables, or drinking water in
stead of soft drinks


Emotions are linked to feelings and often the foods that you consume can be used to express
feelings. You may eat because you are feeling happy, worried or nervous, and there may be
particular foods that you choose at these


Beliefs are what you accept to be true and generally come from interaction with the people
around you. They can be based on your experiences, traditions passed down in your family, or
religion. For example, your family may always say a pray
er before they consume any food, or
may not eat meat on Fridays.

Worksheet 3.5: Researching the technology of
genetic engineering

Genetic engineering is a recent technology that has brought
about much ethical and moral debate. Use a variety of
such as books, journals and the internet to research the following
areas. Make brief notes of your findings.


Define ‘genetic engineering’.

the scientific alteration of the structure of genetic material in a
living organism. It involves the p
roduction and use of recombinant
DNA and has been employed to create bacteria.


Identify foods that are currently genetically modified.




Oilseed Rape






List the countries that accept the technology of genetic


United States



United Kingdom

South Korea


List the countries that reject the technology of genetic


Explain how a technology such as genetic engineering has
influenced our food availability and selection.