Sheen creeps up river

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8 nov. 2013 (il y a 7 années et 10 mois)

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Sheen creeps up river

The Sun Herald (Biloxi, Miss.).


Mayor Les Fillingame said his city got a wake
up call Sunday as a rust
colored material floated under the bridges and into the Bay of St. Louis in Mississippi.

The ribbons of

material were spotted at 2 p.m. creeping beneath the railroad bridge, and officials
watched from the Bay of St. Louis Bridge as it floated north, through the 18
inch boom into the bay
where sailboats and fishing boats were on the water.

The officials wer
e waiting for a test kit to determine if a sample collected in a bucket was oil or an
organic al
gae bloom. If it was algae, Fillingame said, it’s by far the most they’ve seen.

The light wind and chop on the water were perfect conditions for the boom to w
ork, Fillingame said, but
he pointed to the foamy material sliding beneath the booms that have protected the bay for more than
a month.

TV ads focus on Republican acts

The Democratic National Committee has unveiled a new television ad that shows Repub
icans as oil
company loyalists who would rather apologize to BP than hold it accountable for the massive spill in
the Gulf.

The 30
second ad started running Monday on national and Washington cable stations.

It includes a clip of Rep. Joe Barton, R

apologizing to BP for what he called a $20 billion
“shakedown.” Bar
ton later took back the apology.

Attorneys general appeal to BP

Attorneys general in 11 Atlantic Coast states asked BP PLC for assurances that legiti
mate claims from
their resi

will be paid if oil from the massive Gulf of Mexico spill reaches their shores.

The prosecutors also said in a letter sent Monday that they want BP to preserve all documents related
to the spill and response. The documents could be needed if any of the s
tates were to sue.

Making spill easier to visualize

Overwhelmed and saddened by the gargantuan size of the Gulf oil spill? A little math
ematical context
to the spill size can put the environmental catastrophe in perspective.

Viewing it through some l
enses, it isn’t that huge.

The Mississippi River pours as much water into the Gulf of Mexico in 38 seconds as the BP oil leak
has done in two months.

On a more human scale, the spill seems more daunting.

Take the average
sized living room. The amount of

oil spilled would fill 9,200 of them.

Officials to look at ill health effects:
(No shit, Dick Tracy; where did you get
your first clue)?

Health officials say there seems to be little reason to worry about the spill’s health effects at this point.

some note that health effects months or years from now remain a question mark, particularly for
the workers who are in the thick of it, cleaning up oil from the BP spill in the Gulf.

Public health officials and scientists will take up the topic at a two
day meeting begin
ning Tuesday in
New Orleans, organized by the Institute of Medicine at the request of the Department of Health and
Human Services. The group will also talk about how best to watch for any potential problems. HHS has
already set aside $10
million to study cleanup workers and Gulf residents over time.

Leader of new oil regulator named
(Hell man,
“we” won’t stop the drilling,
our enflames leaders will “regulate” it!

A former federal prosecutor took over Monday as director of a new gover
nment agency that oversees
offshore drilling and other oil and gas development.

Michael R. Bromwich, 56, a former assistant U.S. attor
ney and Justice Department inspector general,
will lead a reorganization of the agency formerly known as the Miner
als M
anagement Service.

The Associated Press