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ACTG 440/640
Given on August 31, 1999
On your paper, circle the letter of the best answer. Then, transfer your answer to the Scantron sheet.
Submit the scantron for scoring. NOTE: This pre-test does not count for or against your grade!
1. The term XML refers to:
a. a family of Pentium processors
b. a family of MacIntosh processors
c. a methodology for analyzing systems security
d. a relatively new Internet transfer language
e. a Roman numeral meaning 1040
2. The difference between a bridge and a gateway is:
a. a bridge connects two networks while a gateway connects two mainframes.
b. a bridge connects two networks while a gateway connects a network with a mainframe.
c. a bridge connects mainframes with each other, while gateways are found on networks.
d. a bridge connects two PCs on a single network, while gateways connect LANs together.
e. Bridge is the successor to Microsoft Solitaire, while a Gateway is a brand of PC.
3. The typical plug-in home-style telephone unit sold today in discount stores, at Radio Shack, and other
stores for about $15-$45: 
a. is an analog device.
b. is a digital device.
c. can be either a digital or analog device, depending on the switch setting on the side of the unit.
d. interfaces with the phone company using a technology undreamed of in 1930.
e. is actually a stereo device.
4. The OSI model forms the basis of todays:
a. Internet.
b. Parallel processors.
c. Flat-panel display screens.
d. Palm-sized computing devices.
e. Speech recognition programs.
5. Today, POS terminals can be found:
a. inside PC speakers
b. inside PS-type mouse pointing devices
c. in earth-orbiting satellites
d. in gasoline pumps
e. all of the above
6. Much has been written about the limitations of the last mile in terms of Internet speed restrictions.
Another name for the last mile in this context is:
a. the point of no return
b. DVD
c. the CO local loop
d. XML
e. ISO 9000
7. The purpose for which the (now-defunct) Apple Newton was designed, is today being fulfilled by the:
a. cellular telephone companies
b. Dell Millennia line
c. 3COM Palm device family
d. iMac family of colorful PCs
e. PC motherboards
8. Most of the modern Pentium-based PCs on the market today can be expanded to accommodate a
maximum of four (4) USB devices.
a. True
b. False
c. Gateway and Dell computers accommodate four, other makers accommodate only two max.
9. In the industry terminology, the DEC VAX computer used by JMU is a true:
a. Mainframe computer
b. Super-Mini computer
c. Micro Computer
d. Personal Computer
e. Manual Computer
10. A DNS is found:
a. inside your telephone
b. inside your keyboard
c. inside a standard CRT monitor
d. in a battery store
e. on the Internet
11. Todays Local Loops use ______, while the InterLATA connections normally use______.
a. circuit switching, packet switching
b. packet switching, circuit switching
c. cellular switching, circuit switching
d. packet switching, microswitching
e. delayed switching, instant switching
12. The terms JPG, WAV, AVI and MP3 are most closely related to the term:
a. antitrypsin
b. TWAIN
c. USOC
d. E-Timor
13. The standard cable connection between todays NICs and hubs utilizes the:
a. RJ-45 connector
b. RJ-11 connector
c. RCA phono jack
d. ½ mono plug
e. ¼ stereo plug
14. On your dorm room wall is a standard F male connector. This plug is most likely intended to be
connected directly to your:
a. standard telephone
b. PBX telephone
c. computer modem
d. computer network card
e. TV, VCR, or cable TV decoder box
15. PeaPod is the name of a commercially-successful:
a. palm-top computing device
b. wristwatch-sized email terminal
c. wireless LAN topology
d. laser-printer protocol
e. on-line grocery store
16. If your FAT has bitten the dust and is unusable, then 
a. you need a new monitor
b. youd better have backed up all your data files recently.
c. your video card will display only black-and-white graphics images
d. your power surge protector needs replacing
e. all of the above
17. The term floptical refers to:
a. the new DVD disks
b. the drive which reads and writes DVD disks
c. todays CD-R drives
d. todays CD-RW drives
e. none of the above
18. The term WORM can denote either:
a. a type of LAN or an Internet error message code
b. a type of CD-based data storage technology or a type of computer virus
c. a type of serious programmer or a fourth-generation programming language
d. an accounting software package or a computer hacker
e. none of the above
19. The terms red book, yellow book, white book, etc. refer to:
a. ANSI networking protocols
b. Ethernet connection wiring diagrams
c. CD digital storage formats
d. on-line telephone company directories
e. all of the above
20. The term, first normal form is a preliminary step in the development of:
a. a COBOL program
b. a relational database
c. a 256-color graphics image
d. a computer animation
e. an in-house PBX phone network
21. Most Windows98 users must make a change in the date settings of their control panel before their
computers are truly Y2K compliant.
a. True
b. False
22. If you purchase a color scanner which uses the EPP interface, you must make sure your computer has
an unused:
a. parallel (printer) port
b. serial port
c. USB port
d. expansion slot on the motherboard
e. disk drive bay
23. In Windows98, a boot disk is the same thing as a startup disk.
a. True
b. False
24. In computer parlance, the term, Grandfather, Father, Son, refers to:
a. the inventors of the microchip
b. David Packard, Bill Gates, and Michael Dell.
c. an old strategy for data backups, common in mainframe shops
d. IBM, NCR, and DEC
e. Charles Babbage, John Hollerith, and Alfred von Neumann.
25. In the sequence, PC, ISA, EISA, VESA, , the next acronym would be:
a. RSA
b. NSA
c. PCI
d. R2D2
e. OSI